Flaunt Your Style With These Indian Blouse Designs

Flaunt Your Style With These Indian Blouse Designs

There is no denying that the perfect blouse can make or break your ethnic look. It’s a wardrobe flex. When it comes to stylish occasion wear, picking a standout blouse is what distinguishes you from the crowd. It’s time to anchor your ethnic wear outfit with a head turner blouse. When shopping for wedding ensembles, the hunt for the perfect lehenga is the first step, but to strengthen your style status, focus on the blouse design as well. Here’s a crash course in Indian blouse types and designs, courtesy Lashkaraa.

The Various Types of Indian Blouses

One can also call it the traditional outfit amplifier, the blouse plays an important role in elevating your ethnic wear ensemble. A plain saree with little to no embellishments can instantly be upgraded to a chic, understated ensemble with the right blouse. That’s the power of this silhouette. Here, we round up the reigning designs that are sure to complement every kind of aesthetic, whether you prefer a traditional outfit or a more contemporary number.

A basic one is the classic round neck blouse. It’s timeless, simple, and understatedly stylish in its own way. This design suits most sarees and can be customized with different sleeve lengths and embellishments. Another popular one is the V-neck blouse, which obviously comes in a V shaped neckline. This design works well with sarees and lehengas, and you can vary the depth of the V to suit your preference. For a sophisticated and put-together look, a high neck blouse that has a collar-like neckline and covers the neck entirely is a good option for formal occasions. A similar version is the halter neck blouse. This style has straps that wrap around the neck, leaving the shoulders bare and are commonly worn with backless designs.

Other styles like off-shoulder blouses and cold-shoulder blouses are usually trend driven styles and work well for both sarees and lehengas, adding a modern touch to traditional outfits. If showing off your collarbone is not an issue, a boat neck blouse can add versatility to the ensemble. Designs like keyhole and backless styles are bold choices and definitely draw attention to the blouse. If you want to go OTT with blouse designs, it’s a good idea to go for embellished blouses that are adorned with sequins, beads, embroidery, or other decorative elements to make the ensemble even more special. If you’d like to learn more check out our blog about Saree Blouse Designs.

Enchanting Embroidered Blouse Designs

As you spot new age designs that sport all permutations and combinations, embroidered blouses are the most enchanting of them all. Spanning from traditional to modern and modest to risqué, embroidered blouses not only complete the ensemble but amp it up too. Depending on your saree fabric and style, the blouse is chosen to complement your overall look.

Embroidered designs like zari and zardozi blouses involve the use of metallic threads, beads, and sequins to create intricate and luxurious designs. These types of embroidery are often seen on bridal blouses and are known for their opulence. An exquisite embroidery version is resham work. Also known as silk thread embroidery, resham embroidered blouses use colorful silk threads to create intricate patterns. It’s versatile and can be used to create both traditional and contemporary designs.

A stunning and popular embroidery is mirror work or shisha embroidery. This type of blouse features small pieces of mirrors stitched onto it, adding a reflective and eye-catching element to the design. A threadwork embroidery can vary from simple geometric patterns to elaborate floral motifs. Going towards a more culturally influenced style, the Kantha embroidery originates from West Bengal and is characterized by running stitches that create intricate patterns. It has a rustic and artistic charm.

Another embroidery style is the Aari embroidery. It is a type of chain stitch embroidery that is delicate and intricate and is often used to create fine patterns and is popular in North India. For a rich and regal look, one can go for a Kasab embroidered blouse that involves the use of metallic threads and is perfect for wedding and festive wear. The cutwork embroidery involves cutting out portions of the fabric to create patterns and then stitching around the edges. It adds a unique and delicate texture to the blouse. A popular choice is also the beaded style blouse. Beaded blouses feature tiny beads sewn onto the fabric to create intricate designs. They are perfect for adding sparkle and glamor to your outfit.

Embroidered net blouses allow for delicate and intricate embroidery designs that appear to float on the skin. It’s a popular choice for modern and contemporary blouses. A timeless classic is the Chikankari blouse. Originating from Lucknow, it involves delicate white thread-work on a light-coloured fabric. It exudes elegance and simplicity.

Creative Blouse Pairings for a Unique Look

From print mixing to contrasting colors, you can play around with different blouses for different lehengas and sarees. When contrasting a blouse, make sure to be mindful of things like pairing a bright red blouse with a green saree for a striking look, or pair the same color family blouse and saree/lehenga to give a two tone look to the ensemble. When mixing print, try to create unique contrasts like pairing a floral print saree with a geometric print blouse.

An on-trend style in 2023 is the corset-style blouse that cinches your waist and adds a Victorian-era charm to your outfit. It’s perfect for sarees and lehengas alike. Lashkaraa’s Gossamer collection is an ode to the French corset era and artistic impressionism with corset blouses as part of the range. Styles like theLight Pink Floral Embellished Saree and theSoft Pink Floral Embellished Saree feature stunning corset blouses as saree pairings.

Another elegant style is a sheer blouse with intricate embroidery or lacework that can add a touch of sensuality to your traditional attire. Pair it with a matching or contrasting bralette for a contemporary twist. For a romantic, feminine and even a playful look, opt for a ruffled blouse. One can even pair their sarees and lehengas with embellished capes. Wear this style with heavy embellishments like sequins, beads, or mirrors. The cape drapes elegantly over your shoulders, creating a regal look.

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