Six Palazzo Suit Designs: Combine Comfort & Style

Six Palazzo Suit Designs: Combine Comfort & Style

All across the globe, Indian fashion is revered for its swirling silhouettes, billowing designs, and seamless manner in which the garments seem to flow in the wind as the sunlight catches glimmering beadwork in all the right ways.

However, even the most traditional of designs have made accommodations for modern routines, desires, and styles. Palazzo suits are just one example of modern tastes perfectly melting with traditional style.

Let’s dive in and take a look at six of Lashkaraa’s Palazzo suit designs and examine how they combine comfort and style.

What Are Palazzo Pants, And Why Do I Need Them?

Palazzo pants are a more voluminous style of full-length pants, typically designed with a very wide and very loose cut. Flaring out from the waist, they are a particularly desirable choice during the warmer summer months, especially when made from lightweight, flowing fabric. 

Unlike typical wide-leg pants, which tend to be a bit more form-fitting and flare out at a certain point, palazzo pants are generously sized from top to bottom. 

Palazzo pants are frequently made from a wide selection of fabrics, such as Georgette, silk, cashmere, cotton, and many more. These lighter fabrics are also easier for embroidery needles to penetrate, making them ideal for adorning with elaborate beading, zari work, and mirror work.

There are multiple occasions where palazzo pants might be more comfortable than a skirt. In colder climates, pants could be the obvious choice over skirts any day of the week. However, pants might also be a little more functional during the hot summer months, too.

The Black and Gold Embroidered Net Palazzo Suit

It’s no surprise that our Black and Gold Embroidered Net Palazzo Suit is one of our top-selling outfits, undoubtedly thanks to its long, flowing, and comfortable silhouette. Consisting of jet-black fabric embroidered with golden details and a pop of vibrant hot pink trim, this stunning suit is unlike most others you’ll find out there.

One of the more alluring details on this suit are the sheer mesh sleeves sporting the same gorgeous details around the cuffs. This beautiful mesh feature is further enhanced with the addition of a tulle dupatta, adding the right touch of movement and dimension without being too heavy. 

The moderate V-neck neckline also keeps it modest, making it appropriate to wear on any occasion. While many palazzo suits might be a tad more fitted around the thighs and flare out at the knees, these super wide-legged pants move in motion with you. These pants create an unmatched level of movement as you dance, walk, and turn to greet friends.

The set would be perfectly paired with a dramatic set of gold earrings or nose ring.

Dusty Purple Thread Embroidered Palazzo Suit

One of the more popular colors in recent years, which seems to carry seamlessly into all seasons, is the dusty shade of light purple. Excellent for a winter wonderland gathering, the beautiful springtime season, vibrant summer gatherings, and fall events where the seasons begin to most notably transition, you truly can’t go wrong with dusty purple.

Our Dusty Purple Thread Embroidered Palazzo Suit boasts a muted shade of purple, right on the edge of mauve, especially great for daytime wedding celebrations, brunch events, or teatime. The unique netted fabric consists of head-to-toe paisley patterns, ensuring you will make a very unique statement while still honoring traditional native patterns and style. This gorgeous top is paired with santoon palazzo pants and an embroidered tulle dupatta.

Other stylish notes include sparkling sequins down the length of the garment, beaded tassels around the arms, adjustable tie detailing on the back, and mixed metal detailing with the addition of gold trim, to name a few. These trendy additions to flowy, lightweight fabrics are the epitome of combining comfort and style.

Light Grey Thread Embroidered Palazzo Suit

One of the things India is most renowned for across the world is their unmatched levels of craftsmanship in embroidery, beading, and mirror work. Sometimes, the best place to show off this spectacular talent is on a bit of a neutral piece with the most subtle shades of beading.

The Light Grey Thread Embroidered Palazzo Suit is the perfect example. This subdued, soft shade errs on the edge of a very pale blue, featuring the most delicate blue/grey, off-white, and silver embellishments. The top sports intricate and traditional zari work down the length of the garment, while the palazzo pants balance it out with a lighter touch of artwork. 

The beadwork around the collar and down the neckline is a great way to capture the attention of partygoers, while the corresponding borderwork on every piece seamlessly pairs each garment together, making this an easy choice for festivals like Holi or any pleasant afternoon gatherings. This particular shade of grey also works as a solid alternative choice for neutral tones without being too bland or boring.

Red Floral Chanderi Palazzo Suit

Red is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful colors you can dress yourself in, whether it be for a regular daytime outing, a night out at a special gala, or even on your own wedding day. Our Red Floral Chanderi Palazzo Suit combines this hue’s timeless beauty with the comfort and versatility desired and demanded by modern lifestyles. 

Vivid red chanderi cotton, almost erring on the side of sunset orange, is beautifully trimmed in sharp, perfectly placed lines of metallic gold embroidery along the hemming. A sweetheart neckline and cinched waist add shape and curves without being too revealing or going over the top. The low-cut back featuring a threaded tassel tie gives you a splendid place to show off a little skin in the most subtle way possible — and stay cool in the process.

The palazzo pants on the bottom steal the show in the most subtle manner possible. A buzzy, geometric arrangement of metallic golden lines adorns the entirety of the pants, allowing your every step and turn to catch the sunlight and limelight seamlessly.

To balance out the look, a gorgeous floral dupatta is draped over the shoulders, showcasing a beautiful rose design and scalloped golden trimming. All these elements combined make up one pretty gorgeous suit featuring the best of all aspects of traditional Indian design, honoring both today and yesterday.

When Past Meets Present

Today, color is seen as a manner of self-expression and as a way to also pay tribute to religion and past traditions. For example, Indian brides may tend to wear red on their wedding day, while others in India might opt for white to attend a funeral. 

The Golden Yellow and Soft Blue Muslin Suit is one way to do exactly that. This favorite shade of turmeric features elaborate designs on all pieces, truly showcasing the best which Indian craftsmanship has to offer across all fronts. Other details like threaded tassels, digitally printed embellishments, and beaded trim work add modern flair and style to an otherwise very traditional design. 

Muslin is a certain type of woven cotton fabric. Lightweight, versatile, and very comfortable, this particular textile is one of the most popular to come out of ancient India. Although muslin is similar to linen, muslin tends to be a bit thinner with a higher thread count. This makes it ideal for combating hot climates and sweltering summer days. 

Blue and Off-White Printed Muslin Satin Suit

Like we previously discussed, muslin is one of the most comfortable textile options you can reach for. Not only is our Blue and Off-White Printed Muslin Satin Suit made of fabulous muslin fabric, but it also offers a chic color-contrasting effect not seen in too many other palazzo suits. White palazzo pants and a deep blue top emulate a similar color pairing frequently found in kurtis.

The deep blue top extends past the knees with gorgeous, authentic stitchwork running down the length of the garment. Each component of the trim boasts tassel detailing, embroidery, and other extra embellishments, sure to capture the light from every angle.

The Lashkaraa Difference

Our palazzo suits, just like every item in our collection, are all individually inspected by hand in India to guarantee our customers the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship, and satisfaction. 

Whether you want to stay warm as the seasons change, add a modern silhouette to an otherwise traditional wardrobe, or feel comfortable without sacrificing style or elegance, you’ve found the answer! A palazzo suit is one of the best ways to drape yourself in a luxurious selection and feel fabulous while doing so.


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