South Indian Saree: Which Color Is Best for Me?

South Indian Saree: Which Color Is Best for Me?

Across the world, Indian clothing is known for its vivid colors, bright hues, and exceptional patterns. However, most people may not know just how meaningful these shades are in both modern cultures and in history books. 

With every color of the rainbow boasting a proud, meaningful story, there is a saree for every occasion in life. But which one is right for you? 

From weddings to springtime festivals to holy holidays or gatherings where you just feel like making a particular statement, let’s dive in and learn the deeper meanings behind every color. 

What Exactly Makes a Saree, a Saree?

A saree also spelled “sari,” is a common garment in the Indian subcontinent, South Asia, and nearby parts of the Middle East. However, this popular garment can be seen in nearly all corners of the world today. 

Generally speaking, a saree is a stretch of fabric wrapped around the body like a second decorative layer, with one end placed around the waist and the other draped over the shoulder. 

Sarees are available in a multitude of colors, designs, and fabrics, with an infinite number of decorative and styling options out there. Today, some sarees, like several of ours, are sold pre-draped, making them easy to wear, navigate modern-day life in, and, most importantly, put on. 

This is especially convenient if you are responsible for dressing multiple people in your household. Although a saree is a very common piece of clothing, the style can vary depending on what country you are in and what region of that country you are in, as can the color. 

How Do Saree Styles Differ?

Everyone wears their saree slightly differently, especially in terms of accessories, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, and more. Additionally, sarees can change based on the draping style. 

While this is by no means a rule at all, draping variations can sometimes differ by region. Some people prefer saree styles with tidy pleats. With neat pleats, the remainder of the hanging fabric is typically wrapped around the back and draped over the shoulder to cover the chest. 

Other people prefer to wear their sarees tucked into the waistband of the underskirt, wrapping all the way around the waist. The rest of the fabric is then brought to the front, with some left out and the rest tucked in on the left side of the waist. Once the left side has been tucked in, the rest of the fabric is brought around your back and secured underneath your right arm before being pinned into place.

What Are the Meanings of Saree Colors? 

As we previously said, saree colors are not always so much just for the sake of the aesthetic. Particular colors can have a cultural significance, symbolize a certain place in society, and even carry a special religious meaning. Let’s dive in now and take a look at what makes each specific color special.


White has long been a representation of purity and is commonly seen at several religious ceremonies. While once considered a somber color, white clothing has taken on a new, exciting meaning: White can also be worn for weddings and festive occasions!

When it comes to wearing white, embrace feminine elegance with our Embellished Georgette Saree. This saree features delicate pink and white sequins on a regal white fabric. The resulting sparkly effect is sure to draw the eye, especially when it catches the light. Being such a bright color, white attracts attention — and this saree is sure to be instantly memorable. 


If you want to dress to impress at a black tie event, gala, award ceremony, important meeting, or another formal occasion, look for black. The pure embodiment of elegance and power, black is one of the most flexible go-to options, easily pairing with any accessory. 

A black saree like our Black Floral Organza Pant Style Saree is sure to dazzle with glimmering gold and silver embroidery or crisp, white accessories. And, since this saree ditches the traditional skirt for easy-to-breathe-in pants, it also makes an eye-catching fashion statement.

Beige or Brown

Brown, nude, ivory, and off-white are frequently associated with dependency, resilience, and friendly, reliable nature. Those who wear brown and similar hues are thought to be mature, grounded, and not necessarily someone who needs the material things in life. 

If you want to embrace these natural, earthy tones, look no further than our Off-White Georgette Ruffled Saree. This saree features elegant silver sequins that are complemented with understated ruffles for an overall polished-yet-bold look. 


Red is a color that is simply synonymous with celebration. One cannot wear red and not smile. Perhaps that’s because, in India, red is tied to happy occasions, especially weddings. 

Today, the color red is associated with power and femininity. A red saree like our Maroon and Gold Beige Velvet Embroidered Saree is a fine choice for celebratory occasions such as weddings, births, and other festivals. 


Orange can attract a similar type of attention as red, symbolizing a sort of bright, fresh, and invigorating energy. Orange is a color that is tied to autumn. It makes us think of falling leaves and warm fireplaces.

However, orange is now considered a spring and summertime color too! It evokes the feeling of a peaceful Saturday picnic or blooming flowers bursting through the snow.

While not a saree, we love how the Orange Multicolor Tie Dye Lehenga perfectly summons the feeling of a lovely summer day with the orange tie-dye print and delicate beading. 


Yellow sarees are an excellent choice for other daytime celebrations and parties commemorating the arrival of the spring season. To put it shortly, you can’t really go wrong in this sunny shade. Intelligence, light, warmth, and inspiration are just a few of yellow's associated traits. 

However, don’t mistake yellow’s happy aura for simplicity! This primary color has over 130 different shades when designers start mixing new pigments into the classic yellow. Everything from cream to daffodil to royal yellow put a smile on our faces. 

Turmeric is a type of yellow that is often deeper in hues, such as the rich and earthy color we use in our Marigold Floral Georgette Saree. Turmeric is also one of the most commonly used spices in India and South Asia, boasting several purposes. Most commonly used for marinades and to add flavor to popular dishes, it’s also frequently used to dye fabrics, in home remedies, and to soothe the skin.


Green is a necessity in every modern wardrobe. Evoking the sensations of comfort, stress relief, and revitalization, green promotes stability and prosperity, making it a fine choice for those setting out on a new venture, particularly in business. Green is thought to be a calming color that puts people at ease, even in crowded and urban environments. 

Green is closely associated with the autumnal harvest, the spring season, and the beauty of the outdoors. A saree like our Bottle Green Embroidered Georgette Saree is a beautiful-yet-serene way to harness the power of this color. It would be perfect for your next special occasion like Holi but also wonderful for a gala or other upscale event. 


Blue promotes tranquility and an unmatched sense of calming solitude. For this reason, it’s a popular choice for parents of over-energetic children, especially to wear around the house.

The different variations of blue can be worn to different settings or to express the way you may be feeling at a particular gathering. For example, indigo, a deep shade of blue with a purple tint, is a great option for times when you may need to feel a little more comforted. Periwinkle is an awesome springtime alternative to this rich shade. 

If you’ve been invited to an event you aren’t too keen on attending, a sky blue saree like our Light Dusty Blue Embroidered Net Saree can be a pretty bold way to put that statement out there into the open. 

As a whole, blue represents strength. Use this color to embrace your go-getter qualities.


Seen as very calm and collecting, purple is a wonderful option for special occasions. Made up of equal parts red and blue, purple carries all parts of confidence, strength, and power.

The Dusty Purple Sequins Embroidered Saree shines brightly, despite the dark hue of the tulle and net fabric. It’s effortlessly regal — perfect for when you need a boost of confidence when walking into a crowded room or for when you need a dash of mystery in every step you take. Pair this garment with silver jewelry to balance the light and dark shades with ease. 


Pink is the epitome of femininity and romance. A top choice for date night or festive daytime occasions, pink sarees like our dazzling Pink Ombre Ruffled Chiffon Saree let others around you know that you are extroverted, kind, and very easy to get along with. 

Pink is also an easy way to convey compassion, affection and that you have a big heart.

Colorful Sarees for Everyone

Fashion is one way we connect to our heritage, no matter where in the world our adventures take us. 

Beyond that, fashion can be a way to send a message, project confidence, or even calm your own nerves. Something as simple as your choice of clothing can send a strong and solid message to the world around you. 

With hundreds of gorgeous pre-draped sarees available, in addition to the option to order custom sizes, you’re sure to find a rainbow of options for every member of your family and what brings them joy. 



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