Collection: Mens Kurta Pajama Sets

The Kurta Pajama forms the backbone of ethnic Indian men’s fashion. For thousands of years, it has been used in everything from workwear to formalwear to sleepwear. It’s even become an article transformed for women, in the form of the kurti.

Our men’s kurta sets lean towards formalwear and luxury — These are the kurta you wear to the biggest celebrations in your life, whether that be parties or religious festivals. These are the kurta you wear on your wedding day. 

Our kurta pajama sets are all constructed from carefully chosen, luxuriously woven fabrics, guaranteeing the best possible impression. Rayon and satin both provide a lightweight, brightly glossy sheen. Silk gives a gentle glimmer while keeping you close to traditional material harvested and used for generations. Dupioni silk gets you the closest you can to raw silk and supports our richest designs. 

Our kurta sets feature both standalone items as well as ones made to layer with vests and jackets. Our standalone kurtas feature luxuriously designed prints and thicker material to serve as a solo garment. Other pieces are more lightweight but still precisely designed to allow for layering with Nehru jackets, brocade waistcoats, and more.

Matching With the Kurta Pajama Set

Our Kurta Pajama Sets offer an incredible chance to outfit the entire family.

Some of our pieces are specifically designed to potentially be matched with others. Our men’s Kurta Pajama Sets match seamlessly with our Kurta Pyjama Sets for boys.

For family photographs or to create uniform party looks, coordinate your outfits with the whole family. When attending weddings, coordinate the men’s attire with that of your children for a thoroughly charming feel.

You can also find adult fashions and transition them to produce your children’s favorite colors. This comes courtesy of Lashkaraa’s ongoing Family Affair series, embracing our adoration of the traditions and connections that fulfill us.

How To Choose the Right Kurta for You

Kurtas come in a wide variety of colors, prints, textures, and pairings to match any occasion. Colors like gold and maroon kurtas present bright, cheerful colors for festivals and celebrations alike. Black kurtas, paired with floral and embellished waistcoats, allow you to present a slim, tailored silhouette. Light, playful pastels and richly saturated prints provide colors to meet any aesthetic. 

We also have countless kurtas paired with sherwani to help create the perfect wedding apparel. The Kurta’s unique layering opportunities can create a look that is virtually custom and one-of-a-kind to you.

Lashkaraa’s luxury kurtas stand out because of our dedication to traditional style and an even greater dedication to traditional fashion design. We hand make each piece in India and individually check each piece to ensure unparalleled quality.

We then ship each piece worldwide to make authentic Indian apparel accessible to men, wherever they may be. With gorgeous kurta sets from Lashkaraa, every celebration is deeper, richer, and more significant.