Collection: Boys Ethnic Wear

Ethnic wear is the best boy’s attire for attending Indian traditional functions. Kids too can look stylish and express style without compromising on comfort. Our collection of boy’s ethnic wear comes in numerous styles, designs, colors, and patterns and is perfect for any occasion.

Floral Kurta Pyjama Sets

This pyjama set includes a floral printed georgette satin Kutra accompanied by stunning silk pants. It is a perfect gift for any baby boy during occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more. Moreover, the stylish design with a hint of modernization can leave your kid looking elegant and spectacular.


Heavy Thread Embroidered Dresses (Nude)

This outfit includes a thread and stone embroidered kurta with silk pants. It has a unique design with contemporary features that add elegance to your kid’s look. The set is, therefore, suitable to wear during any preferred event including traditional festivals, weddings, parties, and more.

In addition, the pyjama set features a high-quality silk finish that guarantees long-term durability. The material is also soft, skin-friendly, and comfortable. In conclusion, the breathable feature keeps your kid well-ventilated even during hot days.

Outfits with Waistcoats

This style includes a Kurta, pyjama, and a silk lime green waistcoat. The waistcoat has a stylish design that is embroidered with zari and stonework. It complements perfectly with the Kurta to bring out a more contemporary look.

Style with Velvet Afghan Vest

This attire comes with a velvet Afghan vest. It includes a velvet waistcoat with traditional golden zari and sequins work. The waistcoat is extensively stylish to transform any kid’s look into a modernized design. Moreover, the contrasting colors create a sophisticated appearance for any occasion.

Buy the latest kids ethnic wear for your boy that is available in rich fabrics and adorable designs. Our collection will leave your baby stylish on all occasions, especially during the festival and wedding seasons. 

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