10 Pathani Kurta Looks for Festival Season

10 Pathani Kurta Looks for Festival Season

In September and October, the temperatures begin to drop, the end of the year draws nearer, and the world waits in anticipation for autumn to truly arrive. With autumn comes the season of festivals in India and South Asia. With Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali all taking place within just a few short weeks of one another, this is prime time for showing off a colorful pathani kurta look. 

Consisting of a kurta top, matching trousers, and sometimes a corresponding vest, it’s one of the more popular clothing options worn on special occasions, such as festival celebrations. Several of these seasonal happenings are opportune times for matching with other members of your family.

Let’s take a look at ten of our most suave and stylish pathani kurtas for you to show off this upcoming season.

 10 of the Best Pathani Kurta Looks for This Year

1. White Pathani Suit With Floral-Patterned Vest

The White Pathani Suit Set with Floral Waistcoat pairs a subdued top and bottom with a festive dash of color to elevate a look from everyday chic to festive perfection.

The loose-fitting silk pajama pants add movement and dimension to an otherwise subtle trouser, while a flattering top extends down to the knees, ensuring the impeccable hemming is appreciated.

The teal-turquoise silk vest features a floral pattern in shades of orange and pink, making it the ideal accompaniment for celebrating during this season of lights. For that reason (and many more), it’s a classic go-to option for Diwali

2. Dusty Blue Silk Kurta With Nehru Vest

Our Dusty Blue Silk Kurta and matching nehru jacket will allow you to be the sharpest dressed man, no matter the occasion. White cotton bottoms are sewn into a more slim cut than our previous selection, with a sharp crease going down the front.

The fitted dusty blue silk kurta is draped over the trousers. It shines with a matching jacket boasting metallic threadwork, matching collar details, and elegant gold buttons along the enclosure.

3. Deep Maroon Kurta Set

When both comfort and style are your priority, consider the Deep Maroon Kurta Pajama Set.

This set features a modernized version of a classic silhouette. The maroon slim-cut cotton pants are paired with a maroon kurta. The complementary light blue and orange patterns run down the length of the garment.

An elegantly embroidered neckline extends downward to accentuate the buttons and matches the cuff work. Best of all, this set is available in children’s sizes for boys and can also be found in a matching satin anarkali for women and girls.

4. Light Grey Multicolor Silk Kurta

This sleek Light Grey Multicolor Silk Kurta set is adorned with gray, mauve, and light blue threadwork extending vertically down the front of the garment. This fuller, raw silk material adds structure and shape that other materials may not be similarly capable of.

The set comes with a billowing pair of raw silk trousers to complete the look. Dramatically cut a bit longer than many other kurtas, this set includes a matching silk salwar and comes in a matching style for boys and a similarly styled anarkali for women and girls.

5. Mint Blue Embroidered Silk Kurta Set With Vest

Similar to our White Pathani Suit and Floral Patterned Vest, our Mint Blue Embroidered Silk Kurta Set boasts a pop of color atop a subtle yet sharp set. However, this offering has a more vertical, geometric design in place of florals.

Subtle vertical thread work is accented with matching beading that is further reflected around the collar. Consider styling with a white pocket square to elevate your look even further.

6. Periwinkle Velvet Embroidered Kurta Set

For a corresponding pop of color seen throughout your entire look, consider our Periwinkle Velvet Embroidered Jacket with Kurta Set. This periwinkle ensemble offers a fresh take on traditional colorways, evoking the feeling of a cool early-morning sunrise.

Coincidentally, the periwinkle flower blooms in the fall after blooming in springtime — giving this jacket an extra-lovely meaning.

A pair of slim-cut off-white trousers pair effortlessly with this periwinkle tie-dyed kurta adorned with pastel floral details. A matching jacket with embroidery down the length of the front makes this a dreamy ensemble for any autumnal festival.

7. Black Cowled Kurta Set

If pastels aren’t your thing, consider going dark and dramatic with the Black Cowled Kurta Pyjama Set with Brocade Waistcoat, particularly if an evening celebration is on your calendar. 

Black silk pajama pants are paired with a brocade waistcoat featuring a cowled collar and a golden embroidered baroque pattern. A black rayon kurta peaks out beneath to add a traditional silhouette to this modern, structured style, guaranteed to make a statement.

8. Yellow Printed Nehru Jacket and Kurta Set

If you’re looking for a more autumnal hue to honor the season and its warm, comforting colors, look no further than our Yellow Printed Nehru Jacket and Kurta Set. Slim-fit silk bottoms are paired with a matching white shirt.

A golden ray of warmth is added in the form of a silk-printed nehru jacket. This marigold jacket features an all-over pattern of white flowers, allowing you to support an effortless splash of color on any occasion. This outfit is great all year round but is especially superb for joyous occasions like Navratri

9. Black Printed Nehru Jacket and Kurta Set

Our Black Printed Nehru Jacket and Kurta Set is a stunning way to stand out in a crowd and sport modern style and festive flair at the same time. A voluminous black rayon shirt is draped over a pair of slim-fitting black silk pants.

The fabric can be further gathered into place and held with the included white nehru jacket. This silk jacket sports an asymmetrical bottom trim and is printed all over with a golden pattern, perfect for attending and celebrating any autumn festival event.

10. Lavender and Off-White Kurta Set

The Lavender and Off-White Kurta Set offers all the style and elegance of a solid garment and combines it with the flair of a subtle all-over pattern. A slightly deeper shaded hue of lavender adorns this kurta and is further accented with elaborate stitching and details around the collar and buttons.

The straight-cut white cotton trousers are the perfect accompaniment, matching effortlessly with the stitch detailing. Just like some sets we previously looked at, this one is also available for boys.

The Pathani Kurta: A Timeless Staple

Inspired by the traditional heritage of the region, these uniquely designed suits offer a stylish yet very comfortable fashion option, sure to help you stand out in even the largest crowds. 

Whether you opt for a subtle pastel hue or a deep jewel-toned ensemble, our pathani kurtas are also available with custom sizing options. They are all hand-inspected for quality in India to guarantee the best fashion experience for all the special days in your life.

Explore the rest of our men’s collection and add a few of these timeless staples to your festival wardrobe today.


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