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Why Churidar Kameez Dresses Are Popular Among Indian Women?

Why Churidar Kameez Dresses Are Popular Among Indian Women?
The rich and colourful culture and heritage of India is best reflected in the Indian traditional dresses and just like saree, lehenga and salwar kameez, the churidar kameez is yet another traditional outfit that is immensely popular among Indian women and it is also popular among women around the world. The churidar has its origin in Pakistan and North India, and it was mostly worn by Pakistani Punjabis. The churidar kameez with dupatta is quite similar to the salwar kameez and dupatta set the only variation being the bottom wear or pyjamas. The churidar is a variant of the common salwar pants. While salwar pants have a wide top and narrower bottom, the churidars have a narrow and fitting style so that the contours of the leg are highlighted. The churidar pants are cut on the bias to make them stretchable. The churidar pants are usually longer than the leg and are tightly buttoned at the cuff. The extra length of the pant falls like folds and appear like bangles resting on the ankle, hence the name "Churidar" - "Churi" meaning bangle.Chridars online

Why Churidar Kameez Are Popular Among Indian Women

Unlike the Patiala or parallel salwar that requires a lot of careful maintenance and can be paired only with specific types of kameez, the churidar has a more diverse appeal because it can be perfectly mixed and matched with various types of salwar and is easy to maintain and carry off. Combined with All Types of Kameez – In the modern age, where each and every product we use is about functionality and ease of use the churidar is one such bottom wear that has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the most functional outfits. Churidar can be worn with all types of kameez be it short kurta or kurti, tunics, knee length kameez or flowing anarkalis, A-line salwar and straight salwar whereas salwar or Patiala bottoms can be paired only with short salwar or kurtis. Churidars hold a prominent place in modern Indian fashion wear. Churidars are available in a wide range of colors that can be mixed and matched with various types of kameez. Churidars can be custom made by tailors, and readymade churidars are also available in different sizes. churidar kameez Comfortable Attire - Though churidar salwar kameez are not always preferred by women because of its tight fitting at the ankles, but the truth is they are one of the most comfortable attires that have ever been designed. There remains plenty of excess cloth in the waist area and lower leg area which makes it easy to wear and freely bend and fold the legs so that the wearer can sit comfortably. In addition, it also delivers a sleek and edgy appearance which makes it a perfect combination with formal salwar that can be worn to the office and workplace. Suitable for All Body Types - While palazzo salwar, parallel salwar, and Patiala salwar are suitable for tall women, beautiful designer churidar kameez looks good on each and every women whether she is short, tall, thin or plus size. The smart and sleek fitting of the churidar gives a lean and tall appearance to the lower part of the body and takes away the attention from the height. In addition, the churidar also makes the wearer appear graceful and sophisticated. Churidar are available in all types of fabrics right from the humble cotton to rich silk, brocade and georgette which can be conveniently paired with gorgeous party wear kameez and elegant wedding wear kameez. churidar suit Perfectly Outlines the Silhouette - Yet another reason for the popularity of churidar kameez among women it the perfect silhouette of the outfit that beautifully outlines the contours and curves of the wearer’s body and conceals the negative features efficiently. No doubt, the churidar salwar kameez is renowned as the most fashionable ethnic wear for women. The suave outline of the churidar provides a graceful and sophisticated appeal to the entire outfit, and it can be worn by young and mature women alike. churidar kameez suits Maintenance of Churidars - The flowing and flared Patiala, palazzo, and parallel salwar might look good with a stylish kameez but wearing them can turn out to be a messy affair if you have to go outside in the monsoon season. But the tight fit and sleek shape of the churidar makes it simple and easy to carry off in any season without getting smeared in mud and rains. Common cotton churidars that are intended for daily wear can be easily washed at home and ironed. But silk and embroidered churidars require special care and maintenance, and they should be only dry-washed. Here are a few reasons that explain the huge and unwavering popularity of churidar kameez among Indian women and why they love to flaunt it with their gorgeous kameez and kurti. Imae Credits: