Interview: Celebrity Makeup Artist Tamanna Roashan of DressYourFace!

Tamanna Roashan is the founder of DressYourFace and the best-selling Tamanna Palette. She is a triple certified makeup artist with over 12 years of experience in makeup & hair who has literally built an empire for herself. With a cult social media following of over a million followers across the globe and certification courses which are always booked (she has also recently opened up an online make-up school at this woman is definitely on a roll - and there's no stopping for her. We recently got the chance to catch up with Tamanna for an exclusive Lashkaraa interview for all of our readers - let's get to know more of this Afghan/Indian beauty below!

1) How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

My career started when I was very young... I started as a photographer for weddings (my parents side business) when I was only 13 years old (1997/98). I spent a LOT of time with brides, and back then they didn't hire artists for hair and makeup... In fact their friends and family would get them ready at home. I would often help, since I was there taking photos anyway. Because of my photography training, I was very keen on making the brides look as polished as possible on camera and this is what ultimately helped me create my "HD Photography Makeup" technique once that technology came out in the early to mid 2000's. I did end up going to cosmetology school to get licensed through the state of California and makeup institutions for training and certifications in specific types of makeup, and also went to University for a BA in Marketing to help me in my entrepreneurship role. But social media is what allowed me to make my established business and my work globally recognized and that's what catapulted my career on a much higher level than it already was before.

2) Who are some people who have inspired you throughout your career?

My parents. They taught me what it's like to be a sole proprietor and build your own life by being your own boss. It's a very fulfilling thing! They nurtured my talents and encouraged me to do the same. Aside from my parents, there are many fellow artists who I am inspired by daily. With some artists I am inspired by their personalities and positive attitudes... With others I'm inspired by their struggles before their success stories...and with a few I'm inspired by their actual WORK. These artists include the one and only Kevyn Aucoin (RIP) as I grew up reading and learning solely from his books of artistry and I'm in love with his cosmetic line, and for the last couple years I have been drawing a lot of inspiration (both personally and work-wise) from Troy Jensen, one of the most talented and humble A-list celebrity makeup artists I have met. Lastly, and more than anyone out there, I believe you have to be inspired by yourself. I don't mean to sound cocky in ANY way, but I am very proud of my work and my accomplishments (although I know I have a LONG way to go to get where I want to be) and I think it's very important to be able to look to myself for inspiration because the moment my own work doesn't inspire me to create more, and my own life doesn't inspire me to live more, I'll know that the end is near. NEVER let the fire run out!

3) How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

My most recognizable signature look (as everyone likes to call it) would be my Arabic style cut crease with glitter. I was among the first artists of my generation to try more exotic looks using stronger clean angles and adding a heavy sheet of glitter for the glamorous touch, which I quickly became known for ages ago. It's a very edgy get feminine look which is my most requested among middle eastern and south Asian brides. I'm also very much known for my contouring and face sculpting, which has always been my obsession! I don't call myself this, but my social media fans have named me "the contour queen" (seriously a huge honor to be called the queen of ANYTHING!) and my contouring images became so viral that I became the official face of Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette which included a booklet of my step by step contour tutorials, and it sold out within hours and kept selling out immediately after each time it came back in stock. Even bigger honor. My followers and clients always tell me they can easily recognize my work even if they weren't told that I was the artist. They tell me that it's the "Tamanna Touch" they recognize. It's so flattering to hear that... It makes me feel very accomplished and happy even though I know I'm still on a long journey ahead. I believe what sets me apart - aside from my "signature" looks - is the sincerity in my work and the integrity I hold to it... I pay attention to small details while still considering the entire picture, and this allows me to retain very precise and clean work without losing the balance of the face as a whole. Every client leaves my chair looking and feeling their very best and I believe it's their confidence and radiance that sells my work best.

4) What is the most important beauty advice you can give to women? 

The most important beauty advice I can give to women is to not get too caught up in the "rules" that the beauty magazines and salons keep telling us. If you try a makeup style and it looks good on you, then do it! Don't worry about "dramatic eyes with soft lips" or "soft eyes with dramatic lips"... I believe you can totally get away with both or none as long as it looks balanced with your features and looks nice up against your wardrobe choice. I break almost every rule in makeup, because as long as it looks good and works correctly, and my clients feel confident and radiate that feeling through their image, my job was successful.

5) What products do you think should be a staple in every woman's purse?

For the natural woman: a soft rosy-nude lipstick or lipgloss (one of my faves is MAC Angel), a blotting powder (I like a full coverage powder since I personally don't wear foundation so I like Estée Lauder Double Wear compact), a long lasting eyeliner such as LA Girl Cosmetics Gel Glide Pencil, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil for easy brow filling, and a good mascara- any formula from Lancôme is always a winner! For the glam woman: add the Anastasia Contour Kit and the Tamanna Palette to dress up any look! Everyone should have these items- they are so universal, easy to use, and easy to travel with!

6) As a successful International celebrity MUA, what advice would you give to a newcomer in the makeup industry?

If you have a talent, that's only one part of the grand picture. You must constantly strengthen your skills and push yourself to do better with each and every client and even on yourself. Be picky with your art, you have to look carefully and critically to find mistakes or areas that have room for improvement and then improve those areas with lots of practice and hard work! Take GOOD photos of your art and post them on all your social media platforms and websites to get your name out there. Be active by attending makeup events and meeting people in the bridal/photography/beauty industry and hand out your business cards. Be friendly and willing to help other newcomers - good karma. And most of all- be PATIENT. Lasting success does NOT come overnight!

Thank you for sharing with us, Tamanna! We all cannot wait to see all that you have planned for your fans in 2015. Wishing you nothing but success in each and every venture!

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