8 Most Beautiful Traditional Sarees Every Woman Has To Have

8 Most Beautiful Traditional Sarees Every Woman Has To Have
What better way to uphold the tradition and rich and colourful heritage of India than by draping gorgeous and authentic traditional sarees of India that comes in a plethora of materials, colors and designs. When it comes to sarees, Indian women love this traditional apparel, and almost all women have their prized collection of traditional sarees as well as latest designer sarees that they are proud of. There is no way to deny that saree is the ultimate apparel that accentuates the beauty of women more than any other outfit, and Indian women are very much aware of this fact. The whole nine yards when draped perfectly on the body brings out the true beauty of any woman.  No doubt, Indian traditional sarees have a huge demand even in the international market. traditional sarees

8 Best Traditional Sarees which Every Woman

With the rising popularity of online shopping, it has become extremely simple to shop for designer and traditional sarees online. But before buying the sarees, it is important to know about the most beautiful traditional sarees that a woman must have in her closet. Banaras Brocade Silk Saree - The list of traditional silk sarees must being with the all-time favourite Banaras brocade silk saree that is considered one of the most popular traditional bridal sarees worn by the would-be bride on the wedding day. Brocade designs are carefully created by intertwining creative floral and foliate motifs. The brocade work is often infused with woven zari work. They are mainly manufactured in Varanasi and carry a rich and colourful heritage.Banarasi silk Saree Kanjeevaram Saree - The kanjeevaram saree from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu is one of the most renowned traditional sarees for wedding that is widely worn all over South India. Kanchipuram sarees are famous for their gorgeous colors, ravishing temple patterns and wide borders made of colourful thread work or zari. The thick silk base of the kanjeevaram saree makes it one of the most expense silk sarees available in India. You can still see the traditional weaving style and techniques in kanjeevaram sarees because the manufacturing procedure has remained unchanged through the decades.Kanjeevaram Saree Odisha Ikat Silk Sarees - The suave and smart look of the Ikat sarees from Odisha makes it one of the latest traditional sarees that are not only stylish but also easy to carry off and maintain. The shining metallic finish of the sarees made from heavy gauge silk provides a delightful appearance to the wearer. The Ikat sarees are made from high-quality locally produced silk fiber. The characteristic features of Odisha silks sarees are the heavy thread work on the borders and pallu along with geometric patterning.Odisha Ikat Silk Sarees Tant Saree - The traditional tant saree from Bengal is the ultimate handloom saree that is widely popular all over India. The word "Tant" means "Made on the loom" and this crisp traditional saree is popularly worn by Bengali women. Tant sarees are hand-woven is various districts of West Bengal and come is a wide range of bright colors and simple and beautiful designs made from colourful threads. The simple and minimalistic design of the tant sarees and the utmost comfort provided by the hand-woven cotton material makes it a favourite saree among professional women.bengali-sarees Dhakai Jamdani Saree - The Dhakai saree is an elegant and exquisite cotton saree that has a sheer and fine quality. The dhakai jamdani sarees originated in the Dhaka City, the capital of Bangladesh but now, this variety of saree is widely manufactured in various parts of West Bengal as well. The unique technique of weaving is called jamdani, and the particular weave is known as Dhakai. The jamdani weaving form is one of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive handloom weaving.Dhakai saree Pochampally Saree - When it comes to the best traditional sarees from Andhra Pradesh, there is nothing like the vibrant and colourful Pochampally sarees that have its origin in Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda district, Telangana. The traditional Pochampally sarees are marked for their earthy colors and sleek metrical block patterns. The bold and ornamental designs all over the sarees give a vibrant and lively touch to the saree that can be used for everyday wear thanks to the smooth and light quality of the saree. Pochampally Saree Paithani Saree - The list of Indian traditional sarees is incomplete without the inclusion of Paithani saree into it that hails from the state of Maharashtra. Paithani saree has its origin in the small town called Paithan in Aurangabad that has a rich cultural heritage. The Paithani sarees are hand woven and made of superior-quality silk. Paithani sarees are a symbol of intellectually refined taste. Traditional Paithani sarees are characterized by oblique and square designs with peacocks in the pallu. During the times of the powerful Maratha kings, Paithani sarees were embellished with real gold thread.Paithani Saree Assam Moga Silk Saree - The famous Moga silk from the state of Assam is popular for the shimmering gold coloured fabric that is embellished with intricate and fine thread work in the bodice and border that depict traditional motifs and butis. The golden shine of the fabric is not acquired by dyeing but from the shine of the high-quality silk that is used to manufacture the sarees. The moga silk sarees provide a beautiful three-dimensional effect that flaunts its unique feature and renders a charming look to the wearer.Moga Saree So, now that you know the 8 must have traditional sarees for your closet, create your own online saree shopping list right now and buy traditional sarees online from reliable e-commerce sites to get original products. Image Credits:,,,,,,,,