Bridal Wear Lehenga Shopping Guide: Here’s What You Must Consider When Buying and Trying The Wedding Lehenga

Bridal Wear Lehenga Shopping Guide: Here’s What You Must Consider When Buying and Trying The Wedding Lehenga
Your wedding is the most memorable and cherishable event of your life. Everything must be perfect including the venue, food, decorations, and your bridal attire. Your wedding lehenga is of paramount importance, naturally so because you are going to be the center of attention. Buying bridal wear lehenga is one of the trickiest yet the most fun task. Even after rummaging through several designer boutiques and several bridal lehenga collections, brides-to-be are often left confused or clueless. However, it is important to pick the right attire that suits your personality, comes close to the vision of your dream lehenga, and brings out the best in you. Only then, your natural bridal glow and happiness will show. Therefore, one has to be very cautious in buying and making the final selection of your bridal wear lehenga. If you have any experience in wedding lehenga shopping, you’ll know there are a plethora of lehenga choli designs in the market. “Every bridal dress is a masterpiece,” says the salesman, still it may not be perfect for you. Hence, here are a few shopping tips when buying and trying bridal lehenga choli designs. Wedding Lehenga Shopping Guide for Brides-To-Be Before beginning the hunt for the bridal wear lehenga, some amount of research is important to understand the vision of your bridal wear. For which, check out lehengas online, go through the popular blogs and photo galleries in order to figure out what will look best on you. Find out about the trending styles, colors, embroideries, and silhouettes that will help you create your bridal look.
  1. Budget: It is always best to decide the amount of money you want to invest in your bridal ensemble. This is advisable in order to streamline your choices and to avoid money constraints, later. Check out lehenga choli designs online and in your favorite boutique and compare prices to ensure that you do not cross your limits. The budget will help you decide what type of lehenga can one afford and allow to get the best without exceeding your limits. With so many latest lehenga designs in the market, it is easy to find yourself tempted to buy designer couture that you may not even be able to afford. However, it is wiser to pick an original design with your affordability.
  2. Season of the Wedding: Another most important thing to keep in mind while picking up your bridal wear lehenga, it the weather conditions. This will help shortlist the fabrics you must choose for the designer bridal lehenga. The fabric is just as important as any other detail of the lehenga. It is a real deal breaker. You cannot wear velvet in summers and chiffon in winters. It is always best to pick the fabric that goes with the season as well as your body type.
  3. Body type: Speaking of body type, it is important to know your shape and size before checking out lehenga for women. For slender women, silk, tussah and organza and chiffon with bold patterns look amazing, whereas for women with curvy bodies, georgette, net and velvet with petite and dainty embroidery look gorgeous. You must make sure that lehenga fit and suits your body type and not the other way around.
  4. Time: Every wedding lehenga is one of its kind. Therefore, it cannot be created in one day. In order to make sure that you get the best version of your dream lehenga, you must plan ahead. There should be plenty of time in hand to ensure that it’s the perfect piece that you want to adorn on your big day. Since it’s a piece that is tailor-made for you, the designer will need a few days to work on it. Additionally, there will be several rehearsal sessions, fitting sessions, and alterations before the piece is finally ready.
  5. Silhouettes: Over the decades, lehenga as bridal wear has evolved radically. There are a plethora of silhouettes and styles to choose from. Though there is one for everyone, but it's important to determine which one. The trending silhouettes are classic lehenga choli design, ruffled and fringed lehengas, multi-layered-lehengas, Anarkali lehenga, cape-style lehenga, bralette lehenga, lehenga with jackets, and off-the-shoulder lehenga. Which one is your pick, let us know in the comment section, below.
  6. Colors: Colors play a significant role in your wedding wear. With so many options out there, it can get confusing to choose the color of your attire. Never get carried away! It’s always best to pick the color that looks the best on you and still fit the traditional boundaries. Good news is that you no longer have to keep choices for bridal wear lehenga restricted to customary red and pink. Times are changing, the modern Indian brides are exploring eccentric, unconventional colors. Pristine whites, cobalt blue, salmon pink, gold, currant red, misty lilac, ether blue, dusty lavender and more are some new trending shades. Meanwhile, the pastels continue to rule the charts.
  7. Trials: Never ignore trial sessions when you are on wedding lehenga shopping. Trying several lehengas is beneficial in understanding your requirements and vision. Try the lehenga several times before finalizing your ultimate pick. And when you do pick the lehenga you want, try it until it fits you perfectly.
  8. Alter it For Comfortable Fit: Alterations is an important step while shopping for bridal wear lehenga. To achieve that perfect look of the bride, it is important that the lehenga fits you perfectly. Never go for anything too tight or lose. Always opt for a comfortable fit as you have to wear this attire for long hours through several rituals and it still must look flattering on you.
Your wedding lehenga shopping is not complete, without the dupatta. Dupatta is going to be the most prominent part of your attire that will be highlighted in most of your photographs. Therefore, selecting it carefully is important. Additionally, do not ignore wedding jewelry and other accessories like footwear, the clutch, bangles and more. In the end, make sure your hairdo and makeup are enough to elevate your natural beauty and not too much to overshadow it. With these tips, you are ready to dazzle on your wedding day like an ethereal goddess.  
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