Fabulous Blouse Designs For Your Saree

Fabulous Blouse Designs For Your Saree

Sarees epitomize grace, elegance and timeless beauty. From chiffons to silks, cottons and organza, each one has its own beauty. This age-old drape is simple, but more than just a piece of clothing. The word ‘Saree’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘strip of cloth’. This symbol of womanhood, femininity and grace works with a companion, one that intensifies its beauty.

There is no denying that a blouse can make or break your saree look. It plays a major role in amplifying and elevating all your Indian silhouettes. This ethnic staple cannot be eliminated when draping a saree, can it? From the fit and cut to the fabric and design, blouse designs for your saree have the ability to transform the entire vision of the saree you’re wearing.

5 Types of Blouses That Will Instantly Make Your Saree Look Glamorous 

Complementing your saree’s color, fabric, and texture in accordance with the season, occasion and work/weaving has never been easier. Here’s how you can choose the right type of saree blouse patterns to complete your saree look and make it glam:

  1. Go for a statement blouse: Picking a standout saree ensemble is not enough. An elegant statement blouse can truly anchor the entire look. Consider opting for a blouse with a deep v-shaped neckline that reveals the collar bones and a glimpse of cleavage. Whether your designer saree blouse is backless, deep-neck, embellished or embroidered, focusing all eyes on the blouse adds to the saree’s beauty.
  1. Add some bling: If bling is your thing, opt for a mirror-work blouse. Choose between heavily embellished and lightly embellished works to avoid over-powering your saree. Approved by A-list celebrities, mirror-work is a must-have for every Indian wardrobe.
  1. Intricately embroidered: One can go for a simple, plain saree and pair it with an embroidered saree blouse that will steal the show. Add elbow-length sleeves, or perhaps a plunging back and keep your look elegant and stylish.
  1. Strappy blouse: Revamp the traditional saree look with trend-setting strappy blouses. A strappy blouse with intricate embroidery, shimmering sequins, or delicate beadwork will add a modern touch to your traditional attire. This head-turner will surely add a lot of glitz and glam to your saree look, making it an ideal choice for any special occasion or event.
  1. Try fits like corset, off-shoulder or jacket fit: Switch up the conventional blouse cuts for new-age, contemporary styles to stand out. This will give your wardrobe a refresh and your saree a glamourous uplift. Our exquisite Beige Multicolor Sequins Embroidered Saree is a prime example, featuring an off-shoulder blouse adorned with multi-colored sequins and dabka booties, making it a true standout piece.

With time, there have been variations to this eternal beauty – think pre-draped concept sarees, corset blouse saree in colors, fabrics and styles that were not in fashion ten years back. From festive to everyday, there is a blouse for every occasion and situation.

Indulge in Embellished Blouses with Beads and Sequins

Apart from the seasonal specials, embellished blouses with beads and sequins can most definitely add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your saree ensemble. The intricate beadwork and shimmering sequins can transform a simple saree into a stunning ensemble fit for an evening event or a party look. 

From elegant black and gold combinations to soft hues with intricate details, we offer a vast selection of embellished saree blouse designs to choose from.

Sparkle with Shimmering Metallic Threads and Zari Work

Zari work blouses with metallic threads will add a touch of opulence to your saree look. For a more elegant and classic look with a touch of tradition and royalty, traditional silk sarees go well with zari work blouses with heavily embroidered borders. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a formal dinner, or any other special occasion, this timeless pairing will never fail to impress. 

Modernize Traditional Silk Blouses with Contemporary Upgrades

To add a contemporary twist to your silk blouse, one can upgrade it and contemporise. Add a ruffled neck or incorporate cuts that make it look sexy. Even going to a fresh color palette can make this traditional attire look young.

Remember to choose a blouse that complements the overall look and feel of your saree, as well as the occasion or event you will be attending. With the right combination of modern upgrades and traditional elements, you can create a truly unique and stunning ensemble.

Add Some Oomph to Modern Saree Styles

 Newer, modern styles like a cape style cut with a corset bustier inside can add a hint of oomph to the saree. One can even go for an embellished bralette or a lace one. Diversify the embroidery work by adding pearls, sequins and resham work. As you play with the colors, cut, and embroidery, unique, and stunning designs will come to life. If you need a bit more bling for the season, incorporate sequins and metallic threads to give your ethnic staple a festive makeover with new-age designs. 

Tips for Picking a Blouse for Festival Season

Our best tips for picking a blouse for the festive season? Experiment with styles like ruffles and frills for volume, halter necks for the perfect western touch, open cuts for some skin show, and different types of embroidery to just make it glamourous. 

You can also play around with different fabrics to elevate the look of your blouse. For example, opting for a blouse made of luxurious silk or velvet can add a touch of sophistication and richness to your festive outfit. Another way to make your blouse stand out is to choose bold, jewel-toned colors that complement the season, such as deep reds, emerald greens, or sapphire blues. A blouse can be the most exciting part about an outfit.

Different Fabrics to Consider When Shopping for the Perfect Blouse

As summer approaches, selecting the perfect blouse to pair with your saree comes down to picking the right fabrics. Here are some saree blouse fabrics to consider while keeping the soaring temperatures in mind: 

  1. Cotton: The most common, widely used and the most comfortable, this breathable fabric is versatile. Flannel, muslin, terry cloth, satin, gauze, velveteen, and sailcloth are some of the other cotton varieties and weaves to choose from.
  1. Sheer: This all-cotton fabric comes in variations of tulle, lightweight crochets, organza, and lace. This one acts as a style statement while providing comfort in the heat.
  1. Silk: Embodying affluence and grace, silk fabric has a long history and turns out to be a fantastic summer friendly fabric. It has antibacterial properties, absorbs moisture and allows your skin to breathe, all while looking elegant and chic.

Spanning from traditional to modern and modest to risqué, the cut and fit of the blouse defines the final look for your saree. Afterall, the perfect blouse is a wardrobe flex!




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