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Designer Velvet Sarees Collection

Flattering, elegant, soft, and smoother than almost any other fabric on earth, velvet, just like every type of designer saree, stands in a class all its own. A gorgeous fabric, velvet seamlessly drapes over the shoulders, flows in the wind, and lies perfectly on every body type.

Velvet is a fine choice for elevating the most essential of wardrobe staples, like sarees. 

Modern Yet Regal

Velvet is the ideal fabric for melding traditional style with the modern glamour of the upcoming new millennium. Velvet is by no means a new invention, but it still brings something fresh to every ensemble. Women love velvet for its comfortable yet regal appearance, making it one of the top sellers, especially during the cooler months of the year.

In the autumn and winter, some fabrics like chiffon or organza may not prove the most comfortable when the wind picks up and fog rolls in. The chilly winter season, or special events hosted in colder climates, might require something a little heavier. With the addition of velvet to your ensemble, it’s now easier than ever to keep yourself warm without sacrificing style, tradition, or comfort. 

Dynamic Styles

With the rich dimensions of the fabric easily bringing out the shimmering contrast of metallic zari, velvet sarees are an easy way to evoke class, elegance, and timelessness.

Velvet blouses, trousers, skirts, and handbags are all popular pieces to complete any outfit, but none are nearly as grand or dramatic as the saree. Much like velvet, sarees can add a touch of elegance when we need it, allow you to shine brightly in the midst of a large crowd, and pay homage to traditional styles of the past.

Velvet doesn’t only accent the finest of sarees; it also features prominently in stunning Punjabi suits, anarkalis, lehengas, and men’s attire like the jodhpuri set. 

Velvet accompaniments particularly look best in rich, vibrant jewel tones, especially when embroidered with glistening golden thread or silver accents. The perfect pairing for neutral-colored skirts or trousers, sarees from Lashkaraa are pre-draped to ensure a simple and quick dressing process, with every piece personally checked for quality in India.