10 Sequin Saree Styling Tips for a Wedding

10 Sequin Saree Styling Tips for a Wedding

Of all the events on the Indian social calendar, a traditional Indian wedding is undoubtedly one of the most joyous, exciting, and stylish of the year. When it comes time to show up and show out, you’ll want to look for extravagant Zari work, beading, and a little something extra to take your saree’s glam factor to the next level. Sequins are the perfect accessory to do just that.

Let’s dive in and take a look at what to wear to an Indian wedding based on our favorite trends, accessories, and other tips you can use to accentuate stylish sequin sarees.

What Is a Sequin Saree?

A saree, also frequently spelled “sari,” is one of the most commonly worn Indian dresses in Southeast Asian fashion. Sarees usually consist of a long stretch of fabric that can be arranged over the body in a myriad of ways. Traditionally, they are tucked into the waistband, pleated, then draped across the body and over the shoulder, sometimes showing off the midriff.

Sequin sarees specifically are embellished from end to end, typically covering the entire length of the fabric. Some sarees like this are made of a lightweight net or mesh, while others cover the base fabric entirely. Sarees designed in this way are fantastic for black tie events and weddings, with the sequins further elevating the majestic nature of this garment.

Sarees are sometimes seen as challenging to put on, particularly if you are dressing yourself without help or are responsible for getting multiple friends and/or family members ready. Our sarees melt that frustration right away, with each one arriving pre-draped if you so choose!

How To Wear a Sequin Saree to a Wedding: 10 Tips

Accessorize With Statement Earrings

If you opt for a dramatic sequined saree, your jewelry needs to also stand out in a similar manner. Hand-crafted earrings, like Polki earrings, flawlessly combine traditional style with modern glam and stand out in a separate light when paired with a sequin saree. 

Traditional earrings vary in length and size; some favorite options are distinguished by the bell shape at the very bottom. Unlike necklaces which could get lost in the dazzle of your saree, or bracelets, which are sometimes hidden under long sleeves, drop earrings stand out separately. Hand-crafted earrings offer even more glam where you may have thought it wasn’t possible.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

When picking out what shoes to wear, consider the detailing in your saree’s embroidery. If your saree boasts only gold or silver, a metallic shoe in the same color will perfectly tie it all together. 

If you decide to mix metals — do so with intentionally. For example, mixed metal jewelry looks best when your garments also have both gold and silver accents. This prevents your shoes from looking mismatched or drawing attention away from your favorite saree. 

You should also consider what jewelry or other accessories you wear regarding metallics. If your outfit’s beading, jewelry, handbag, and other pieces are predominantly in one color, try to go in that same direction with your shoes. However, when in doubt, you can never go wrong with a neutral-colored shoe.

Keep your heel height in mind as well. Whether you are in flats versus sky-high stilettos will impact how much of your garment might drape across the floor. It will also dictate how much you will need to tuck your saree in as you pleat. This is a good reason to put your shoes on first. If you get your outfit tailored, bring the shoes you intended with it. 

Color-Coordinate Your Accessories and Your Saree

We briefly just touched on this point, and it’s a good one to reiterate! If your saree is all one color or within one color family, you should keep going in that direction when it comes to choosing your other accessories. If you opt for our Gold Sequins Embroidered Net Saree, for example, try pairing it with gold or gold-plated jewelry

When it comes to coordinating colors, also take the season into consideration. If you are attending a summer wedding in a tropical location, perhaps leave the dark winter colors at home (unless the dress code requests a jewel tone). If it’s a springtime wedding, really play into the season and look for a pastel or dusty muted color.

Pair Your Saree With a Headpiece

Headpieces and tikkas are some of the most unique accessories in Indian fashion. Not worn in many other parts of the world, a tikka can be the literal crowning jewel of your look, allowing you to even further stand out in a crowd. If you’re aiming for a dramatic effect, like the one you get when wearing a sequin saree, you’ll almost need to add a tikka to your ensemble to keep your outfit elevated in every aspect.

Dusty Purple Sequins Are On-Trend

In recent years, dusty, muted hues are hotter than ever. One of the most popular options out there, in particular, is dusty purple.

