Beginners Guide for How to Drape a Saree Perfectly

Beginners Guide for How to Drape a Saree Perfectly
Saree has been ruling the ethnic wear for Indian women from centuries. However, the art of saree draping styles may come only with practice for many. So if you are new to the concept of draping a saree and are a bit nervous, there is no need to worry because a lot of help is at hand. Modern saree draping styles are not tedious at all if you know all the right tricks for the same. Here are some of the saree draping tips for beginners to help you master these tricks. Sarees Be Smart with Safety Pin As you start with your saree expedition, you need to also remember to be safety pin smart. So whenever there is a pleating, whether on the pallu or front pleats make sure that secure the pin vertically and not horizontally. This will help you keep all the pleats perfectly in place and without tearing any holes in your saree. You can also use color safety pins in order to get the best looks. In case if they are in visible region the color coded pins will be camouflaged instead of standing out. A Model of Pallu A pallu can be quite a killer for those who are not accustomed to carrying a saree. When you plan for a pallu, make sure that you pin it at the back and not at the shoulder. This keeps the pallu from sticking out and creates sleek silhouettes. Make sure to lightly pin your pallu at the hip when you plan to keep it open and not pleat it. This will give enough room to your arms without the pallu going awry. How Do you Drape a Saree? Saree needs to be confidently carried like a second screen. In order to accomplish this, it is crucial that you know how to wear it correctly. Usually, a saree is paired with an underskirt and a short bodice. The underskirt is fitted around the waist with the help of drawstring and it spans till the ankle. The blouse on the other hand helps impart a good structure to the upper half of the body. There are wide spectrums of saree and blouse combinations that are possible here. here are some saree draping steps to help you.
  • Once you are through with your wearing the underskirt and blouse you will be ready for the next steps for saree draping. Stand in front of a mirror with your legs slightly set apart. One end of your saree needs to be tucked into your skirt and after that you need to drape your saree fully around the waste with space for your legs to move as well.
  • Step two is to bunch up the middle part of your fabric. This helps it to become sufficient length of material in order to form the pleats.
  • Seek out for the other end of saree and drape it over your shoulder around the blouse. It should be at least 90 cm in length from the shoulder to the end. Once done, you need to secure this portion with a safety pin and then at the end add some more finishing touches to it.
  • Now that we have been through so many different steps, pleating is the most difficult part where we have reached. You need to keep in mind that it is the portion of sarees between the two ends that is supposed to be pleated and tucked into the waist.
  • With each of them according to the span of your palm make around 4-5 of them and to put a measurement, around 5 inches should be ideal size. The trick here is that a 5-6 pleats spanning from your thumb to index will help give you a comfortable drape while the shorter pleats will enhance and give you a full and gathered look. Now it all depends upon what will be suitable for your body type. So make sure that you experiment with these types and choose wisely. If you have a slim waist and are okay with bulk of pleats tucked into it, make sure that you opt for the latter one that provides you a fuller look.
  • Now you need to collect your drapes together in a equal bunch and then tuck them facing towards left. It is best to tuck it little to the left at the naval. It is best to secure the pleats with a safety pin so that it can be hidden by a pallu. This will help you get a look that will not necessarily stand out and be a perfect blend.
  • The final step with the saree draping is to fix the pallu that you had previously pinned. This is a part of saree that drapes in a slant and over your midriff and bust. It continues to fall long over your shoulder and continues till your behind. You need to remove the safety pin and then adjust the pallu so that the rest of saree is then properly hugging your curves as well. The draping of sarees largely varies as you go to different parts of India. So it is interesting to really try out the various draping styles that the country has. Trying out different saree draping styles with a twist will help give you that much needed versatility that you always wanted with your looks.
There are numerous other variations that you can try while draping your sarees. However, it is your creative ideas and practices that will help make you better over a period of time. Make sure that you spend enough time in saree draping so that you can get the perfect look that you always wanted. A word of caution is to not try something new when going for a special occasion unless you have mastered the draping well. Important thing is to carry your sarees with style and these tips will help you get the best look.