Wear Purple to Expound Your Individuality on the Eighth Day of Navratri

Wear Purple for Purpose

Wearing purple during the eighth day of Navratri symbolizes the incarnation of a goddess, known as Mahagauri. The goddess shows tranquility, purity, and serenity.

During the specific event, it is best if you simply wear a stylish outfit as it can promote the spirit of festivity. Moreover, try coordinating different hues instead of wearing a plain purple gown or sari.

Purple Ethnic Dressing on the Eighth Day of Navratri

Purple is regarded as a sign of royalty since it comprises strong colors that were frequently employed by kings and queens in the past.

As a result, if you want to stand out more than everyone else, consider wearing an ethnic costume in a pastel purple hue. Purple is a contemporary hue that should go with almost any skin tone and any body type.

Purple has recently become popular among the latest ethnic fashions, owing to its popularity as one of the most sought-after color hues in recent years.

Purple Lehenga Choli



Lehengas have a long history and were formerly worn on most formal events, including weddings, festivals, and even on a daily basis by some religious groups.

Since purple is a bright color, especially on silk fabric, it would be even better if you pair it with a contrasting hue to get a pop. You may also cover your lehenga with a drab covering, such as a purple dupatta. In any case, the purple hue will ensure that you stick out.

There are several ways to dress a lehenga. You might wear a silk lehenga with a pattern of purple and green stripes, for example. This gives your garment a unique vibe. Furthermore, you may complete your look with smokey eyes and natural-looking lips.

Stylish Purple Saree



    Sarees are also one of the most famous outfits that are worn by women on Navratri. The variety of ways in which you may style them makes sarees an ideal Navratri wear. A saree may characterize your individuality while also spreading cultural ideas.

    Purple silk or satin sarees are typically a fantastic option to wear on the 8th day of Dandia nights. When you wear it in a lehenga design or the Gujarat front pallu style, you'll be sure to turn heads on the Dandia floor.

    Here are some examples of how you can wear your purple saree:

    • If you have a bright purple saree, then consider going for a gold or orange blouse to compliment your look. Additionally, you can wear purple earrings, but avoid bangles and necklaces, then finish off with flattering make-up.
    • However, if you are a jewelry lover, then consider going for a brighter and attractive design, like a saree with prints of purple and white. Afterward, finish your look with gold jewelry to create a more contrasting appearance.

      Anarkali Suits in Fluid Purple with a Flowy Fit



      For the more conservative fashionista, a purple Anarkali will be fantastic to wear at this festival. The suit itself covers you from wrist to ankle. Pairing it up with matching necklaces and earrings makes for an easy outfit transition into dandiya Night. Silver bracelets and jewelry are a beautiful way to compliment your purple Anarkali attire.

      Purple Gown with an Ethnic Touch

      Just because you don’t own a lehenga or saree doesn’t mean that you should skip the festive moment of Navratri. You can still opt for modern gowns that contain hints of traditional concepts. Moreover, you will be able to choose between a minimalistic or bulky gown.

      But how do you style up a gown? 

      At times, it will depend on the period. For example, there are specific gowns for evening wear and others for daytime wear. Therefore, always consider the hour of celebration before purchasing any gown.

      Another point that should be put into consideration is the design of your gown. For example, if you have a minimalistic purple gown, then consider wearing silver high-heels. However, if your gown is bulky, then it means that your shoes would be impossible to spot, especially while standing or walking. 

      In this case, consider pairing your purple gown with some pearl or silver-coated necklace, bangles, and earrings.


      Navratri is one Hindu festive event that requires everyone to look gorgeous and sophisticated in honor of all goddesses. Therefore, on the eighth day of the event, you must choose those outfits that make you look royal. In addition, try to apply makeup that complements your overall appearance.

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