7 Designer Saree Types and Why Sarees are all time Women Favorites

7 Designer Saree Types and Why Sarees are all time Women Favorites
Saree is an all-time fashion staple and we all have draped it in various styles and modes. Over centuries, the saree has gained immense popularity across the globe. Sarees is basically the official costume of women from the Indian subcontinent. In India wherever we go, we find women sporting different styles of designer sarees, according to their convenience. Whether it’s the floral printed type or the heavy embroidered type, the saree remains the indisputable garb of millions. This versatile attire has grabbed a million hearts, just due to its universal beauty. Beautiful Designer Sarees Saree is the epitome of elegance. It wraps a woman’s body from head to toe, defining her sensuality and feminine grace. A saree is a complete outfit in itself, and can be pulled off with minimum accessories. Even our mythological gods and goddesses are draped in embellished sarees, which are also considered as an offering for pujas and pious occasions.

Sarees -A Sensational Garb for Millions

With the sands of time, the saree has undergone a drastic change in its form. In earlier days, the saree was meant to cover up the entire body, but these days, a saree is also worn baring a large portion skin and is at its glorified best! Ultimate Sarees for you While buying a saree, we weigh various pros and cons like the brands, material, weave, and lasting abilities. Though a lot of people these days prefer online shopping for sarees, nothing beats shopping for designer sarees or beautiful traditional sarees in stores. The most fascinating thing about this versatile garment is that the range of modification it can uphold; like a pant saree, a gown saree or a lehenga saree. Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous and authentic designer saree collections to spice up your gallery!

1. Half and Half Sarees

Check out this half and half saree which is a miracle in itself! Straight from new collection of sarees, half and half displays the flair of a lehenga and the lustrous look of a half and half sarees. Available in all online stores, this type of sarees is popular not only in Bollywood circles, but among fashionistas as well. Half and Half Sarees

2. The Classic Cotton Sarees

No matter how much dazzle the luster of silk and satin, create nothing beats the stark simplicity and elegance of it. Be it the Tant of Bengal, Sambalpuri of Orissa Venkatgiri of Andhra Pradesh or Patola of Gujarat, cotton sarees stand out in the crowd. The crisp, clean and fresh pleats draped with military precision, is what makes cotton saree the most versatile of all. We have a robust collection of cotton sarees to choose from online.

3. Kota Doria Sarees

This is an authentic saree from Kota, Rajasthan. Kota Doria is woven from the traditional pit loom in such a manner that they produce square checks on the fabrics called ‘Khats’. Kota Doria is available in soothing cool pastel shades like tangerine, aquamarine and fuchsia with dark floral motifs, leaf or checks. Its delicate weave and translucent finish is what make it an ideal summer wear.

4. Matka Silk sarees

Matka silk is an authentic saree from the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The Matka sillk is woven from genuine Mulberry silk cocoon when silk fibers are still coated with a gum called “sericin”. The rough texture of the silk makes it ideal for intricately woven embroidery and art work. In spite of a thick fabric, Matka silk is comfortable and a must have in the Bengali Bridal Sari trousseau. Traditional Silk Sarees

5. Banarasi Saree

Banarasi saree is a typical saree from Varanasi or Banaras and is an essential part of the Indian bridal trousseau. Its opulent brocade work in gold or silver is what makes it the most grandiose of all sarees. It’s usually woven in heavy silk fabric and sometimes in cotton as well. A lot of hard work goes into the weaving of a Banrasi saree to make it the ultimate piece of the wedding wardrobe. The Amazing Banarasi Sarees

6. Khadi Silk

If you want to blend affluence with simplicity then, welcome Khadi Silk. This two in one package is a killer for any official party. Khadi stormed the nation when its founder Mahatma Gandhi spread it as a popular slogan campaign to discard foreign clothes. Designer Saree a fashion icon The coarse texture of the fabric makes it an ideal party or office wear. Usually flaunting metallic monotones and geometric patterns in contrasting shades, the overall crisp and smart look makes it popular with a long shelf life.

7. Wedding Silk Sarees

This typical saree has a coruscating combination of huge floral motifs, dancing dolls and leaves on bold pastel shades like flame, magenta, turquoise or vermillion. This is a specially made indian wedding sarees for all party occasions. The unusual brocade work and a light ornate jhalar in the pallu casts its glittering appeal. Latest Wedding Silk Sarees On any Indian Occasion there is a splurge of sarees to choose from depending on your style. Whether it’s the crisp starched version or the modish lustrous silk, saree is never off the glare! Often we don’t even need an occasion to adorn a latest designer sarees. Just pull out the six-yard magic and create a style sporting your favorite accessories, like bracelets, jhumkas, tops or bindis to make a flutter in the air!
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