Interesting Ways to Wear your Saree Other than the Traditional One

Interesting Ways to Wear your Saree Other than the Traditional One
Sarees are so innately traditional you cannot help but love this nine yards of pure sartorial elegance. However, besides its obvious traditionalism, there are other aspects to this beautiful garment. You can transform its look in so many different ways and wear it to formal occasions, parties, casual outings et al. But you let out the fun out of the bag when you wear it only in one style. Let’s have it straight who wants it to be boring when you can make it fun and interesting? So, we list out some interesting ways to drape your sarees to spice up your wardrobe! Start with your online saree shopping and upgrade your saree collection as soon as you can. Sareee Wearing Ways Latest Designer Sarees – Pick and Choose your Style Sarees have undergone an evolutionary process and what you see now on the ramp or the runway is an eclectic blend of retro styles with fresh modern styles. Check out some of the styles which can turn you into a glamorous diva in a matter of minutes! Saree in a few minutes? Sounds unbelievable right? Yes, it does but modern designers have rescued us from minutes of pure agony and stress where you keep wondering whether your pleats are going to ditch you and give away in the middle of a large crowd or whether you are going to be a laughing stock for draping your saree in the wrong way! Thank God for pre-pleated sarees! Well, more on that later! Modern sarees have made your dream come true that of wearing it as easily as you would slip on a dress and then managing to walk confidently in a saree with heels and all, your pallu intact and ditto with your pride! Let’s bring the quirky quotient back on the platter and explore different saree styles. Here’s our take on the age-old saree! Mumtaz style This style is pure gold. You have watched Mumtaaz gyrating and twisting in chiffon sarees and wondered how did she dance so effortlessly in a saree? Well, the blingy border complete with the chiffon saree was a retro look we always crushed upon! The orange saree in one of her famous songs is something that comes to mind instantly! We still let out a silent wow every time we watch the song on television and we look at her enviously! Well, you could try it too. This draping style is still relevant, why not channel your inner Mumtaz and flaunt it to the next occasion you attend? Butterfly style The very chic and sensuous butterfly is a fresh new take on the traditional saree draping style and one of the latest designer sarees creating a buzz in the fashion world. While many sarees make a full-bodied woman look a little bulky, this one just accentuates your curves. You create a butterfly shape at the bottom of your pallu and a thin column at the top part of your pallu. You can also pleat the pallu into a single column and take it right across your torso. Dhoti style This saree draping style is a hot favorite amongst fashionistas and not without good reason. Our Bollywood celebrities are looking oh-so-good in custom-made dhoti sarees making it the hot new trend in the fashion circuit. It allows easy leg movement and you can even pair it with jackets and blazers in the winters to give it a quirky twist. Belted style This one is my favorite as it makes my waist look tiny! Just lay your hands on a pretty belt, broad or thin and use it to cinch your waist. This is a novel way of upgrading an average look. Alternate Bengali style The traditional Bengali sarees is a popular saree wearing style and thanks to its wide coverage in the mainstream films the popularity of this saree draping style is on the rise. It’s unique and looks particularly lovely when you wear it in white color and red borders. The traditional Bengali woman wore her pallu tying the end with a key making a tinkling noise announcing her arrival into a room. You can give this traditional draping style a contemporary twist by flaunting a sexy back with a backless blouse. Gujarati style A traditional style of saree that is not quite your regular draping. The Gujarat designer sarees online saree resembles the ornate styles of kanjeevarams and banarasi sarees. Pants style Pant style saree is an edgy way to show off your saree. This modern look is winning extra brownie points amongst fashionistas. The touch of androgyny gives it a very contemporary look and more and more young women are wearing it to formal occasions as it is a fun and quirky take on traditionalism. Wrap style This is another way of draping your saree by wrapping it around your neck much as you would use a scared to do so. It looks very stylish and a novel way to flaunt your blouse. This is particularly relevant during the winter months blending in style and comfort effortlessly. A perfect wedding look to flaunt. Wrap Style Saree Wearing Lehenga style Is it a lehenga or is it a saree? Never mind, ‘cause either which way it adds a great touch to your saree draping style.  The lower half of the garment resembles a lehenga while the top half makes it look like a saree complete with a pallu. It’s a must try for all fashionistas who want to try a different and stand-out look at weddings. Buy the latest designer sarees online and floor everyone with your faultless sartorial choices. Lehenga Style Saree Wearing Pre-stitched/cocktail style Thank God for pre-stitched sarees as it is super easy to wear and look all the more beautiful and chic when you pair it with sensuous blouses. Also, you can make it more stylish when you wear it with crop tops. Select interesting crop tops with flared, ruffled or off shoulder styles. So, are you thinking of buying new sarees at designer sarees online shop? Buy the one that suits your body type, occasion or style. Or else just buy whatever catches your fancy, after all, it is you who is going to give the garment a whole new distinction, not the other way around. Let us know whether the saree wearing tips worked for you? Also, do tell us which draping style is your favorite and why? I would love to hear from you.