6 Types of Lehengas for Different Occasions

6 Types of Lehengas for Different Occasions

Indian lehengas are one of the most beautifully eye-capturing garments. The sheer grace, elegance and finesse of a lehenga is unlike any other. With lehengas being appropriate for most functions in the Indian wedding line-up, picking a versatile one can ensure that you get the most out of your investment. But first, it makes sense to understand – what is a lehenga?

What is a Lehenga?

A lehenga, also known as a lehenga choli or ghagra choli, is a traditional Indian outfit primarily worn by women for special occasions, weddings, festivals, and cultural celebrations. It consists of three key components. The lehenga is a long, ankle-length skirt that is typically voluminous and flared. It is usually made of luxurious fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, or velvet and is heavily embellished with intricate embroidery, sequins, beads, or zari work. The lehenga may feature pleats, layers, or panels, which contribute to its graceful and elegant drape.

To complement the lehenga is the choli – a fitted blouse or top that is worn with the lehenga. It can be of varying lengths, from cropped styles to longer ones that cover the waist. The choli is often intricately designed with embroidery, embellishments, or patterns that complement the lehenga. It may have different necklines and sleeve styles, such as halter neck, sweetheart neck, or cap sleeves, adding to the overall appeal of the ensemble.

To tie the whole outfit together is the dupatta, a long, decorative scarf or stole that completes the lehenga outfit. It is draped over the shoulder or can be styled in various ways to enhance the overall look. The dupatta is usually made of a matching or contrasting fabric to the lehenga and is embellished to complement the ensemble. It adds an element of elegance and can be used to cover the head or shoulders as per cultural traditions.

They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles, allowing for personalization and customization. Known for their opulence, intricate craftsmanship, and regal appearance, lehengas are considered a symbol of traditional Indian fashion and are worn on auspicious occasions to showcase cultural heritage and celebrate the beauty and grace of women.

Perfect Occasions to Flaunt a Lehenga

The silhouette is versatile, so for occasions like wedding, sangeet and any important event, one must go for heavily embellished, embroidered and hand worked lehenga. While there are those who may tread the traditional route of tried-and-tested wedding garb, the modern bride is all about mixing convention with contemporary inventions and adding a personal touch to her bridal wardrobe. Lashkaraa’s Soft Lavender and Purple Embroidered Lehenga is a stunning rendition of bubble gum pink hued, elegant and girly style. Moving a little from the conventional choli style, the Yellow Embroidered Peplum Style Lehenga adds a contemporary twist to the traditional yellow mustard color.

For events like puja, mehendi, Diwali and many other Indian festivals and occasions, one can go for a lighter lehenga style, one that is in light weight fabrics. Lashkaraa’s floral printed lehengas work well for such occasions. 

Opt for non-traditional lehenga colors like Turquoise, Dusty Pink, and Coral shades in the floral lehenga style. The Lehenga Choli style continues to undergo transitions with time, with cultural influences molding its silhouette or style, in its multiple versions known to us today. What really defines the modern Indian woman is her willingness to experiment and choose outfits that resonate with her personality.

Enhance Your Lehenga With Exquisite Accessories

Accessories play a significant role in enhancing the overall look of a lehenga. However, it has to be done in a way that doesn’t overpower your entire look, only enhances it. One can start by adding some pieces like a choker necklace to go with deep neck or off shoulder outfits, chaandbali earrings to be paired with sharara and gharara styles or classic jhumkas with Anarkali suits. Don’t forget bangles or a bangle stack. Pick up some statement kadas when the outfit needs more to amp it up.

One can also look towards a waist belt to hold an Anarkali and dupatta together or to simply cinch the waist for a more structured look. Style your hair with ornate hair accessories that match the theme of your lehenga. Opt for maang tikka, hairpins, or decorative hair combs adorned with beads, stones, or pearls. These accessories can add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle and complete your overall look.

Don’t forget to carry a beautifully embellished clutch or potli bag that complements the colors and embroidery of your lehenga. These lehenga accessories not only serve as functional elements but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Trending Lehenga Styles to Try This Year

Lehenga styles evolve each year, influenced by Indian fashion trends and the desire for innovative

designs. This year, trends like ruffles, cape, prints and fringe have been fairly popular. 

Ruffled lehengas have gained popularity for their voluminous and playful look. The layers of ruffles create a dramatic and whimsical effect, adding movement and texture to the outfit. One can go for a ruffled lehenga in vibrant colors or pastel shades for a contemporary and feminine look.

Cape-style lehengas continue to be a hot trend. The cape adds an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to the outfit. Choose a cape with intricate embroidery or a sheer fabric to create a beautiful contrast with the lehenga. This style is perfect for formal occasions and can be customized with various cape lengths and designs. 

For not-so-formal occasions, one can turn to printed lehengas. Floral prints are perennially popular, and they continue to be a hit in lehenga designs. Lashkaraa’s exhaustive selection of floral printed lehengas offer from delicate and intricate floral motifs to large, bold floral prints. These designs are perfect for daytime events, giving it a fresh spin.

Fringe detailing has also made a comeback in the fashion world, and it has found its way into lehenga designs. Fringes along the borders or on the blouse add movement and a playful touch to the outfit. 

Metallic hues are also making a statement in lehenga designs. These are usually in shades of gold, silver, copper, or bronze and create a glamorous and luxurious look. Metallic lehengas are perfect for evening events and add a touch of opulence to the outfit.

Further, minimalist lehengas are also gaining popularity for their clean lines, subtle embellishments, and understated elegance. Lashkaraa’s range of white floral lehengas feature minimalist embroidery, sleek silhouettes, and muted color palettes. These designs are perfect for those who prefer a more contemporary and refined look.

In the end, remember to choose a style that suits your body type, personal style, and the occasion you’re attending. It’s best to embrace these trends and add your own unique touch to create a fashion-forward and captivating lehenga ensemble!


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