7 Haldi Ceremony Outfits for a Lasting Impression

7 Haldi Ceremony Outfits for a Lasting Impression

Unlike other weddings across the globe, Indian weddings consist of several ceremonies, usually lasting anywhere from a few days up to a full week and sometimes longer. These elaborate and stunning events consist of several gatherings, ceremonies, and other memorable occasions. 

The Haldi ceremony is just one of these. Typically held the morning before the actual wedding itself, a Haldi ceremony is one of the most colorful and symbolic of them all.

In a Haldi ceremony, both the bride and groom are cleansed in Haldi powder, more commonly known as turmeric. Much more of a lavish celebration than a simple bath, the bride and groom are cleansed in turmeric powder by their friends and loved ones in lavish style. Known for its healing and purification properties, a Haldi ceremony is, in its simplest form, a cleansing ceremony for the bride and groom to be. 

While vivid shades of marigold and bright yellow are well-known themes, the exact dressing styles are seemingly endless. Here are seven of our favorite outfits to help you stand out as the center of attention during this joyous and colorful right of passage.

7 Haldi Ceremony Outfits That Stand Out 

Printed Sarees

Sarees are probably one of the most versatile parts of an Indian wardrobe. Sarees can be tucked, draped, and twisted in a myriad of ways. Just how the fabric and color can dictate what might be best for a particular occasion, so can the pattern. 

Prints and patterns have always been popular, but nowadays, digitally printed fabrics have offered a more comfortable and wearable alternative to heavily beaded and embroidered options. Printed sarees are perfect for those who want to make a statement without hindering comfort.

The Marigold Floral Georgette Saree is one excellent example of a perfectly printed saree to adorn on the day of your Haldi ceremony. The georgette fabric is digitally printed instead of embroidered, allowing the fabric to remain lightweight, airy, and perfectly comfortable without sacrificing style. Paired with a matching blouse and trimmed with intricate beadwork, this wearable work of art deserves to be shown off and preserved in pictures.

Palazzo Suits

Another option for those looking to come to combine comfort, mobility, and style is a palazzo suit. Wide-legged pants paired with longer (and sometimes full-length) blouses are exquisitely decorated with stunning Zari work, beading, and other embellishments to make a gorgeous statement.

The Golden Yellow and Soft Blue Muslin Satin Suit is a quintessential example of palazzo suit glam. This perfect shade of turmeric, ideal for Haldi ceremonies, contrasts perfectly with the lighter blue trim and other accents continuous down the length of the blouse.

Relaxed, loose-fitting pants boast a metallic gold pattern to add an unexpected touch of shimmer and shine. Threaded tassels around the edges add further movement and pizzazz to an already very fun and festive suit.

Skirt and Crop Top Sets

Fewer things are more glamorous and captivating than a beautiful crop top paired with a voluminous, flowing skirt.

Many of our crop top and skirt sets are adorned with dramatic Zari work and shimmering beading sewn with only the utmost attention to the detailing. The Soft Yellow Embroidered Organza Lehenga is no exception. 

When one thinks of a Haldi ceremony, usually vivid shades of marigold and perhaps even neon yellow come to mind. However, this crop top and skirt set offers a softer alternative. When we say “soft yellow,” don’t think this gorgeous ensemble won’t make a lasting impact.

One of the more ornate and regal suits in our collection, this set boasts exquisite detailing, captivating threadwork, metallic accents, booties, and an eye-catching border along the bottom end of the cascading skirt.

Layered Yellow Skirts

While larger flared-out silhouettes can make a statement, go can dazzling beadwork, especially when in layers. The Yellow Mirror Embroidered Organza Lehenga is a prime example. This exquisite selection from the Desert Bloom Collection features a billowing A-line silhouette and extravagant mirror work fitting a Haldi ceremony. 

Up top, the cropped blouse is trimmed with beaded tassels and sports a sweetheart neckline, one of the most flattering cuts chosen by several women. Spaghetti straps are dramatically beaded to allow you to catch all the lights from every angle. 

The billowing matching skirt boasts a light and airy layer of tulle over top with matching mirror work to accompany the blouse. Beaded patterns similar to the blouse are found along the waistline and fade out, forming a floral design down the length of the skirt.

This beadwork on top of the separate tulle layer allows the sequins and beadwork to move and twist easily with you as you move throughout the day. The net dupatta is the perfect traditional accompaniment and a cherry on top of a wonderful look for such an important day.

Yellow Lehengas With Blouses

Shades of pink are often thought to be representative of femininity and fertility, making them a perfect addition to ceremonies and events throughout the course of a wedding week (or day). A netted pink draping might be just the thing you need to set yourself apart from the crowd on the day of your holiday ceremony.

The Yellow and Pink Embroidered Net Lehenga sports one of the most elaborately accented crop tops in all of our collections. Shimmering sequins and beadwork adorn the entirety of the blouse, while a mesh layer on top of the lehenga provides movement and volume. The bottom of the lehenga features a very tall border reminiscent of the blouse, with a similar structuring detail seen at the waistband.

A subtle, pale pink netted draping offers the perfect feminine addition to an otherwise expected but still stunning ensemble. Not too bright but bold enough to stand out in a crowd of yellow dresses, you’re sure to be the center of attention and the focal point of all photos from your special day. 

Sarees With Three-Quarter Sleeve Blouses

Not all weddings take place during the spring or summer. Many take place during the fall, winter, and earlier days of spring when temperatures might be a little cooler. Three-quarter-sleeve sarees are not only a way to stay warm; they are also a perfect way to show off even more intricate artwork and detailing.

The Yellow Mirror Embroidered Georgette Lehenga is a great option if you’re getting married during one of the colder months of the year. A simple blouse is trimmed in extravagant sequins and beading at both the top and bottom, while the stunning skirt with more dramatic embroidery down the whole length of the garment is sure to be a head-turner! 

Dupatta and Capris Combo

On the contrary to our previous point, a pair of shorter capri pants is sometimes quite simply the most comfortable and reasonable option during the warmer months of the year, particularly in climates with very high levels of humidity. If you plan on fully embracing the tradition of turmeric bathing to a “T,” capris might also be a very easy and efficient alternative for your holiday ceremonies.

While many women might look for a longer skirt or pants, like palazzo pants, for their bridal events, a beautiful dupatta is an easy way to add traditional modesty and extra style to an otherwise unconventional ensemble.

Look Stunning at a Haldi Ceremony

With how colorfully and elaborately everyone is typically dressed at most Indian wedding festivities, brides are still always the center of attention. Each of our stunning outfits and accessories are crafted and hand-inspected in India to guarantee you receive only the best quality.

Whether you decide to play into the marigold theme or go for a different stand-out vibe, you’re guaranteed to shine throughout your Haldi and into the camera lens with one of our stunning, signature creations.


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