A Step by Step Guide on How to Wear a Sari

A Step by Step Guide on How to Wear a Sari

A Step by Step Guide on How to Wear a Sari



What is a Saree?

A Saree, an ode to the Indian tradition and culture, is a  four to nine yards long fabric with one end tucked around the waistline while the other end (commonly known as the Pallu) seamlessly draped over the shoulder. A classic Indian Saree is traditionally paired with two garments; a petticoat and a blouse. A petticoat is a skirt like undergarment tied around the waist by a drawstring.  The color of the petticoat must be perfectly matched with the base color of the saree. A blouse must be a perfect fit, ideally ending just below the bust exposing the midriff area.

From Bollywood divas to the average Indian women, this 6 yards piece of unmatched panache, is the wardrobe essential that every Indian woman owns.  However, being the most commonly worn attire in India as well as the entire globe, draping a Saree is an art only few can master. So if you are struggling with how to drape a sari like a pro, don’t fret yourself as we are here to guide you to learn this ethnic diva life hack in just eight simple steps.

Step 1: Adjusting the Saree Around the Petticoat

Before you begin the whole saree tying process, wear your blouse and petticoat and make sure you have all the right essentials such as safety pins, high heels, accessories etc, with you. Once done, tie the top corner of the plain end of saree into a knot and fold the knot into the petticoat at the left side of the navel. If you are wearing an embroidered saree, make sure that the embroidery is facing out while tying the knot. Now take a complete 360 degree turn while swaddling the saree from left to right ensuring that the lower end of the saree is just off the ground. Tuck the saree neatly around the waist.

Step 2: Making and Assembling the Pleats

This is probably the most crucial and tricky part of draping a saree. Hold the extra fabric of the saree  between your thumb and  index finger. Starting from the tucked end of the saree, make around five to seven pleats by winding the fabric from the thumb to the index finger. Each pleat should be four to five inches wide. Assemble the pleats in a way that all the pleats fall straight and evenly just above the floor.

Step 3: Tucking the Pleats

Now tuck the pleats into the petticoat neatly, adjusting the pleats slightly to left side of the navel. Make sure that the pleats open to your left for a complete look.

Step 4: Pin it Right

In order to make sure that your pleats stay exactly where they are meant to be, use a safety pin to keep your saree from scattering.  Match the color of your safety pin with your saree so that it is easily blended into the overall look and does not stick out like a sore thumb.

Step 5:  Drape and Wrap

Drape the extra saree around your hips from left to right while holding the top end of the fabric.

Step 6: Styling the Pallu

This is perhaps the most decisive factor while wearing a saree, as the entire look depends on how gracefully you are carrying the Pallu. A pallu is the decorative end of the saree that falls on the shoulder. It can be styled in a number of ways depending on the design and personal choice.

Step 7: Adjusting the Pallu

You can pleat the pallu by pinning it to the shoulder or keep it open. No matter how you decide to style your pallu, make sure that you carry it comfortably and seamlessly for the perfect look. If you want your pallu to flow openly, then simply drape the pallu over your shoulder and let it fall gracefully over your arm. You can pin the pallu at your hip to keep it from slipping or falling. This little hack also allows your arm to move freely without any hassle of carrying the pallu at all times. For a pleated pallu, you have to make seven to eight vertical pleats of the saree. You have to pleat the pallu evenly and neatly making sure that the end of the sarree falls below the knees. You can also unfold a few pleats to make the pallu long.


Step 8: Pinning the Pallu

All you have to do now is carry the pleated pallu to your shoulder and pin it to your blouse from inside. If you don’t want your pallu to stick out awkwardly, make sure to pin it at the back of the blouse and not the shoulder. This helps in creating a more composed silhouette, flattering you from every angle. 

Complete the Look

With these eight easy breezy steps, you can shine like the diva that you are in the saree of your dreams.  If you have knack for experimenting with ethnic designs and styles, you can choose from a number of Indian Saree Wearing Styles varying from Gujarati to Maharashtra to Tamilian to Bengali. To complete the perfect glam look you can adorn your saree with high heels and accessories of your choice including matching earrings, bangles and bracelets. A brooch on the shoulder is always the best choice for a regal and sophisticated look. Now to top it off, add the final touches to elevate your look by styling your hair and applying makeup. Make a fashion statement of your own wherever you go by wearing a saree and draping it perfectly without any hassle.

A Saree for Every Occasion

A saree rules the wardrobe of every Indian woman. Available in a number of styles and materials, a saree can take you from desk–to-dinner without the need of changing your outfit. From cotton to chiffon to net to jacquard to banarsi and so much more, there is a Saree for every woman and every occasion.

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