Collection: Anarkali Lehenga Collection

Anarkali Lehenga Collection

Anarkali Lehanga is a timeless gown style worn by Bollywood celebrities. The floor-length flowing gown adds drama to any occasion, whether you’re walking the red carpet or attending a formal event. Feel free to check out our designs to see which style will fit you. 

The History of Anarkali lehanga

The name Anarkali means pomegranate flower (‘anar’ for pomegranate and ‘kali’ for flower). It’s based on a slave girl from Lahore from the Akbar empire. This story was made into the 1960s film, Mughal-E-Azam, which became one of India’s highest-grossing films for 15 years. In it, Anarkali was seen wearing this dress when performing mujra (a dance meant to entertain Mughal royalty in pre-colonial India). After the movie’s success, it became known as the Anarkali dress.

The Anarkali Dress and Suit

The Anarkali lehenga is a must-have dress that can be used on any occasion to add elegance and sophistication. Modern Anarkali suits are also in trend nowadays. The top portion of the suit is slim and fitted around the bust and waist area. 

The top part known as the choli is heavily embroidered with beads and intricate designs. This style is meant to enhance the curve and add shape to any body type. An Anarkali lehenga will look beautiful in satin, silk, cotton, or net paired with a zari or gotapatti embroidery. 

Here are some reminders when wearing Anarkali lehenga:

  • Choose the right neckline that will highlight your face and elongate your neck. 
  • For big-busted women, a Chinese collar style is not advised since it can make you look bigger.
  • For slim women, add more drama by adding heavy flares and pleats to the dress.
  • Pair the dress with the right size of tights, leggings, or churidaar. Wide-leg pants like palazzo or patialas will clash with this dress.
  • Remember to choose the right fit at the waist for an alluring hourglass figure

The Perfect Addition

The Anarkali lehenga will shine even more with the right jewelry. An exquisite and ornate necklace will be the perfect addition to a beautiful dress like this. Choose from our wide range of Indian jewelry here.