Things To Know Before Buying Wedding Lehenga for Bride

Things To Know Before Buying Wedding Lehenga for Bride
Wedding is by far the most auspicious occasion in the Indian tradition and it is the most special day in the life of the bride when she becomes the center of attraction and the whole event of the wedding - the elaborate ceremonies and rituals all revolve around her. No doubt, the apparel she wears on this special day must be exclusive and perfect, which will turn her into a goddess from the paradise. But a wedding also comes with a lot of stress for both the bride and the groom. The stress of setting everything right - from the florist to the decorator can make you a bit clueless at times and promote you to take hasty decisions when it comes to your wedding lehenga. But following these few simple tips for buying your wedding lehenga choli can make things easier for you when you are confronted with endless options online and at physical stores.  

Select your Perfect Designer Lehenga for the D-Day

With the advancement of e-commerce, more and more people prefer to buy lehenga online from reliable designer stores like Lashkaraa.com that has a wide stock of wedding lehengas and sarees in various fashion, color palette, and designs. Keep these few tips in mind whether you opt for online lehenga shopping or visit physical stores. Set a Price in Mind - Selecting the Indian wedding lehenga for the special day is a colossal task that most brides are actually terrified of. Because when you visit a wedding shop to select the lehenga for the bride, you are faced with at least hundreds of options in various latest designs, fashions, fabric, colors and price range. A designer lehenga can range from Rs.20, 000 to a few lakhs and therefore, it is important to set a price range in your mind beforehand that you can afford without going overboard with your wedding budget. Also, be realistic while choosing the wedding lehenga because this is an outfit that most probably you will wear only once in your life. Browse through Various Options - We agree that almost all the Indian wedding lehenga designs we come across in designer stores and online wedding stores are eye-catching, but it is best not the settle for the first one that you set your eyes on. There are a plethora of designs, styles and colours of bridal lehengas like ravishing Pakistani wedding lehenga, gorgeous Punjabi wedding lehenga, simple white wedding lehenga and traditional red wedding lehenga that you should browse through and select the one that if perfectly suited for you and adjusts comfortably within your budget.fabric sarees Research Online - If you are not quite sure about the design, color or overall look of your wedding lehenga then it is best to do some research on lehenga choli online so that you can gather some helpful tips and information on selecting the perfect lehenga. You can come across a number of glamorous designs and styles, or you can sign up for newsletters from an online wedding wear store and keep an eye on the latest trends and fashions in wedding apparel. You can also call reliable wedding wear stores and clear out your queries and confusion about your wedding lehenga. Make sure that the Lehenga Choli Fits Properly - Your wedding day will see you doing a lot of activities right from doing Namaste to all, to touching the elder's feet for blessings and rocking the dance floor with your better half so make sure that you can move freely in your wedding dress. When you try the lehenga and choli in the dressing room, do a mock Namaste, bend down, wiggle your body and do some dance moves to test the comfort level of the dress so that you won't be bothered by a plunging neckline or gasp for your breath in the fitted outfit. Lehenga Choli Keep the Jewellery in Mind - It is important to select fabric and colour that perfectly complements the jewelry you are planning to wear on the wedding day. If you are opting for traditional gold jewellery then choose a lehenga with golden embroidery and if you are wearing platinum and diamond jewellery the go for a lehenga with silver embroidery. Ensure Exclusivity - Your wedding is your special day and, therefore, it is important to make sure that you look like a vision in your wedding lehenga. In order to make your lehenga exclusive choose a color scheme that perfectly complements the color of the groom's wedding dress. Select fabric that is comfortable and elegant and go for perfect fittings and repeated trials so that you know how exactly you are going to look on the special day. Going for trials allows you the option of altering something that you don't like in the dress. Don't Make it Gaudy - We often come across wedding lehengas that weight over 35 kgs and costs a fortune but most of these lehengas are crammed with every possible kind of embroidery and embellishment that makes it look gaudy and garish. Don't go over the top with your wedding lehenga just because it is expensive; wear something that is lightweight and comfortable so that you look happy and serene rather than tired and irritable. Hope these tips will guide you in your quest for the best wedding lehenga for your special day. Enjoy this extraordinary event and buy something that you will treasure throughout your life.