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Winters are just around the corner and your winter wardrobe is not complete if it doesn’t have an evergreen woolen shawl. Traditionally, a shawl was a loosely worn item of clothing that is draped around the shoulders, arms and upper body to stay warm in winters. They have been popular among both men and women. However, with evolving fashion, shawls became more than just an extra layer of clothing. It became a fashion statement that adds pure elegance to even the simplest of attires. Its timeless appeal makes it an eternal favorite among women.    

Shawl, the name comes from a Persian word “Shal.” While the origin of the garment dates to 700 years ago, there is no clear information about where the first shawl was made. However, the art of weaving a shawl was introduced in the 14th century in Kashmir Valley. The drape was not only popular among the locals, but it was worn and promoted by royal kings of Mughal period, too.

This garment is loosely worn to cover the upper body or head in the winters but with changing times women prefer just throwing it over the shoulder as an addition to their outfit that adds grace and class. In India and on a global scale, ladies shawl has a huge market. The country is popular for manufacturing of this gorgeous garment that speaks volumes about rich handicraft and textile industries of India. The regional designs and embroideries make every garment a unique piece of art.

Different types of shawls for women  

Kashmir valley of India is the biggest manufacturer of shawls from Pashmina wool. Among all another type of shawls, Kashmiri ones are the most popular and loved. A pashmina shawl is a superior quality shawl made from the wool of Asian mountain goat and is popular worldwide. These shawls are known for its finesse, softness, silkiness, and warmth. The intricate embroidery and needlework on the pashmina make it even more exquisite and luxuriant. The finer and delicate details add to the plush appeal of the garment. Pashmina is one of the many forms of Cashmere shawls. These are the best and made of 100% genuine “pashm” wool.

Among other kinds of the shawl, Kashmiri shawls are quite a rage. They are characterized by the “cone” pattern and elaborate designs. Knit shawls made of knit lace are also a reminder of India’s rich textile industry. These are the shawls which are knitted from the neck down to keep the upper body covered. They are available in beautiful colors and are extremely warm.

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