How To Pick Authentic Wedding Sarees Online

How To Pick Authentic Wedding Sarees Online
Marriage is undoubtedly the most special occasion in every woman's life. On the wedding day, every woman wants to look beautiful and elegant. The pride and honour of Indian brides are in a traditional Indian wedding saree or lehenga in which she looks gorgeous, stunning and appealing. With the passage of time, modern style and trends have blended with tradition and the modern Indian brides prefer stylish wedding sarees in suave designs and comfortable fabrics.Wedding saree When planning to buy trendy wedding sarees either online or from physical stores, the bride is faced with a huge collection of sarees in various colors, fabrics and designs which might turn the task of choosing the perfect saree into a difficult one. Following a few simple guidelines which can help you to choose the perfect bridal saree for the D-Day.

Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Saree

Following these simple steps while choosing your wedding saree will surely help you the make the best purchase. Plan ahead of the big day - It is always safe to plan your wedding and start the shopping at least 3 to 4 months before the wedding date. This provides enough time at your disposal to do online research of different types of Indian wedding saree designs and browse through the current trends in sarees so that you can narrow down your search to the designs you like. Indian Wedding Sarees Sarees for tall brides - Tall women can carry off heavy borders and embroideries with ease so they can opt for bold and big prints in a wide range of colors. It helps in diverting the attention from the height of the bride. Raw or pure silk sarees and Kanjeevarams with heavy borders are best suited for tall brides. saree for tall brides Sarees for short brides - Women with relatively short height should opt for Indian wedding sarees with thin borders and small to medium sized embroideries and prints. It is best to stay away from big and bold prints and heavy borders. The bride can select the color from soft pastel shades, and the fabric can be georgette, silk or chiffon. Sarees for a Voluptuous figure - It is not true that if you are on the healthier side then you can't carry off a saree with elegance and panache. Brides with plump figure should opt for sarees in dark colors with light border and with delicate bead and embroidery work. Soft fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and net fabrics work best for the voluptuous figure, and the fabric sits snugly on the body accentuating the curves. Sarees for the Slim Brides - If you have a slim and petite figure then you should opt for Indian bridal wedding sarees in silk, cotton, brocade, tussar and organza fabric that will add volume to the figure and make you look fuller. You can wear sarees with dense embroidery, large prints and bold designs in a wide range of colors. Sarees for slim brides Fabric of the saree – One of the most important things to consider while buying Indian wedding saree online or in physical stores is to select a fabric keeping in mind your body shape and the comfort level you want to have during the long rituals. The choice of the fabric can make or break your look, so chose with great care. Although, silk is the most preferred fabric for traditional ceremonies, you can opt for chiffon, brocade, and net fabrics on the day of the reception. The color of the saree – It is yet another determining factor while choosing Indian bridal wedding sarees. Traditional Indian wedding saree colors include red, maroon, pink and crimson, but one can also opt for other unique colors that match their complexion. Brides with very fair complexion can choose bright, and neon colored sarees while brides with dark complexion should opt for darker shades. The color of the saree should accentuate the jewellery the bride wears and not over-shadow it. Don't forget the blouse - A gorgeous bridal saree can never be completed without the right blouse, so you should devote some time to selecting the blouse as well. You can either wear a matching or a contrasting blouse. If you are wearing a simple Indian wedding saree, then you can opt for a blouse with heavy embroidery that is embellished with beads, sequins, and stones. It is best to stay away from backless and deep neck blouses on the wedding day. The design of the saree - The design of the saree is undoubtedly a matter of personal choice, and brides can opt for either simplistic designs or go for heavy works with embroideries and embellishments. If you are slim and petite then heavy work is best for you and if you are on the healthier side then light work is best suited for you. Women with short height should avoid large and bold prints. Small floral and leafy prints are best suited for all women. Women with short height should select sarees with thin borders while women with tall height should go for sarees with broad border. Hope these guidelines will help you to select the best wedding saree for yourself so that you can be the show-stopper at your wedding.