What To Wear for Holi Festival: Complete Guide

What To Wear for Holi Festival: Complete Guide

One of the best ways to connect with family, culture, and tradition is through clothing. It’s a way to keep us tethered to the stories and histories of generations past and to hand those traditions down to our children and their children to come. And the importance of fashion and clothing is seen especially in the way we dress for festivals and holidays, such as Holi. 

When it comes to the perfect Holi outfits for the whole family, Lashkaraa is the team you can trust. We use the artisanal skills passed down to create modern twists on the clothes you love, and each piece is inspected by hand and made with the utmost care. 

No matter who you’re shopping for, we have some stunning suggestions below: 

Holi Fashion at a Glance

Holi occurs at the beginning of spring, as the winter chill draws to a close. White is sometimes a color closely associated with Holi since this holiday is so synonymous with joyful color. 

Dyes and colored waters are shared and thrown, and white outfits make for the perfect canvases to truly get into the spirit of the celebration. 

Of course, you can also wear your favorite colors to celebrate the holiday. Lighter colors are often recommended, as the festival occurs in the midst of spring. No matter your style preference or favorite outfit, there’s a lovely Holi look to fit. 

Holi Outfits for Women 

When it comes to dressing up for Holi, the possibilities are endless. Women can pick from a wide collection of elegant, glamorous, and creative pieces, including some of the following. 


Lehengas are a special occasion outfit that is often worn for weddings by both the bride and honored guests. It is made up of the skirt, which is the lehenga, as well as the choli top and the dupatta scarf.

You can find lehengas in many different materials and styles, like organza, net, and satin. And explore your options for embroidery, beadwork, and embellishments to find a lehenga perfect for the holiday. 

Dupattas are also a great way to bring color to your Holi outfit. While many dupattas match the color scheme of their intended outfit, some women might enjoy alternating their dupattas for a striking pop of color. 


An Anarkali is another excellent option for Holi, as it is associated with springtime and the beauty of fruits and plants. Anarkalis are a type of salwar suit and consist of a fitted top in a frock-like style and slim, fitted bottoms. Anarkalis are versatile and comfortable pieces that come in many different lengths and styles, such as floor-length, gown style, cape style, or with a jacket. 

For spring, consider options like the Off White and Pink Floral Anarkali. The delicate strap sleeves perfectly accommodate warmer days, while the organza dupatta comes in handy if the night grows chilly. The white and pink floral accents radiate springtime energy and leave you feeling as fresh as a rose. 


Sarees are traditional garments that can be worn casually or for special occasions. A saree is a long piece of unstitched clothing that is typically tied at the waist and then draped over the shoulder, though there are many different ways to style your favorite saree. 

Sarees can be elegantly adorned with beads, metallic threads, and mirrorwork for a Holi outfit that truly stands out. 

For a formal Holi ensemble, the Off White Georgette Ruffled Saree offers a sparkle like no other. The sequins dazzle, and the ornate draping promises a dramatic entrance no matter which party you are attending. The ruffle on the Georgette skirt is the final piece of the puzzle. 

Holi Outfits for Men 

Of course, you want to pick out the perfect Holi outfit for him, as well. These are just some of our top picks for Holi outfits for men


A kurta is a shirt that typically falls to around the knees. Traditionally, it has no collar, but the kurta has undergone many different evolutions and changes over the generations, so it’s easy to find a kurta you love.

Kurtas are also made with cotton or silk. Opt for the more breathable materials (like the Light Green Embroidered Silk Kurta Set) to ensure you’ll stay cool and comfortable during your Holi celebration. 

Nehru Jacket

The Nehru jacket is elegant and chic, with a tailored cut that typically falls to around the hip. Nehru jackets are most notable for their mandarin collar design. A mandarin collar is a smaller type of stand-up collar that does not fold down and does not have a lapel. For that reason, many prefer to wear a collarless shirt below the Nehru jacket. 

The trousers on the bottom typically match the fabric and style of the jacket. That said, the Nehru jacket has undergone a considerable transformation since its inception, and you can add a modern twist to this piece for special occasions, such as mixing and matching trouser styles. 


A dhoti falls under the sarong umbrella of clothing. It is tied in a specific style to imitate a pair of loose trousers and, like a sarong, is made of a single piece of unstitched fabric. It serves as the male equivalent of the saree worn by women. 

Dhotis function particularly well as casual apparel but can make an appearance at festivals and celebrations.

Holi Outfits for Kids 

One beautiful way to surround your children with the stories and culture of their family is through traditional outfits for festivals and special occasions. They’re sure to love top outfit picks for Holi, including some of the following from Lashkaraa’s kidswear collection

Punjabi Suit 

A Punjabi suit is a type of salwar kameez suit, with the salwar referring to the bottom and the kameez to the top. While men will wear Punjabi suits in some traditions, they are typically worn by women, which makes them a good option for busy little girls on the go. 

In a Punjabi suit, the kameez has a long and straight cut with slits at the side, which allows for greater comfort and range of movement. This is particularly useful for Holi festivals, as your children will want the opportunity to run around. The festival may be warm in some areas, so comfortable and breathable fabrics are a good idea, especially for young children. 

The Kids Multicolor Printed Dhoti Style Punjabi Suit is a joyful celebratory set; the digital print is reminiscent of fireworks and confetti, creating an instant party-like atmosphere. 

Sharara Suit 

Another good option for Holi outfits for girls is the sharara suit. In a sharara suit, you’ll have a kurti top, which is the female equivalent of a kurta, as well as a dupatta scarf. The final piece is the fitted bottom, which flares out from the knee level to give the appearance of a skirt, often referred to as a trumpet skirt. Most of the time, sharara suits will be floor length, but there are many ways to customize and personalize a sharara suit. 

Find festival-ready sharara suits for your little one here at Lashkaraa. Explore options like a Peach and Rust Floral Sharara Suit for a beautiful sampling of Zari work and delicate stone embellishments. 

Sherwani Suit 

Little boys have many elevated and unique options to pick from when it comes to Holi outfits. In addition to the pieces that dad might wear, like kurtas or dhotis, he may play the part of the perfect gentleman in the Kids Light Pink Brocade Sherwani, as well. 

A sherwani suit has long sleeves and is typically worn as outerwear. It may have a mandarin collar like the Nehru jacket, a shirt-style or stand-up collar, or no collar at all.

Most often, Sherwani suits fall to around or below the knee and have a long line of buttons down the front. They are most often worn for weddings or other special events, which is why they make such a perfect Holi outfit for your little boy. 


Holi is a wonderful time for celebration, so your family deserves the perfect outfits for such a joyous and wonderful occasion. Consider traditional styles for women like lehengas and sarees, kurtas and Nehru jackets for men, and unique styles for the little ones like Sherwani suits and Punjabi suits. 

You’ll find all that and a whole lot more here at Lashkaraa. We make it our mission to connect a community over shared clothing, stories, traditions, and beloved styles. That’s why we carry such a wide collection of pieces for the whole family, whether you’re searching for casual clothing or outfits to inspire holiday cheer. 

And when the Holi celebration comes around, you can make us your first stop for outfits that are guaranteed to stand out. Explore our growing collection of sarees, dhotis, lehengas, and much more, and find the perfect outfits for your family to celebrate Holi in style.


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