How To Celebrate Holi in Embroidered Clothing

How To Celebrate Holi in Embroidered Clothing

Clothing has the amazing capacity to connect us to our culture and heritage and to bring us closer to our community, whether near or far from home. This is particularly true during holidays, festivals, and holy days, such as Holi. 

Holi is a time for joy and festivities. There are many excellent options to pick from when it comes to the perfect clothing for the occasion. And our team here at Lashkaraa will help you to get started. Find pieces for the whole family, whether you need something simple and comfortable for everyday wear or you’re preparing for a wondrous celebration.

Explore our growing collection of elegant, embroidered clothing perfect for Holi today. 

What Color Do You Wear on Holi? 

Holi delights our imaginations, especially with vibrant, awe-inspiring colors. It is often recommended to wear white for the holiday, so you can enjoy the artistry of colors that comes together throughout the festival.

You may also want to consider more comfortable and breathable fabrics. Since there are many activities and events throughout the festival, you want to be sure it’s comfortable to walk and that you don’t get too hot. 

Since white is recommended for getting into the spirit of Holi, you’ll want to avoid darker colors. You may also want to avoid accessorizing too much, as this can overwhelm the outfits.

Embroidery and Holi: A Lovely Pair

One beautiful and elegant way to get into the spirit of the season while still following fashion recommendations is through embroidery. Beading, threadwork, and the classic mirror art are all ways to elevate and adorn your clothing for a truly unique design that is perfect for the holiday. 

With embroidered pieces and outfits, you’ll feel comfortable and confident, setting you up to enjoy your time with your friends and loved ones. 

Embroidered Clothing for the Holiday 

When it comes to the perfect embroidered clothing for the holiday, you’ll want garments made by talented artisans in India.

Keep reading for our list to find the ultimate piece that combines your personal style with traditional garments. Pick out the perfect embroidered piece from Holi from some of the following:

Embroidered Lehengas

Embroidered lehengas are worn for special occasions, so you may see them at festivals or weddings, worn by both the bride and honored guests.

The lehenga refers to the skirt element of the outfit and is paired with the choli or blouse. Lastly, the dupatta is the scarf specially crafted to match. Colorful dupattas are also an excellent option for elevating your Holi outfit. 

Lehengas are available in many different materials and designs, so you can easily create a look to keep you cool and comfortable while also letting you move and celebrate freely. And, of course, Lehengas are available with incredible embroidery and designs, Zari being a time-honored favorite.

Zari is the traditional type of threadwork you’ll find in many lehengas and other classic ethnic wear pieces, and it is often combined with intricate beading or delicate mirror work.

In love with Zari work? Us too! Consider the Soft Yellow Embroidered Organza Lehenga to bring a dash of Zari work to your Holi celebration. This sleeveless lehenga shines with organza fabric woven with head-to-toe floral designs. As you swish along, raw silk at the hem brings an incredible grace wherever you go. 

Embroidered Sarees

Sarees are a traditional piece of clothing that continues to remain popular and prominent in modern Indian fashion today. It is made of a single piece of unstitched fabric that is draped over the shoulder and cinched at the waist, though there are many different ways to style and accessorize your saree. 

Like the lehenga, sarees are often worn for treasured occasions like weddings, though they may be found as comfortable daily wear, as well. Sarees are worn over cholis on the top and typically a skirt on the bottom. Some suits and pant bottoms are also acceptable for outfits with sarees, which are fabulous for days that require lots of movement. 

With so many different options to pick from, sarees are a lovely choice for the Holi celebration. This is especially true when it comes to embroidered pieces and styles. Just explore a light pink georgette saree with copper lace, a dusty blue net saree with stone, Zari work, and sequins, or a light pink and lavender saree with floral motifs and designs. 

Embroidered Anarkali Suits 

If you’re looking for a comfortable outfit that allows for ease of movement during the festivities, an anarkali salwar suit might be the perfect fit. Anarkali suits often feature nature, fruit, and floral designs, which makes them an extra fitting option for the spring celebration. Because of this association, Anarkali suits have a soft, delicate, and beautiful air about them. 

Anarkalis consist of several pieces, similar to the lehenga. The top of the Anarkali is long and styled like a blouse or frock, and the bottom is slim and fitted to the body. You’ll find many shapes and styles of Anarkalis, varying in length and design, so it’s easy to pick out the perfect look for Holi. And, of course, you can find a comfortable and breathable material that allows you to keep cool throughout the festivities. 

Explore Holi-ready embroidered Anarkali options like a Dusty Green Anarkali with gold Zari and champagne crystal stonework and golden beads. Or, perhaps you’ll be enchanted by the Lavender Printed Silk Anarkali with embroidered bouquets in shades of peach and beige. 

Punjabi Suits

On the search for a Holi look that’s a sure-fire winner? Consider a stylish punjabi suit, a type of salwar kameez that is loose and straight, with the bottoms cinching at the ankles. The Punjabi version of this suit is straight and geometric, and the sides are split for more dimension and elegance. 

Punjabi suits allow for comfort, coolness, and ease of movement, and they come in truly unique and remarkable embroidered colors and designs.

The tunic top of the Punjabi suit will likely fall to about mid-thigh, so it can be adjusted to fit your individual style. The trousers are loose, though not as much with the Punjabi suit as some of the other styles, and they come to a soft taper around the ankle.

Punjabi suits can be worn for formal and festive occasions. When made with cotton materials, they are a good option for Holi for ladies who live in warmer climates.

Explore beautiful and creative Punjabi suits with embroidered designs that truly stand out right here at Lashkaraa. To start, check out a Mint and Pink Anarkali Style Punjabi Suit with embroidery from the neckline to the waistline and an elegant chevron design surrounding it. This Punjabi suit comes in a beloved color combination that is the very essence of spring. Silver runs through the garment creating a type of fluidity that can’t help but demand attention.

Accessories for the Holiday

There are plenty of ways to accessorize whichever outfit you choose to wear during Holi.

Discover your new favorite piece of traditional jewelry below:


Earrings are an excellent way to add a pop of color to your Holi outfit. Traditional options that are still totally relevant in the modern day include Suman Antique Polk earrings or go bold with a matching set, like the Priya Green Kundan Necklace Set, handcrafted with semi-precious stones, gently set in gold plating.

Nose Rings

Nose rings are the height of fashion (and tradition). Consider a Kundan nose ring featuring semi-precious stone and gold plating. From dainty nose rings to statement pieces, this accessory will make your Holi outfit one-of-a-kind.


Necklaces are essential; from bridalwear to annual holidays, nothing says a celebration like stunning gold necklaces. 

Choose from a range of mesmerizing colors, like reds, greens, and blues, as well as various metal types. Consider choker necklaces, statement necklaces, and back necklaces. Bring the colors of your garments into your necklace for a fully cohesive look.


Here at Lashkaraa, you’ll find special occasion outfits for the whole family. We have clothes for mom, dad, and the kids available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials, which means it’s easy to pick out traditional clothing that everyone will truly enjoy. You can even match the whole family together!

And there’s no better time to do so than during the holidays. Find a wide collection of embroidered outfits and styles with the support of Lashkaraa and get into the Holi spirit today. 



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