Wedding Outfits for Men: Choosing an Indian Suit

Wedding Outfits for Men: Choosing an Indian Suit

Life is full of celebrations. Few require so much planning or have as much significance behind them as a wedding. A wedding is the largest community event devoted to celebrating a couple's love and deserves attention that matches.

Some things change over time, but others stay the same. Family recipes, the way we dress, and more trendy details evolve as our culture and surroundings change. Some things are important enough that we should do our best to preserve them in the way we live.

Nobody is omnipotent. We can’t control every detail of our weddings and holidays; unpredictable weather, car trouble, and work emergencies can all come to disrupt what we thought was our perfectly-planned day.

What we can control, however, is our clothing.

Lashkaraa exists to provide Indian women with authentic, luxury ethnic fashion, regardless of where they live. Our garments are hand-embroidered and made in-house to preserve the traditions and style of proper Indian weddings.

With over 18 million Indians living internationally, finding genuine ways to connect with your culture is essential. We give everyone — across every continent — that connection.

What To Look for in Your Wedding Suit

The best Indian suit should be eye-catching and lavishly decorated yet still remain secondary to the dress of the bride. You should value traditional clothing over temporary trends while still embracing the beauty and style they allow. Even the phrase “traditional clothing” is loaded, as other cultures and communities inspire evolutions and adaptations in casual and formal wedding attire.

The sherwani is one of the most recognizable pieces in Indian wedding apparel and a mainstay of all formal occasions. The sleek silhouette allowed by the length and drape of the piece creates a dignified, dapper, and timelessly classical style.

The jodhpuri is another wedding essential, which provides an Indo-Western feel. It combines trousers and a coat to bring together traditional Indian and classic Western apparel. The length varies based on the garment but features a shorter coat than the sherwani.

For a slightly more pared-down style, a kurta provides great versatility. Kurta sets themselves range from casual to formal and look eye-catching when paired with a jacket or vest.

The material and color are essential in your garment, regardless of a particular style. Luxurious fabrics which shimmer and reflect light beautifully are the order of the day. Silk, velvet, satin, jacquard, and more make for elegant apparel suitable for countless occasions. The suit should also reflect the values and personality of the man wearing it.

With this brief introduction completed, we’re going to dive into specific recommendations for semi-formal and formal attire for men on their big day.

Deep Brown and Gold Painted Sherwani

Robust neutral tones define the Deep Brown and Gold Painted Sherwani. The print embroidery is further distinguished by gold buttons as well as gently contrasting white cotton trousers.

This piece, along with all our pieces, is made in India for a hands-on approach to traditional fashion. This allows Lashkaraa to ensure authenticity and quality to bring the beauty of Indian weddings to any place on earth.

The color gold is also chosen for the print and accents due to its rich context. Symbolically, it implies prosperity and good fortune for the couple's future. It also complements other traditional wedding colors like red wonderfully. This attention to detail provides a strong sartorial and spiritual backbone for an essential outfit.

Maroon and Off-White Nehru Jacket Set

Few colors are as auspicious or as commonplace in Indian wedding apparel for the couple as red. Traditional Indian wedding dress codes dictate that wedding guests should avoid wearing red; this rule doesn’t necessarily have to apply to the groom.

Let’s discuss a particularly striking combo: This set utilizes an off-white rayon top and silk bottoms as the base layer. This allows the maroon jacket to provide a notable contrast, which can easily complement the dress the bride wears. Combined, these elements create the Maroon and Off-White Nehru Jacket Set.

The maroon jacket itself is made of lightweight silk, featuring mid-torso pockets and a left-chest pocket square. The print highlights a diamond pattern, with white flowers in bloom adorned atop it. Gold, complexly textured buttons bring the entire piece together.

Visual texture also adds to the appeal of this garment. The silk found in the jacket and bottoms creates a sheen that slightly distinguishes them from the shimmer of the top.

Multicolor Blue Printed Sherwani

Bright, warm colors aren’t the only ones that deserve representation. Rich, saturated, cool, dark colors form the primary body of our Multicolor Blue Printed Sherwani. A blue body is accented with a yellow-and-red pattern, printed on luxuriously soft satin.

