Collection: Lehengas for the Mehendi Ceremony

Are you attending a Mehendi ceremony anytime soon? If yes, you don’t have to worry about your outfit. Laskaraa has a wide selection of Lehengas for your upcoming Mehendi Ceremony. 

The collection is full of vibrant colors, perfect for important celebrations such as a Mehendi Ceremony. On top of that, each item is made to be comfortable so that you can move around and enjoy the festivities without feeling uncomfortable. 

What is a Mehendi Ceremony? 

If you are not so familiar with Sikh or Hindu culture, the Mehendi ceremony might sound like a new thing for you. Well, it is somehow like the equivalent of a bachelorette’s party in the west. It's a party specifically for the bride, and its main purpose is to wish her prosperity and good health before entering a new chapter of her life. 

The Mehendi ceremony is typically held the day before the actual wedding. It is traditionally held in the bride's house, but nowadays, many younger brides prefer outside venues with a laid-back lounge atmosphere. During this ceremony, a red-orange Mehendi stain is applied to the hands and feet of the bride. 

Of course, since the bride is the celebrant of this event, it's only natural for her to invest in a stunning outfit. The same goes for the bridesmaids. In this case, a Lehenga set is an excellent choice. 

Why Wear Lehengas at a Mehendi Ceremony? 

Lehenga sets are usually worn during special occasions because of their elegant style, intricate design, and high-quality fabric. Aside from that, you can choose different silhouettes that best compliment your body shape. Whether you want it to be flared or straight cut, you will not have a shortage of options in our collection. 

In addition, Lehengas can be an excellent piece for you to splurge in. You can choose those with intricate embroidery to showcase your luxury. You can also opt for a more minimalist design if that is more of your aesthetic. Plus, you can also wear it for future occasions and just mix and match it with other tops and accessories so that it looks brand new.