The 8 Most Popular Salwar Suit Styles for 2022

The 8 Most Popular Salwar Suit Styles for 2022

When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, few outfits can beat the style and elegance of a salwar suit. Women of all ages adore wearing salwar suits to parties, work, wedding attire, and daily wear. A typical salwar suit will have a kameez of a certain length paired with a salwar or pants in a loose or close-fitting style. It's unquestionably one of the most comfortable and attractive ethnic clothing for women of all ages and body types.

To complete the look, most salwars come with beautiful dupattas. The popularity of Indian salwar kameezfes stems from their continual development in design ever since they were worn. There are a plethora of salwar suit designs to select from, so you'll be able to find something for every woman and each occasion. Only a few other Indian costumes come close to matching these features.

You Ought to Have These 8 Styles in Your Wardrobe

There are many beautiful, designer salwar kameez available on the market if you're seeking one for yourself or to gift it to someone. The most well-known salwar kameez style comes in a variety of fabrics, colors, and sizes. Here are eight of the most popular designs to choose from this year:

The Royal & Captivating Anarkali Design

Anarkali suits are stylish and elegant and make you look gorgeous with their flowing and flared styles. Modern-day Anarkali suits are available in styles ranging from dramatic to chic, demure to bold. The range of colors and materials used to make them gives you an even broader spectrum of styles and combinations. 

This trendy yet traditional outfit profile is utterly feminine and flatters all body shapes. It is usually a frock-style kurta with a form-fitting or loose-fitting bodice and a pleated or flared skirt. The churidar (a slim-fit legging-style salwar) balances out the Anarkalis flaring form in this outfit. Even the Anarkali Suit comes in a variety of styles: 
Anarkali suits fashion


A-Line Anarkali- In this style, the "kurta" has a narrower bodice and an impressive flared skirt. It's an excellent style for women with a well-defined waistline and broader hips.

Frock-Style Anarkali- This style is more structured, with a shorter flared kurta that stops at the knees and works well for women with a straighter body form. 

Floor-Length Anarkali- The most preferred Anarkali style, this outfit looks superbly feminine and helps give women a fuller form a more sculpted look. 

Simple Yet Elegant: The Classic Punjabi Suit

Punjabi suits or the traditional salwar kameez are simple, graceful, and flatter all body types, and Punjabi women swear by this quintessential comfort wear. Typically, these suits have shorter kurtas in a variety of fabrics, and the pleated salwar adds surprising grace to the attire. From chic to edgy, bold to muted, you can find stylish Punjabi suits for every occasion, formal, festive, unique, or traditional, while there is a variety of styles in salwars, the latest ones include:

Patiyala Punjabi Suit

Patiala Salwar- Derived from its namesake city in Punjab, this outfit was worn by royalty here in days gone by. In Patiala suits, the pleats of the salwars start at the waistline folding gentry towards the back of the legs. 

Dhoti Salwar- Drawing inspiration from the dhoti, this salwar style has multitudes of pleats that form a ‘U’ shape as they lead from the front around the sides and towards the backs of the legs. This design was inspired by the ancient dhoti and looks great on short kurtis.

The Modern Palazzo Pant Suits

This ultimate fusion wear offers the best of both worlds, where traditional Indian styling meets bold western fashion. The smart, straight-cut kameez paired with wide, flared women's trousers creates a breezy and modern style. This style appears to be a good fit for petite women and those with tall stature appear to be even taller and smarter. Everyone, including celebrities, veer toward Palazzo suits- a perfect casual and formal attire. 

Palazzo Suit Styles

Long & Straight Cut Suits

This style is the epitome of minimalism and simplicity, making straight-cut suits the ultimate day and formal wear. These suits have pant or churidar style bottoms paired with straight-cut, body-fitting kameez, and the design oozes elegance sprinkled with the right amount of chic. 

Straight Suits Style

Pant Style Salwar Suit 

Ankle-length pant-style salwar suits are also called trouser suits inspired by traditional trouser bottoms. The pants pair well with achkan neck patterns on straight-cut kameez, and the outfit looks graceful, chic, and stylish. It's the perfect look for formal occasions and works well for casual events. 

Pant Style Suits

The Elegant Sharara Suits

Sharara suits are often mistaken for Palazzo suits, but the former has a distinguishing characteristic that differentiates it from Palazzo. Its wider leg span makes it look more like a skirt that's pulled in at the waist with a drawstring. The sharara suit is paired with a knee-length or short kameez, and the entire outfit screams comfort. Sharara suits are perfect for all occasions and seasons, and their voluminous profile looks particularly flattering on women with a slim build. 

sharara suits

Churidar & Kameez Style

The churidar kameez needs no introduction, and it has been the go-to attire for many Indian women for decades. It continues to be a widely preferred salwar suit style and is second in line only to Anarkalis suits and salwar kameez. This attire comprises a churidar( a close-fitting, legging-like bottom) that gives the wearer a slimmer and taller look while accentuating their natural curves. The kurta worm with the churidar is generally short and does not fall below knee length. 

Churidar Style Suits 

Pakistani Embroidered Salwar Suits

An embodiment of Pakistan's tradition and culture, these suits are popularly known as lawn suits. The embellishments and designs reflect the essential charm and elegance of the country's artistry, and the suits are perfect for formal and casual occasions. With their distinctive style- the kameez is usually loose and flowing while the pants are baggy and comfortable. Pakistani suits have lately gained popularity and demand, owing to the vibrancy and vividness of the colors, detailed threadwork, and beadwork. These are simply perfect for anyone who needs a perfect mix of comfort and oomph. 

As you can see, each of these salwar suit designs has gone through many changes in style throughout history. Whether you prefer conventional patterns or something more modernistic, contemporary, and sleek, there's a salwar kurta for you that you may personalize to your taste.

Traditional Salwar suits come in a massive range of colors, materials, and combination fabrics, with and without threadwork, zari work, beadwork, and other embellishments. At Lashkaraa, we keep a constant check on these fashion updates and stock an impressive range of salwar suit styles for women, so you will definitely be able to find something that catches your fancy.   

Whether you are thinking of buying a new one or simply want to keep track of the latest trends in salwar suits, the internet is a fabulous resource. Bazaars and fashion shows help you witness all the latest fashion catwalk trends that will improve your overall style statement. Lashkaraa keeps a constant check on these fashion updates and




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