The Elegance of Punjabi Suits - Best Tips For Comfort

The Elegance of Punjabi Suits - Best Tips For Comfort
In general, there are specific outfits for specific occasions. For example, a gorgeous saree or lehenga is best suited for a traditional Indian wedding; whereas a sleek and elegant dress is ideal for a party. But there are certain outfits that are suitable for any occasion thanks to their versatile nature. And salwar kameez suits are one such attire that can be worn at both traditional as well as formal occasions. It is the most popular Indian traditional apparel that has huge international appeal as well. The best thing about salwar suits is that it represents a beautiful blend of style and functionality. The designer Punjabi suits are not only gorgeous and attractive, but extremely comfortable for all day wear and it provides complete freedom of movement which makes it the favourite outfit of the profession women of today who have to handle the work of both the household and the office. Trends-Of-Punjabi-Suits-2014-For-Women-004

Origin of the traditional Punjabi Salwar Kameez

The Punjabi salwar suit is the traditional attire of the women of Punjab that were made of rich fabrics in bright hues and decorated with intricate embroidery. Punjabi women both in east and west Punjab wore the traditional salwar kameez with a head scarf that later spread to other parts of north India including z. The Punjabi salwar suits consist of a close fitted short tunic or kameez paired with a loose fitted pant or salwar and colourful printed dupatta or scarfs.

Punjabi Suits – Elegant and Comfortable Apparel

Here are a few basic and genuine reasons which make Punjabi salwar suits the most elegant and comfortable attire of all.

Different Types of Ladies Punjabi Suits

With the evolution and advancement of fashion, various famous designers have incorporated modern styles into the traditional outfit to give it a contemporary edge and they have come up with their own range of designer Punjabi suits that are available in variety of designs. There are Patiala style salwar kameez in which the pants are characterized by numerous pleats, the dhoti salwar which is styled according to a popular Indian male garment - the Dhoti, A-line salwar suits in which the kameez is long or asymmetrical and the churidar kameez in which a kameez is paired with tight-fitting pants which create folds or rings “churi” near the ankle. Then there is the all-time favourite salwar kurta in which the usual loose-fitting pants are teamed with a close fitting and short kurta and matching dupatta. The shape of the kameez flatters and accentuates the curves of the wearer without making it too prominent and evident.punjabi suits

Embellishments in Punjabi Suits

Traditional Punjabi salwar kameez are known for the intricate Phulkari, Bagh and Gota work and the latest designer Punjabi suits also incorporate these traditional embroideries into the modern apparels in order to create a harmonious blend of tradition and fashion. The beautiful needlework makes the suits more appealing and attractive and enhances the wearer's persona and charm. The detailed embroidery work on the Punjabi salwar suits cannot be compared with any other garment. The modern versions of the Punjabi salwar suits combine floral patterns with Phulkari embroidery interspersed with zari and gota work. They look stunning when paired with metal jewellery and jhola bags.

User-Friendly Apparel

The most impressive feature of Punjabi salwar suits is that they are the garments for every occasion. The latest Punjabi suits in a wide range of colors and sleek designs can be used as work wear. Cool and carefree styles such as Patiala and Dhoti style salwar kameez can be easily worn to college and being extremely comfortable, they are also the perfect choice for get together and social gatherings. Heavily embellished glitzy wedding salwar in gorgeous colors can be styled with heavy Kundan and gold jewelry in order to complete the traditional look appropriate for wedding ceremonies and festivals. Then there are sleek and suave A line salwar kameez suits and achkan style salwar kameez suits that break the monotony of dresses in a formal party or gathering. In short, the versatile nature of salwar kameez suits makes it amazing user-friendly attire. punjabi suits for comfort

Suitable for All

The main reason why Punjabi salwar suits are ruling the current Indian fashion trend is that this particular apparel is suitable for women of all ages and all body types. Unlike Anarkali salwar suits that look best on slim and slender women, the Punjabi salwar kameez looks good on women with any body type whether you are tall and slender or petite and plump. The versatile nature of the ladies Punjabi suits makes it possible to mix and match the garment in order to provide the right look. Punjabi salwar suits come in both short and long lengths so that you have different options in the same category. These salwar suits are obtainable in a wide range of color combinations making them suitable for both young and mature women. You can decide on the perfect one from a wide range of latest designer Punjabi suits online and shop as per your personal style. Hope these reasons are convincing enough to try out a traditional Punjabi salwar kameez and rest assured that once you try it you will definitely fall in love with it.
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