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Zari Work Saree

Look heavenly in our selection of high-quality Zari Work Saree offered at very affordable prices. We have plenty of designs to choose from that you can use for both special occasions and everyday life. With our Zari Work Saree, not only will you look elegant, but you will also be a head-turner. 

Zari History

Although they look modern, Zari Work Sarees have a long history. It is commonly used in Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani garments. Precious metals were readily available and affordable in the past, so Zari was made with gold or silver. However, due to the industrial revolution, using silver and gold to make it has become costly. This is why, nowadays, Zaris are made with modern chemicals to imitate the golden color instead of real silver or gold. 

Today, there are three main categories of Zari; metallic zari, imitation zari, and real zari. Metallic zari is the modernized version. It is highly durable, resistant, and lightweight so that it can maintain its luster for a long time. 

Meanwhile, imitation zari is mostly made with copper wires derived from copper alloys. It goes through electroplating to get its vibrant color. These types of Zari are more affordable because they use more practical materials. 

Lastly, the real Zari, as its name suggests, is made from fine gold and silver threads that are flattened through rotating rollers. These threads are later wound together on the base yarn typically made with silk. 

Zari Work Saree Maintenance

Since Zari has intricate designs and patterns, it requires careful washing. The best way to wash it is by hand. This allows you to carefully handle the material to avoid pulling away the jewelry or tearing the net behind the zari. 

Once you have washed the Zari Work Saree, you can dry it by hanging it in a shaded area. Avoid overexposing it to the sun because it might cause damage to the threads of the fabric. 

When storing your Zari Work Saree, make sure to hang it to avoid creases on the patterns. Also, keep it in a place that is not humid to avoid fungus damage.