Ultimate Head-to-Toe Bridal Jewelry Checklist

Ultimate Head-to-Toe Bridal Jewelry Checklist

You deserve to glow like a queen on your special day and you can sparkle from head to toe. 

The thing is your wedding outfit is only a first step towards making sure you look sparkling on your wedding day. Beyond the outfit, your accessories must also be carefully selected. Accessories serve to complement your dress regardless of its style, shape, and the tradition attached to it and add elegance and beauty to your outlook.

Your bridal jewelry is a core piece of accessory and seeing as it can make or mar your outlook, you cannot afford to approach choosing them lightly. You must take time to prepare ahead complimentary jewelry pieces based on your bridal lehenga. Once you have picked your wedding outfit, draw out a checklist of bridal jewelry pieces that go well with your chosen outfit so as not to leave any behind.

To help you choose, we have toured the opinion market and curated a list of essential jewelry with which you can accessorize from head-to-toe for any of the events around your wedding.

First things first

A piece of jewellery is only supposed to complement what is already there. It is not to replace your wedding outfit but to accentuate its beauty. As such, primacy should be given to choosing your wedding outfit. Thereafter, you can now go about preparing your pieces of jewellery using our checklist. While it is only a general list, understand that the specific jewellery you will use will be dependent on your outfit (colour, shape, neckline, length, strapline, etc.). Here are eight essential pieces of jewellery you should have for your wedding day;

1.    Jewellery for the head

Do not even think of leaving your hair just like that for your special day. Whether it is the Mathapatti or Maangtikka, the Zardozi hairband or a head chain, a passa, an embellished hair clip or a simple clip, there is a whole variety of jewellery pieces to pick from.

While the Mathapatti frames your face, the Maangtikka draws attention to your eyes. They can be paired with a jhoomar for even better effect. The hairband beautifies your hair all the more while the hair clip keeps your bun in shape. You can play around your choice here depending on your preferences for what they are made from. Often, the best are golden jewellery, Kundan, Jadau or Polki jewellery

2.   Bindi

A Bindi is a traditional jewellery piece to complete the Indian bride’s look. You can go for either the single bindi or the crystal bindi and use it across the forehead.

3.    Neck Jewels

Depending on the neckline of your outfit, you can go for an exquisite necklace and there is a whole variety of them from bold chokers to bib necklaces, sleek necklaces, addigai, mango haaram, etc. You can also go for more than just an ordinary necklace by choosing the Rani haar, the traditional Indian Bridal neckpiece which is intrinsically crafted with gold (and can also feature diamonds, and gemstones). These neck jewels create a dazzling effect on your neck so do not forget to add them to your list.

4.    Earrings

The earring usually goes hand in hand with the necklace. Earrings come in different sizes, weights and shapes. Knowing that you will be wearing it for an extended period, the idea is to go for something light, comfortable and which compliments your necklace.

5.    Bridal Nose Rings or Nath

There is something graceful and inherently traditional about nose rings. Don’t be too bothered if you don’t have a nose piercing as there are clip-on nose rings that you can also use.

6.    Engagement Ring

Of course. This should even be the first piece of jewellery you write on your list.

7.    Hand Accessories

In choosing jewellery for the hand, make sure to choose only accessories that would not overshadow the beauty of your engagement ring. Hand accessories include bracelets, wristwatch, bangles and Kada, floral haath phools. You can match your bangle and Kada to your wedding outfit and pair it up with or without the haath phools to give your hand a glamorous look.

8.    Foot Accessories

The bridal anklet otherwise known as Payal alongside the bichiyas (toe rings) can also add to the beauty of the already decorated foot of the bride. The clanging of the bells of the Payal announces the coming of the new bride. If you are planning to jewel up from head to toe, you can't leave these out.

What Next?

It is highly unlikely that you would use all the pieces of jewellery here listed. The idea is not for you to use everything but that from this checklist, you can carefully select one or two pieces which complement your outfit and look and set them aside for your special day so that you do not forget.

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