What is a Peplum Lehenga & How Do You Style One?

What is a Peplum Lehenga & How Do You Style One?

If you’re looking for drama (lots of it) and Bollywood style super glam then no need to keep it subtle with a saree or an Anarkali. Lehengas surely add ample amount of drama to the vibe. Elevate from a simple, traditional style lehenga choli to a peplum blouse to add a fun twist to your outfit. Before we dive deep into anything else, let’s first understand -

What is a Peplum Lehenga?

A peplum lehenga is a modern and stylish variation of the traditional Indian lehenga that combines the classic lehenga skirt with a peplum-style blouse or choli. This short, flared, and fitted bodice that extends below the waistline, creates a ruffled or layered effect and makes for a great unconventional traditional ensemble.

The distinctive feature of a peplum lehenga is the peplum-style blouse that comes in varying lengths and volumes, ranging from subtle to dramatic. While the skirt is a traditional lehengas, just more voluminous flaring out from the waist, it is usually embellished with Indian embroidery, sequins, or other decorative elements, creating a luxurious and opulent look.

If you’re going for the modern aesthetic – a contemporary and fashion-forward appeal, then this style is for you. They are a fusion of traditional Indian wear with a Western-style peplum, offering a unique and stylish bridal or festive ensemble. 

Brides and fashion-conscious individuals often customize peplum lehengas to suit their preferences. They can choose the peplum’s length, flare, and design to match their personal style and body shape. So what’s the difference between a peplum and a traditional lehenga?

Peplum vs Traditional Lehenga

The peplum style lehenga and traditional lehenga are two distinct styles of Indian ethnic wear, each with its own unique features and appeal. The obvious point of differentiation is the blouse style – one is peplum and the other is blouse/choli style. The traditional lehenga features a fitted blouse (choli) and a flared skirt that starts from the waist and extends down to the floor. The peplum lehenga also has a fitted blouse, but it includes a short, flared peplum layer that extends below the waist, adding a modern and fashionable twist to the classic lehenga silhouette. It provides a comfortable and structured fit, making it an excellent choice for brides who want a contemporary silhouette without compromising on comfort.

The lehenga flair also differs. The traditional lehenga skirt has a significant flare, which is achieved by using multiple panels of fabric, pleats, or gathers. This creates a graceful and flowing look when the bride walks. The peplum lehenga on the other hand provides an additional flare at the waist level.

Experiment with Modern Peplum Lehenga Designs

Experimenting with modern peplum lehenga designs can be a great way to add a contemporary and stylish twist to your traditional Indian bridal look. From asymmetrical peplums to layered peplums and high-low peplums, incorporating variations can add a touch of uniqueness to your lehenga ensemble. 

We’d also suggest you to opt for bold and unconventional colors for your peplum lehenga, such as emerald green, royal blue, or deep maroon. Lashkaraa’s styles like the Yellow Embroidered Peplum Style Lehenga is perfect for those modern brides who’re all about embracing traditional colors and still want to make a fashion statement.

One can play with contemporary embroidery techniques like 3D appliqués, laser-cut designs, or metallic embellishments to add a futuristic and edgy vibe to their peplum lehenga. Further, incorporate sheer or net panels in the peplum blouse to create a trendy and ethereal look. 

Instead of a traditional choli, one can even pair their lehenga skirt with a modern crop top-style peplum blouse. Crop tops with intricate designs or bold patterns can create a contemporary fusion look. Other styles include cape style peplum and belted peplum. For a dramatic and trendy look, go for cape style or to cinch the waist, add a belt to it.

Tips to Flaunt a Peplum Lehenga with Confidence

When you embrace your personal style and choose the right fit for you, it becomes effortless to carry an outfit. To flaunt a peplum lehenga with confidence, choose the right fit and the right style. We’d say, combine different fabrics for a unique texture and look. 

For example, pair a velvet peplum with a silk lehenga skirt or mix satin with georgette for a contrasting effect. One can complete the modern peplum lehenga look with contemporary accessories like sleek and minimalist jewelry, statement earrings, or unique headpieces. Try different hairstyles that complement the neckline of your peplum blouse. Whether it's an updo, loose waves, or a braid, the right hairstyle can complete your look and boost your confidence.

When to Wear a Peplum Lehenga

A peplum lehenga is a versatile and modern outfit that can be worn on various occasions, especially for brides who want to make a stylish statement. Where can you wear this style?

The wedding reception is a great occasion to flaunt a peplum lehenga. It allows the bride to showcase her contemporary style while still adhering to traditional elements.

If you have a traditional engagement ceremony that would require a lehenga outfit, a peplum lehenga can be a fashionable and elegant choice for the bride-to-be. A vibrant and fun-filled sangeet function is also ideal to wear this style. The modern silhouette will enable the bride to dance and celebrate with ease.A peplum lehenga can also add a fashion-forward touch to pre-wedding photoshoots, capturing the bride's style and personality in a contemporary yet elegant manner.

Peplum lehengas can also be worn for festive celebrations like Diwali parties, family gatherings, and cultural events. They provide a stylish and trendy look while maintaining the essence of traditional Indian wear. Their lightweight attribute and comfortable sensibility makes them suitable for destination weddings, especially in warm and tropical climates. Other functions to wear a peplum lehenga in can be a bridal brunch, a mehndi function or a pre-wedding celebration.

It's essential to choose a peplum lehenga that complements the occasion and your personal style. Its versatility allows brides and fashion enthusiasts to experiment with modern designs while embracing their cultural heritage.


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