Tips to Buy the Best Designer Party Wear Sarees

Tips to Buy the Best Designer Party Wear Sarees
Although, Indian traditional occasions give more emphasis to ceremonies and rituals, with passage of time, we have inculcated some western traditions within our customs and parties have become an exclusive mode of celebrating an occasion, event or achievement. A party has become an inseparable part of rejoicing a happy wedding, anniversaries and proclaiming the success of a project. Parties can be a formal event or an informal gathering and as with all events, there is an implied dress code for parties as well. And the best way to be the center of attention at a party while staying within the limits of the dress code is by wearing an outfit that adds individuality and uniqueness to the wearer's appearance. And what better way to blend tradition and modernism than with glamorous yet subtle designer party wear sarees that are crafted with great care and perfection. Designer sarees

6 Best Kept Secrets for Buying the Best Party Wear Sarees Online

Ever wondered how the celebs always manage to flaunt the perfect evening look at a party by wearing the right party wear sarees that can never go wrong? Well, the secret lies in the selection of the saree and trust us one has to look into a lot of detail in order to select the perfect party wear saree. Draping Style – One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying party wear sarees online is what draping style you want to follow while draping the 6 yards around your body. The draping style you choose for the party will be an important factor in deciding how you are going to look. So, buy a saree that will suit your draping style perfectly. If you are opting for an open pallu or pleat less style then opt for a sheer fabric like net or chiffon that will give you ethereal look. If you want to take it a step further and opt for seedha pallu, then opt for a saree with heavy work in the dupatta or you can also choose a lehenga saree. The inverted order drape is a rage in Bollywood party wear sarees and if you are bold enough to try this style then choose a saree with thin but well-defined border that is in contrast with the color of the saree. plain-saree Fabric - The next important thing to keep in mind while browsing through the party wear sarees collection online is checking the fabric of the saree. The fabric of the saree must be selected as per the season of the party. Which means heavy fabrics like silk and brocade are the best choice if the party is in winter, whereas light fabrics like net, chiffon and georgette are better options if the party in during summer season. The body type of the wearer also determines the fabric of the saree. Healthier women should go with light fabrics to make them appear petite whereas slim women should opt for heavier fabrics. Balance the look - A vital thing to remember when you buy a party wear saree is the event for which the party is arranged. Don't go over the top and wear an overly embellished saree if the party is for a formal or official occasion, same with the makeup and accessories. You can choose to wear traditional party wear sarees and silk party wear sarees if the party is for the reception after a wedding. Party Wear Sarees Designs and Prints on the Saree - Yet another important factor to take note while selecting a party wear saree online is the designs, cut and prints on the saree. If it is a formal party, then it is best to opt for a monochrome saree with light embellishment using sequins, stones and beads. If it is an engagement or reception party, then you can opt for gorgeous traditional party wear sarees in large prints, heavy embellishments, and deeper shades. Curvy women look better in smaller prints, vertical lines and darker shades. Large prints look good on petite women. Border of the Saree - The latest party wear sarees put a lot of emphasis on the borders. The designer party wear sarees come with zari borders, patchwork borders, laces and frills so that you are spoilt for choices. Opt for a smart and sleek border if you are going to a formal party. Heavy and wider borders are suitable for informal gatherings and wedding receptions. Party Ware Sarees The color of the Saree - The color of the party wear saree is a matter of personal choice and you should select a color that suits you best. But it is important to select a color that blends well with the occasion or event as well as the time of the occasion. It is best to opt for cool and lovely pastels if it is a day party. Opt for brighter shades if it is an evening party and you want to flaunt a fancy look. If you want to play safe, then choose deep shades; because it works well for most women and makes you look slimmer. So, choose the right party wear saree online for yourself following these easy tips and be confident about yourself in order to look glamorous and chic.