Indian Wedding Reception Outfits: A Styling Guide

Indian Wedding Reception Outfits: A Styling Guide

Events spanning multiple days, exotic destinations, sizable guest lists and bursts of colors – you’re describing an Indian wedding when you read this. An Indian wedding reception is a grand celebration that follows the main wedding ceremony. It is a festive event where the newly married couple receives blessings and congratulations from family, friends, and well-wishers. The reception is often marked by elaborate decorations, delicious food, music, dancing, and a joyful atmosphere. The outfits worn during these celebrations are equally stunning and elaborate. Both brides and grooms often adorn themselves with exquisite jewelry and it's essential to choose an outfit that resonates with your personal style and the overall theme of the reception.

Here's a styling guide by Lashkaraa.

Decoding Indian Wedding Reception Dress Codes

Whether the wedding venue is the bride’s backyard or a private island, Indian weddings are larger than life. If you’ve been invited to the affair, it’s wise to put a lot of thought and effort into the dresses. Indian wedding receptions often have specific dress codes that guests are expected to adhere to. These dress codes can vary based on the formality of the event and the cultural traditions of the couple and their families.

It is important to consider the venue, weather, and any cultural or religious sensitivities when selecting your outfit. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to check with the hosts or review the invitation for any specific dress code instructions. Ultimately, the goal is to honor the couple’s celebration while showcasing your personal style in a respectful and appropriate manner.

If the invite indicates that the dress code is formal traditional, women can wear formal ethnic attire like sarees, lehengas, anarkalis, or gowns, in rich fabrics and intricate embroidery. Men may don formal traditional wear such as sherwanis, bandhgalas, or Jodhpuri suits paired with accessories like brooches. A black tie affair would require women to wear elegant gowns, sarees, or chic cocktail dresses. To style it up, go for sophisticated accessories and heels. Men may wear tuxedos or formal suits and pair with a bowtie or tie, and polished dress shoes.

When the invite clearly says ‘Cocktail Attire’, women are usually expected to wear stylish sarees, lehengas, or well-tailored suits. Choose outfits that are elegant yet not overly formal.

Men may wear tailored suits or blazers with dress pants. A tie is optional, and you can experiment with colors and patterns.

If the invite doesn’t say anything specific about the dress code, one can go for modern interpretations of traditional attire, like contemporary sarees, fusion outfits, or stylish anarkalis. Men can opt for fusion wear such as kurta suits with a twist, adding unique elements like colored blazers or asymmetrical cuts. Experimenting with Indo-Western outfits is a good idea. Styles like dhoti pants with crop tops, jacket-style sarees, or gowns with Indian motifs are great options.

Popular Colors and Themes for Wedding Receptions

Indian wedding receptions are known for their vibrant colors and elaborate themes that add a touch of opulence and grandeur to the celebration. While color preferences and themes can vary based on cultural traditions and personal choices, guests are expected to wear attire associated with that region or culture. For example, a Rajasthani-themed reception might call for traditional Rajasthani attire.

Popular colors themes are a classic combination of red and gold, symbolizing prosperity, love, and tradition and the combination of royal blue and silver exuding elegance and sophistication, creating a regal ambiance. With time, the trends have evolved and people have started embracing slightly minimalist designs and shades. Soft pastels like peach, mint green, and blush pink are gaining popularity, adding a subtle and romantic touch. Another trendy theme is the ‘Enchanted Forest’ theme – a mystical theme with fairy lights, lush greenery, and ethereal decor elements.

Dapper and Distinguished Groom Attire

A groom’s attire is an essential aspect of an Indian wedding, reflecting his style, personality, and cultural traditions. A popular choice for that dapper and distinguished groom attire that exude elegance and sophistication would be the sherwani. The long jacket-like garment often adorned with intricate embroidery, zari work, and rich fabrics is usually paired with a churidar or straight pants.

Other smart options are the Bandhgala Suit and the Jodhpuri Suit. The standing, closed collar Bandhgala jacket comes with a highly structured cut that follows the curves of the body and are distinctly masculine and regal. Lashkaraa recommends wearing the Bandhgala suit or jacket with tailored bandhgala shirts, complete with either cravats, scarves or pocket squares as accessories.

Radiant and Graceful Bride Ensembles

Brides are the center of attention at Indian weddings, and their ensembles are a reflection of their beauty, grace, and cultural traditions. Indian bridal fashion is an enchanting tapestry of traditions, culture, and identity, with each wedding ensemble telling a unique story.

Among the myriad of lehenga designs that compete against each other to make it to the wedding day, a classic choice is the red bridal lehenga that symbolizes love and prosperity. Opt for intricate gold or silver embroidery and a voluminous skirt for a regal look. The contemporary Indian bride that wants to stay away from traditional colors and go for a pastel dreamy lehenga, can explore soft pastel shades like blush pink, mint green, or powder blue for a modern yet graceful look. These colors add a touch of subtlety to your ensemble.

Lashkaraa’s Dusty Pink and Red Embroidered Lehenga is the perfect combination of the two colors, giving you the best of both worlds. One can go for a royal look but in modern shades of pastels with the Mint and Light Purple Kurti Style Lehenga. Staying true to ethnic hues with silhouettes of Punjabi heritage is Lashkaraa’s Yellow Embroidered Peplum Style Lehenga.

Dressing Gracefully as Guests and Family Members

When attending an Indian wedding as a guest, it's important to choose an attire that is respectful, culturally appropriate, and aligned with the formality of the event. Lashkaraa’s top picks are elegant saree styles like the Light Pink Floral Embellished Saree or the Soft Pink Floral Embellished Saree. Lightly embellished lehengas are also good options like the Dusty Lavender Floral Embellished Lehenga Set and the Light Dusty Periwinkle Floral Embellished Lehenga.

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