This bold satin pattern is able to flourish thanks to a neutral bottom layer. Black, fitted cotton bottoms frame the silhouette while calling attention to the Sherwani and any accessories worn. This two-piece suit would be lovely at winter weddings or other meaningful occasions.

The gold buttons, radiant patterned top, and minimalist trousers all speak to the glamor befitting any wedding celebration. Dress a man in this, and he may even pull attention from the bride, if only for a moment.

White Pathani Suit With Floral Waistcoat

Depending on your location, the color white may be more closely associated with mourning than celebration. The presence of light white and cheerful floral colors makes the White Pathani Suit with Floral Waistcoat a joyful three-piece suite, ideal for summer weddings.

The classically loose drape of the salwaar compared to the more relaxed suit pants makes a striking statement. This is especially true given the overarching prominence of Indo-Western fashion.

The floral waistcoat features a light green body with variously orange, pink, red, and white flowers. Pearly buttons add a shine to a piece whose silk fabric already flatteringly glows under the light.

The end result is a celebratory waistcoat made richer through the contrast to the white pairing garments. Wear it open to call attention to any jewelry the man may wear or closed for fitted appearances.

Coral Multicolor Silk Kurta Set

Bright, bold styles are the order of the day. Luscious saturated colors and easy-to-look-at pastels both inform the spirit of the couple and the spirit of the ceremony.

This two-piece garment is made from coral-colored silk kurta and gold-colored cotton bottoms. The Coral Multicolor Silk Kurta Set uses warm, soft coloring in tandem to push its bright yet traditional aesthetics.

The gold cotton bottoms softly reflect back the embellishments of the kurta. The cuffs and collar are created with gray-green zari thread, with gold lining and coral sequins. The body of the kurta features blooming thread embroidery, featuring a gold central design and outward coral sequins.

The final result is a combination that creates an immediate stylistic highlight while embracing the best of traditional tailoring and fashion principles.

Black Italian Silk Jodhpuri

When it comes to balancing Indo-Western fashion, our Black Italian Silk Jodhpuri Suit comes the closest to embodying both. The suit jacket and trousers, both made from Italian silk, may resemble Western formalwear from behind. The front reveals distinguishing characteristics: the unmistakable shape and collar that makes a classy, quality Jodhpuri suit.

A white pocket square and patterned buttons provide a burst of color. The elegant simplicity makes it an effective outfit to highlight one's accessories.

All colors have their particular place in ceremonies, observation, and symbolism. The black suit is the de facto color of Western wedding menswear but has a more complex international reputation. It is associated with simplicity, power, and sophistication, but in some cases, also with mourning and bad luck.

Some have loosened their reservations about the color, but only you know your family and friends well. If wearing black would seem to be a faux pas, pay closer attention to the other garments on this list.

Black and Gold Indo Western Set

Black and gold together echo strength and prosperity, making them a regal pairing in this set. The Black and Gold Indo Western Set uses understated accents and rich fabrics to create powerful pairings for any ceremony.

An Italian silk top is featured above a gold rayon bottom. The result is a bottom layer that glitters like gold, while a sable top cuts a matte impression.

A champagne-colored pocket square and drop pendant break up the otherwise uniform cut of the jacket. This makes for the perfect garment-attached accessory to make a stunning compliment. The ensemble will look especially stunning if the bride wears any gold, one of the most popular colors at weddings.

As stated before, gold is one of the best colors that one can wear. The presence of its regal bliss and the iconoclastic choice of black make for a one-of-a-kind future union.

The Future of Indian Suits

Styles evolve, but tradition stays the same. Lashkaraa is devoted to keeping traditions alive while giving new couples the ability to modernize their dress. Ethnic fashion is more than a statement of style; it’s a statement of identity.

The most popular season for weddings, by far, is the summer into early fall. This makes now the perfect time to find wedding attire for upcoming engagements or for distant ones.

In all our designs, we take the basic structural blueprint that has fueled wedding apparel for centuries. We then enhance it with subtle, handcrafted embellishments. Lastly, we ship worldwide so that everyone can enjoy authentic Indian clothing no matter where they live.


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