How To Celebrate Karva Chauth & Pick an Attire

How To Celebrate Karva Chauth & Pick an Attire

Karwa Chauth is a more romantic festival in the Hindu religion, symbolizing the love between husband and wife. On this day, married women, especially in North and Western India, observe fast from sunrise to moonrise for their husband's safety and their families' longevity.

“Karwa” is another word for 'clay pot' (that’s usually filled with water), and “Chauth” means “four” in Hindi. Some participants like to exchange decorated clay pots filled with new bangles, decorative ribbons, homemade sweets, cosmetics, and soft cloths (e.g., handkerchiefs).

Karva Chauth, A Celebration of Love

This festival is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the powerful female friendships we treasure. As Karwa Chauth is celebrated primarily by women, and beauty rituals plus dressing-up are an important part of the celebration, the festival brings women together. 

Sometimes, women begin celebrations and rituals for Karwa Chauth a few days before the actual date. Traditions and practices vary widely — some women will purchase ornaments or jewelry. Puja items like oil lamps, matthi, mehndi, and decorated puja plates for the festivities can also be part of the festivities. The application of mehndi can be a wonderful way to bond.

What Outfits Are Associated With Karva Chauth?

On Karwa Chauth, fasting women might opt to wear special dresses like a traditional saree or intricately designed lehengas to look their best. In some regions, women wear the traditional dresses of their states. They get dressed up in fine clothing and wear jewelry and mehndi.

In some regions, as it’s the bride's first Karwa Chauth, they’ll get fully dressed up in their finest dresses.

The dresses (sarees or lehengas) are traditionally red, gold, pink, yellow, or orange, as they are considered auspicious colors. They are often also decorated with various designs, including interwoven patterns, mirror ornaments, and other embellishments. 

What To Wear on Karva Chauth?

Causal, Traditional Apparel

The younger crowd, the business casual, and the ones who are not a fan of elaborate dresses may find the traditional red saree look more dramatic than what they choose. While being well dressed may be custom for the day, it’s okay to deviate with a minimal look.

A blush embroidered Anarkali lehenga or an easy-to-wear outfit like a palazzo and crop top set with a contrasting jacket will have you ready for the festivities within seconds. A colorful cotton palazzo suit with flower prints can be styled for the evening rituals while taking you through the celebration with comfort and glam.

Any simple accessories like a pair of crystalline earrings and an embellished ring are the perfect additions to complete your new look.

Lehengas That Mimic the Moon

Going minimal with outfits is always a wonderful idea to begin the festivities with more than just formality. However, some women might want to twin with the moon by wearing a Light Grey Embroidered Net Lehenga. This charming three-piece ensemble shines with every twist and turn. The mirror-like and stone accents are almost as radiant as the wearer — but not quite.

If you’re trying to embrace the maroons, a traditional look but with a modern vibe can also be fashionable. Do stay on the lookout for outfits like the Soft Grey Printed Floral Lehenga. The ruffles gracing the organza flutter just like a butterfly. This dramatic outfit is sure to get a thumbs-up from your lady friends!

A Dash of Traditional Color

Is the coming Karva Chauth going to be your first soon-to-be wife or bride? Then a deep red, pink, or maroon embellished lehenga would make up your traditional outfit for the day.

Even those who have been married for over a decade or more can look forward to celebrating their bond. You can bring back your beautiful bridal look with a red lehenga choli and a heavily ornamented shawl.

In case the greys above have you feeling too pale, try a maroon and hot pink sharara suit with the shimmers of embroidery and stone-studded details that would work as well. For a majestic outfit that is not too heavy, try a printed Anarkali lehenga, which would also look flawless.

Red Sarees: Tradition That Lives On

This classic Indian look is a favorite for many. You can get into the mood for festivities with a silk saree or a red velvet saree. But these are not the only versions of the Indian saree that you need to choose from; there’s an entire range of weaves and embellishments that you can sport during Karwa Chauth.

A traditional saree not only reflects the beauty of Indian fashion; it also carries an unbeatable charm that women can carry from all over the globe. Above all, with Bollywood celebrities embracing culture for the occasion, this style is becoming more and more popular during Karwa Chauth.

Carry the shimmer of heavy zari work, many glittering sequins, and shining stones to make the ultimate dramatic entrance. Or, opt for lighter but still just as impactful prints, including vivid and captivating floral themes.

Celebratory Suit Options 

If you have the time to get ready and want to try something more than just minimal but don’t want to go too decked, some traditional Indian suits might just be what you’re looking for.

For Karwa Chauth, we have a variety of options when it comes to suits, from traditional to more modern aesthetics. While it’s customary to try the traditional pink or red, you can also try the softer colors such as butterscotch or olive. 

Lehenga style with saree is one of the trends that young just-married brides are going crazy for. It’s a mixture of a saree and a lehenga, combining the trendiness of the lehenga with the traditional style of a saree. This is a beautiful aesthetic blend of the traditional saree and a lehenga choli that would be sure to shine at the festivities.

One can look equally regal within a layered Anarkali suit. You can also try the traditional Maang-Tikka with beautiful polki earrings or could opt for a heavy Radha necklace set to go along. This, along with intricate patterns over your layered Anarkali, will make the dress.

However distanced from the norms, dhoti-style kurtis give one the bold look of the modern woman effortlessly while sticking with the traditions of Karwa Chauth. 

Indo-Western Garments

On Karwa Chauth, you could also opt for modern Indo-Western gowns; they can be simple and simply fabulous. They have beautiful Indian patterns with a cool western touch that’ll make you look like Bollywood royalty.

These gowns can be just as beautifully designed as sarees or lehengas but feature a lighter material. They also have additional embellishments around the borders and detailed embroidery at the neckline. Wear them with matching earrings or chokers for that extra glam factor you’re looking for.

Lashkaraa’s Recommendations

Karva Chauth is one of the liveliest ones in Indian culture. All the little details like the mehndi application, folk music, and the Karva Chauth puja make it a fun-filled day for all. With all of these rituals, Karva Chauth is a day to celebrate!

We’ve put these five looks together to make the Karva Chauth more trendy and aesthetic. So start planning your day ahead and show up as the best-dressed for the festivities!

A Floral Number

The White and Pink Floral Tabby Silk Saree is a classic choice if you’re trying to go for something that’s lighter and softer, and yet it preserves that traditional look. An absolute classic, this beautiful dress is the perfect dress to wear to Karwa Chauth if you’re looking for something easy to wear.

Classic Elegance

Next on our list is the Deep Wine and Gold Thread Embroidered Lehenga. This stunning piece relies on embroidery and various different embellishments to be truly vibrant.

Our royal lehenga is neither red nor purple, and yet it will be sure to turn all the aunties' heads when you walk in. 

A Remarkable Silver Shine

The Soft Lavender Mirror Embroidered Organza Lehenga is unlike any other. It’s an absolutely glamorous lehenga that shines bright, just like the full moon. All twinkling and sparkly, yet the soft lavender brings forth a lightness.

Festival Days

The days of custom and fasting have turned into a celebration that hosts a new age of social gatherings. While tradition still rules the holiday through various rituals and the eventual peak at the new moon, the wardrobe has drastically changed.

New styles mix with tradition to match the look and feel of an evolved occasion. It is a day when you get to showcase your glamorous Indian dresses with all sorts of experimental and traditional looks.


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