Why Latest Salwar Kameez Designs are the Sensational Choice for Women

Why Latest Salwar Kameez Designs are the Sensational Choice for Women
There are attires fit for every season, but there is one garment which you can wear for every season, and that is a Salwar Kameez. Beautiful, elegant, classy; there are not enough epithets to describe this traditional garment. It fits you beautifully and hides a multitude of sins. What's more? You can wear it to family occasions, to work or to any casual outings, even formal occasions, such is the versatility of the garment. If you are flipping through a fashion glossy you will notice that there is a multitude of latest Salwar Kameez designs to entice you, and make you go on a shopping spree. types of traditional salwar kameez designs

Salwar Kameez The Most Popular Indian Wear

There is something very feminine and pretty about Indian traditional wear, and when you visit an Indian festive occasion, you cannot think of wearing anything apart from Indian wear.  Even people who are fond of western garments tend to give their western attires a miss and opt for a traditional outfit, be it a salwar kameez, saree or a lehenga.  The Salwar Kameez originated or was inspired by the costumes of the Mughals, who were the Muslim rulers of India.  This dress originally hailed from the Punjab region. The popularity of the garment gradually reached the pinnacle of popularity, and left a deep impact on a cross-section of women across the country. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the garment completely swept the girls off their feet. From the late eighties onwards, many Indian Government schools selected salwar kameez as the uniform for girls. It captured the imagination of most girls and the salwar kameez continued to be an effortless choice for both young and matured women of India. They wore it at home, it became as they say almost a second skin, and such was the beauty and comfort factor of the garment.

Types of Salwar Kameez Online

There are numerous types of Salwar Kameez to choose from, catering to your body type, your style sense, and the occasion. Gone are those days when there were only a few kinds of Salwar kameezes to choose from. Now the garment is appealing even to people who prefer western wear, thanks to the amazing style transformations that the garment has gone through. The right blend of east and west means you get a stylish garment suitable for all occasions. So let’s explore the different styles of Salwar Kameez which are creating a furore among the Fashionistas.

Churidar Salwar Kameez

Churidar Salwar Kameez is traditional wear, but the startling thing is young girls still find this style uber cool. Long Kurtas complemented beautifully with slim-fitted pants are also known as Churidars. The beauty of this style is that it flatters your figure and you can wear it with both long and short Kurtas. You can get them at an Salwar Kameez online in the USA or any of the shops you find in a nearby marketplace. churidar salwar kameez online shopping

Embroidered Salwar Kameez 

For all those family occasions or festive occasions, you need to wear a traditional Salwar Kameez, when you need something simple yet stunning to suit the occasion, an embroidered Salwar Kameez fits the bill. Heavily embroidered or some dainty embroidery highlighting your neck design or your sleeves, there’s a lot to choose from. There is a beautiful embroidery from different parts of the country, each different, and more beautiful than the other. beautiful embroidered salwar kameez

Indian Wedding Salwar Kameez

For Indian weddings, we always bank upon a traditional Indian Salwar Kameez to enhance our looks. Flowing Kurtas in beautiful fabrics like georgette, net, silk, linen, cotton or rayon can do the trick.  There are so many options, that you are spoilt for choice. You can select one according to the weather and what is ruling the fashion charts. indian wedding salwar kameez online shopping

Cape Style Salwar Kameez

The latest fashion forward style is the cape style Salwar Kameez. Here you ditch the dupatta and put on a cape on your dainty shoulders. This gives a fusion look, blending in the influences of the west too. It looks uber stylish and is now regarded as one of the top ten beautiful Salwar Kameez designs. Remember, if you want to be fashionably relevant this season, the cape Salwar Kameez should be your outfit of choice. Cape style salwar kameez online usa

Asymmetrical Hems

You would be regarded as a fashion outcast if you stick to the same old boring hemlines. The hemlines are all going under a crazy twist for beautifying the outfit. Sometimes there are long slits on one side of the kurta, sometimes on the front of the kurta, giving it a unique touch. Also, you can wear these kurtas with your Salwars, Churidars or even fitted pants or palazzos. It gives an interesting look to the otherwise mundane outfit. Latest party wear salwar kameez designs

Prints Galore

Prints are big this season. Floral prints, geometric prints or cartoon prints, there are too many and you literally will have a tough time selecting one. Depending on the occasion you can choose your prints; for a casual get-together you can wear a funky print, but for more traditional occasions like a wedding, a more demure pattern is required. Printed salwar kameez for indian wedding A traditional Salwar Kameez is your go-to outfit, whenever you are in doubt about what to wear for a particular occasion, a Salwar Kameez always comes to your rescue. So go ahead and start splurging on your favorite outfit.
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