From plum to lavender to periwinkle, toning down the vibrancy of this royal shade has left women with an excellent fashion choice for all months of the year. Tame enough for daytime events yet invoking a sort of mysterious aura perfect for the evening, it’s no wonder our Dusty Purple Sequin Net Embellished Saree is beloved as much as it is.

A gray-toned shade of lavender-mauve adorns a sleeveless silk blouse with a flattering sweetheart neckline. A gorgeous tulle net saree is embroidered with stunning sequins and mesmerizing thread that runs down the length of the garment and around the borders. Pair it with silver earrings and shoes, and this gorgeous ensemble will guarantee you shine the brightest of anyone on the dance floor.

Match Your Outfit With the Other Members of Your Party

Nothing will photograph as well or turn heads quite like a color-coordinated group arrival. Several of our suits and designer sarees are available for both men and women, with sizes also available for boys and girls of all ages. 

Perhaps you opt for our Gold Sequin Embroidered Net Saree. Your husband might want to pair it with our Black and Gold Embroidered Sherwani. Gold bottoms match seamlessly with a black velvet Sherwani, also adorned with beautiful zari work and sequins down the length of the garment. With your little ones looking equal parts dapper and adorable in traditional kidswear, you’re sure to be the talk of the town.

Light Pink Sequins Are Youthful and Timeless

Across the world, the color pink has been associated with fertility, femininity, and a good-hearted nature for generations. Lately, lighter shades of pink have been making a comeback thanks to their timeless aura, which shades of magenta and fuchsia aren’t always capable of putting out. 

Our Light Pink Sequin Embellished Net Saree is tame enough for daytime weddings and provides a touch of soft romance anywhere you go. It sparkles effortlessly under the spotlight after the sun goes down.

Another modern addition to this look is the strapless corset style blouse, one of the less frequently found necklines in Indian fashion. A heavily embellished saree adds a much-needed touch of glitz and glam, while silver taar work adds structure and creates a beautiful illusion when the fabric is overlapped.

Ombre Sequins Give Your Outfit an Elegant Look

Mixing and matching contrasting colors requires a watchful eye. Sometimes, we want a vibrant piece without having to consult an artist’s classic color wheel.

This is where an ombre design can really make a difference.

The Dusty Blue Ombre Sequin Embroidered Saree has done just that and effortlessly combined shades of blue and gold together — a combination that may not work 100% of the time. This more subdued shade of blue keeps with modern trends.

It allows this shade duo to really shine. While the entirety of this look glows from head to toe, the edges truly stand out, thanks to a heavy trimming of silver sequins.

Try a Half and Half Saree

If you want to stay bold, a half-and-half saree might be the ticket. Following color-blocking trends, half-and-half sarees bring two contrasting colors together for one enchanting set. Our Maroon and Golden Beige Velvet Embroidered Saree is a perfect example of tasteful color blocking.

Golden foil designs atop a glistening beige tulle create a beautiful, subdued bottom, while the maroon velvet draping is the dramatic yet elegant statement piece it needs. With dramatic gold edging and the trim of the pallu finished with golden tassels, this is one showstopping saree you simply must have.

Wear Your Favorite Nosering

We previously touched on jewelry and how it can tie together, further enhance, and truly take an outfit to the next level. Traditional earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are stylish, and headpieces are head-turners, but nose rings are some of the more beautiful accessories you can reach for.

At Lashkaraa, our nose rings are gold plated, ensuring they will last you for years to come. Semi-precious stones add elegance and glamor, as do additional golden chains.

With pieces like the Seerat Nosering, the hanging chain can be draped to the back of the head and fastened into your hairstyle to keep the dramatics at a high. Or, you can keep things simple and sleek with the Saira Nosering — the essence of gold and pearls make any ensemble award-worthy. 

Look Your Best at Any Wedding

A sequin saree and matching accessories will elevate your wardrobe and guarantee you (and your family) will stand out in a crowd.

All of our pieces are hand-inspected in India for quality, and our sarees can be ordered pre-draped, taking all the stress out of the preparation process. From timeless hues to modern trends, consider reaching for a sequin work saree the next time you receive a wedding invitation.


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