3 Elegant Dress Silhouettes for Indian Brides

3 Elegant Dress Silhouettes for Indian Brides

The big fat Indian wedding is usually a three day affair with multiple events and various outfit changes. At this point, the bride takes up the opportunity to go all out for each event, from mehendi outfit to family puja and the d-day dress. 

With a wide variety of dress silhouettes to choose from, each with its own unique charm and appeal, it’s easy to get confused and feel lost. Lucky for you, Lashkaraa breaks it down to different silhouettes and styles.

Discover the Grace of Anarkali Gowns

Anarkali gowns are a graceful and elegant variation of the traditional Anarkali dress. They are known for their flowing silhouette and regal appeal. A typical Anarkali style is a flared silhouette that starts from the waist and gracefully flows down to the floor. This flowing design adds a touch of grandeur and femininity to the gown, making it a popular choice for special occasions and events. The style became extremely popular after the famous Bollywood actor Madhubala who enacted the role ‘Anarkali’, a courtesan at the Mughal court, in the 1960 film Mughal-E-Azam.

The floor-length style enhances the wearer’s height, giving them a majestic and royal look while creating a sense of elegance and sophistication. The bodice of Anarkali gowns is often fitted to accentuate the natural curves of the body. This fitted top gradually flares out into a voluminous skirt, creating a flattering and graceful shape. 

To add to the drama in the Anarkali suit, opt for the ones adorned with intricate embellishments, embroidery, or zari work. These embellishments add a touch of opulence and glamor to the gown, making it suitable for formal events and weddings.

The versatility of the Anarkali gown is unmatched. They can be worn for various occasions, ranging from weddings and receptions to formal parties and festive celebrations. Today, the style is a fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetic suitable for the global Indian woman of today.

Lashkaraa’s favorite picks are the Orange and Purple Embroidered Anarkali for that splash of vibrant color, Peach Embroidered Anarkali for a super subtle look and the Navy Blue Embroidered Anarkali for a royal vibe.

Embrace Tradition with Lehenga Cholis

The perfect and the only way to make a grand entrance at any Indian event is by opting for a lehenga choli style. The lehenga is a traditional Indian bridal outfit consisting of a long skirt (lehenga), a fitted blouse (choli), and a flowing dupatta. However, they’re not restricted to the bride alone or weddings only. Lighter, less embellished versions of this silhouette can be chosen by guests, the mother and sisters of the bride and of course, the bride herself.

Zooming in on the bride’s silhouette, Lashkaraa has some stunning choices of lehengas. For a quaint and elegant style lehenga, go for the Dusty Pink and Red Embroidered Lehenga. This one is ideal for morning or outdoor wedding setups. 

For a regal affair that is grand and requires you to dress for the old world charm, Lashkaraa’s Dusty Mint Embroidered Lehenga is a stunning variation. If you love the Anarkali style and lehenga both and can’t decide between the two, get the best of both worlds in this Light Mint Embroidered Anarkali Style Lehenga

The Timeless Beauty of Sarees

This silhouette needs no introduction. While many brides go for the lehenga style for their wedding day, a large number of brides like to keep it subtle and elegant in a saree. Especially for intimate weddings, brides often prefer a saree for its versatility as well. This timeless and elegant silhouette is a long piece of fabric draped gracefully around the body, with the end pleated and tucked in at the waist. Bridal sarees are typically made of rich fabrics like silk, adorned with heavy embroidery or embellishments, and paired with a matching blouse.

Lashkaraa’s best designs for the bride are the Lavender Embroidered Saree, and Dusty Purple Embroidered Saree in net. For those in between functions, pujas and gatherings, one can go for lightweight, fuss-free sarees like our Mint Blue White Floral Printed Saree.

Not everyone is comfortable with draping a saree. Draped saree gowns combine the elegance of a saree with the ease of wearing a gown. They feature a pre-draped saree attached to a fitted bodice, offering a contemporary and hassle-free option for brides. 

Other Bridal Silhouettes to Choose From –

While lehengas and sarees are the obvious choices for the bride, there are several other events to attend before and after the wedding. This calls for a choice between styles like shararas, ghararas and Indo-western outfits like contemporary gowns, fusion sarees, draped dhoti pants, and modern cuts and shapes with Indian embellishments.

Bridal gowns are another option. These gowns may feature traditional embroidery, motifs, or Indian-inspired details, giving a unique touch to the classic gown silhouette. Palazzo suits are a fabulous choice for when you want to move freely without the constraints of carrying a dupatta. This wide-legged trousers and long kurta/tunic pairing is a popular choice for brides during pre-wedding functions.

Perfect Pairings: Jewelry and Accessories

Indian bridal jewelry is known for its intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail, and significance in wedding rituals and customs. Brides often treasure these pieces as heirlooms, passing them on through generations, making them an essential part of the rich cultural heritage of Indian weddings.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Silhouette

Indian brides have the luxury of choosing from an array of dress silhouettes that cater to their personal style, cultural background, and wedding theme. Each silhouette exudes grace and beauty, making the bride the center of attention on her special day. 

When choosing the right silhouette as a bride, one must keep in mind things like the theme of the event, coordinating the color of the outfits with the groom, season and weather at the time of the wedding and of course personal style. Remember to take many fittings before the d-day to ensure that the outfit isn’t ill-fitted and you’re your most comfortable self on the day of the wedding. Happy shopping!


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