Latest and Stylish Saree Blouse Designs

Latest and Stylish Saree Blouse Designs

More and more, a lot of women are paying attention to their saree blouse designs,  due to its potential use in making a fashion statement. It is such that although blouses have always been an integral part of the woman’s wardrobe, it is now much more. Ladies are replacing their dupattas with blouses and wearing crop tops over their dhoti pants, palazzos and lehenga skirts. Some are even combining blouses with sexy cuts and fancy lace embellishments along with their saree to produce such astounding sights. 

A quick search through the internet for Indian blouse styles will leave you spoiled for choice with more and more stylish blouse designs being showcased every day. Well, allow us to be your knight in shining armour and save you the stress and time of having to choose from the thousand and one designs available at your fingertip. Here are some of the best saree blouse designs available for you to choose from.


The Simple Round Neck

Simple Round Neck Blouse

So basic yet so touché. Nothing draws attention to your neckline like this saree blouse style with its round neck design. You can further accessorize with a necklace or neck piece and could go best with some soft crepe saree with minimal design.

Round Neck with Embellishments

Round Neck Blouse with Embellishments

Sometimes you want minimal jewelry but for sure, you do not want to look too simple for an occasion, the jewelled neck blouse design addresses both problems. The design spots heavy embellishments in gold silver or copper around the neckline to produce a blouse design that is both trendy and elegant. A design that needs no jewelry and perfectly complements a simple party wear saree.

Deep V-Neck

Deep V-Neck Blouse

This one is a stunner. If you like to catch attention, then donning this on will set the room on fire. You can pair it up with a floral organza skirt for an even greater effect. There are also some deep V cut blouse designs with classy sequin embellishments that stand out when paired with a plain saree.

Strapped Sleeves

Strapped Blouse Design


Strapped blouses have always been in vogue and will continue to be trendy for years to come particularly those which are mirror embellished. A blouse with thin embroidered straps can be quite sexy to look upon. Pair it with a velvet saree, nothing complements better.

Back Slit Design

Back Slit Blouse Design

Maybe you want to show some part of your skin but you don’t want to do it in the front? A back slit design is perfect for you. What’s more? It’s quite comfortable allowing the gentle breeze to blow directly on you and soothe you.

Square Cut-Out Blouse


Square Cut-Out Blouse

There are many blouse designs you can use to achieve a minimalist look. This is one of them. This design includes a square shape cut out at the back, taking the back slit to the next level. The wedding sarees that are already quite heavy need minimal design, this is where you should do for a square neck.

Contrasting Bodysuit Blouse 

Contrasting Bodysuit Blouse

This is a tight-fitting blouse design that is usually paired with printed sarees to produce a contrasting outlook that's both classy and elegant.

Jacket-style Blouse

A Jacket-style Blouse

A Jacket-blouse takes the rules of the fashion game, masters the rules and then breaks the rule by combining a jacket with a blouse. It is very elegant and is considered suitable for people with sarees, Banarasi silk and Kanjeevram.

Few More Trending Blouse Designs to Consider

Victorian Style 

There is something about going vintage that you can’t quite shake off. The Victorian blouse produces much the same effect while looking chic. It can be paired with saree, georgette, chiffon and brocade material. They can also have patterns and embroidery depending on the actual design.


A little puzzle, a little ‘trying-to-figure-out-what-this-is’ and you will quickly notice the asymmetry in the cuts. The edges also have a Gota Patti design giving you the look of royalty just as you are.

Peplum Blouse 

These evergreen designs with their tunic shapes are back in trend. Whether it is an embroidered blouse with long sleeves or a peplum jacket or a short peplum blouse with V-neck or a traditional peplum with ruffled sleeves, this Indian blouse style is elegant and classy.

Multi-layered Blouse 

The multi-layered blouse design is fusion wear that combines elements of the ethnic look with the modern to produce something sassy and classy. You can pair the multi-layered blouse with jeans, or sarees to perfect the ethno-modern look.

Ready to Go?

Whatever the occasion, choosing from any of these latest saree blouse designs is a sure way to end up a party stunner. Now it's your turn. Let us know in the comment section below which of these blouse designs is your favourite for the year 2021 and which you would be looking to get (if you don't yet have it)? or looking to get stitched?


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