Boys Ethnic Wear: Style for Different Occasions

Boys Ethnic Wear: Style for Different Occasions

There are many ways to introduce young children to timeless traditions and help them to engage with the cultures and elements of their ancestry and home. One such method is fashion. With the right clothes and pieces, children of all ages will find a connection to their family’s history and to the cultures they come from, regardless of where in the world they live. 

Here at Lashkaraa, we believe in the blend of the classic and the modern. Our team of expert artisans takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, the traditions of the past, and the minimalism of modern designs. We work to create ethical and sustainable styles that meet the needs of any event or occasion. 

While our work is focused on the modern woman living outside of India, we carry the clothes and accessories that will fit the needs of the whole family. Find the perfect ethnic wear for boys, and styles for different occasions, right here at Lashkaraa today. 

Boys Ethnic Wear at a Glance

Whether your family is attending a traditional function at home or abroad with members of your community, or you simply want to introduce your little boys to the traditions and styles their family has worn for generations, the right clothing can make all the difference. 

The boys’ clothing available here at Lashkaraa is designed with comfort in mind and expertly blends timeless styles with modern-day trends and themes for a final piece they’re sure to love. 

Here are just a few of the unique and beautiful pieces you can find for boys in our collection:

The Kurta

The term “kurta” simply refers to a loose shirt worn by men, though there is a less common version worn by women known as the kurti. The defining feature of the kurta is that there is no collar. This means it is very versatile and can be dressed up or down for different events and occasions.

Kurtas also match with different pieces, both from the more traditional and more modern houses of style. With so many options, your little one can create a look that really represents their style and personality. 

Kurtas aren’t just versatile in use. They are also versatile in pattern and color. Here at Lashkaraa, you’ll find kurtas in many different colors, from rich maroon kurtas to off-white. The materials are often comfortable and breathable while still being elevated. You’ll often find Kurtas made with silk or similar fabrics and lined with beautiful threads in golds, silvers, or ivories. 

Kurtas typically pair with outerwear when for special events and occasions. You may see kurtas matched with Nehru jackets, for example, which is a good option for special events with the family or community.

Certain types of kurtas are also useful for casual nights-in with the little ones, as they are often made with more comfortable materials. Cotton pants will typically accompany kurta pajama sets for a cute style that’s comfortable to rest and relax in.

Plus, it’s so easy to transition between the styles that your little one can rest easy on the car ride home from the next special event with friends or family. 

The Sherwani 

A sherwani is a special piece worn specifically for elegant events and occasions. In recent times, it has become a staple of wedding wear, thanks in part to its elegant embroidery, striking colors, and a tapered stylish fit.

There’s no better way to tap into tradition while still embracing modern styles than with an iconic and classic piece for the males in your family at such an important cultural event. 

Sherwanis are long, and the set comes with a matching or neutral pair of pants, often in a comfortable material like cotton. Unlike kurtas, which can be identified by their specific style of collar, sherwanis can have different collar styles.

These variations include no collar, a traditional shirt collar, or a collar that stands up. Sherwanis typically have buttons down the front of the garment, as well. One of our favorites is the Kids Teal Embroidered Silk Sherwani.

As young boys are growing and always on the go, the sherwani is a valuable item for their wardrobe, as they’ll be able to fit in it for longer than other traditional garments that are more tapered and fitted. Thanks to the comfortable bottom, young men can have ease of movement, perfect for dancing and partying the night away.

Another reason to pick out an elegant and stylish new sherwani for your little boy is that they easily match the rest of the family’s style. Show off a coordinated family look in bright colors with matching accents. 

The Nehru Jacket

A Nehru jacket takes inspiration from the sherwani, but it has more of a modern and minimalist style to it. Unlike the sherwani, which falls to the mid-calf or lower, the Nehru jacket is much shorter and will likely fall to your little boy’s waist or slightly higher. 

Nehru jackets can be styled up for more elegant occasions or worn at subdued events that still embrace traditional pieces and looks. That’s why Nehru jackets are available in such a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles. Explore nature-inspired Nehru jackets, featuring light pastels and florals, or brighter colors, like pinks and yellows. 

Nehru jackets can be found with long or short sleeves, which makes them a good option for any season and environment. Short sleeve Nehru jackets are typically worn over a kurta or similar garment. Nehru Jackets also have buttons, which are often bright or decorative in style, and may also be adorned in sequins or with embellishments like gold thread. 

They can be a very versatile and useful addition to any wardrobe. They could be paired with a matching pair of pants on the bottom or well-coordinated mismatched colors.

When it comes to Nehru jacket patterns and colors, there are many wonderful options to pick from. 

Traditional Indian Vests for Boys

One way to style a kurta for more formal events is with a vest. Unlike the sherwani and Nehru jackets, vests don’t need to be closed; some have buttons down the center while others don’t. You can create a dynamic ensemble for your little man by combining a vibrant vest over a white kurta and white or other neutral cotton bottoms. 

Like many styles offered here at Lashkaraa, little boys’ vests are available in bold and elegant colors and styles, which complement neutral pieces perfectly. These vests are handcrafted, as with all our pieces, and use embellishments like mirrors to add an organic style that adds elegance and movement to the final piece.

They are also made with heavy zari work, the style of threadwork often found in traditional Indian garments, most commonly the brocade. Zari is typically gold or silver, adding a delightful shimmer to comfortable pieces that little boys won’t mind wearing all night long. 

Our highly-skilled artisans use elaborate Zari work to create the intricate and ornate detailing on the vests and other traditional pieces that really make them truly one-of-a-kind. The work is often floral or mimics a natural, cascading design. Still, other patterns are traditional in origin, merging traditional practices with modern aesthetics. 

Take your little boy’s elegant wardrobe to the next level with a vest adorned with heavy Zari work and other embellishments

Teaching Traditions

The right outfit can help your family to connect with their culture, learn about traditions and practices, and embrace the community of their ancestors, both at home and abroad. And the next generation is never too young to get started on a wide wardrobe of classic pieces for any occasion. Check out kurtas, sherwanis, Nehru jackets, and vests, just to name a few. 

Here at Lashkaraa, we’re dedicated to blending the traditions of generations past with the trends and styles of the modern-day aesthetic. We want to make it as easy as possible for Indian families to find pieces that are truly part of their heritage. That’s why we work with traditional artisans who employ classic techniques and practices and use iconic materials to create the looks you’re sure to love. 

Begin creating traditional wardrobes for the whole family with the support of Lashkaraa, and tap into a beautiful community of art, culture, and fashion today. 


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