Top 10 Beautiful Bridal Lehenga Designs For Your Wedding

Top 10 Beautiful Bridal Lehenga Designs For Your Wedding
If you are planning a wedding, then the first and foremost thing to finalize is your bridal lehenga choli design so that you can shop for the accessories such as jewellery, shoes and bags accordingly. The wedding lehenga is extremely important to the bride and it should be the most luxurious and elegant of clothing that will complement and enhance your beauty and make you feel beautiful, glamorous and comfortable - all at once. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the latest bridal lehenga designs that are traditional and fashionable at the same time so that you can wear them in other events as well after your wedding. These specially selected lehengas are something that you will cherish throughout your life. Bridal Lehengas Collection

10 Beautiful Bridal Lehenga Designs for Your Wedding

Here is the top 10 bridal lehenga choli designs of the season that come straight from the house of renowned wedding wear designers. Traditional Red Lehenga - Red bridal lehenga designs are an age-old favourite in Indian weddings, and it is the color of love, togetherness and matrimonial bliss that makes the bride bloom with beauty. Modern red lehengas come in various shades of red right from bright red and scarlet to maroon and vermillion that are smoking hot and ravishing indeed.red lehanga Shimmer Lehenga - This is one of the new bridal lehenga designs that give a break to the warm red, pink and purple colors and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit of the bride. The shimmer lehenga comes in golden and silver tones with glittering highlights that are perfectly suited for the glamorous modern woman who likes to flaunt a minimalistic look. Ballroom Lehenga - This designer bridal lehenga design combines contemporary touches with traditional style. The ballroom lehenga has an elegant flowing shape that gives the appearance of a flounced skirt or a ballroom gown. It adds volume and bounce to the lehenga along with a dramatic flair that is perfectly suited for the classic royal Indian bride. The flair is accentuated by adding tulle and net under the embellished silk fabric. Ball room lehenga Sheer Fabric Lehenga - This is yet another modern bridal wedding lehenga design for the daring and playful bride that is alluring but not provocative. The lehenga and dupatta are made from light-weight sheer fabrics like chiffon, net and laces that have a certain level of transparency which provides an ethereal look to the bride. Dress like a vision from the paradise in these soft sheer fabric lehengas and capture the heart of your better half. Pastel Colored Lehenga - This is one of the most popular bridal lehenga choli designs that have been in the limelight for quite some time now. The pastel colored lehengas come in a wide range of soft and romantic colors right from pink and peach to cream, ivory and rose along with minimalistic embroidery that adds a pristine aura to the appearance of the bride. The minimalistic designs and soft colors of these lehengas make them functional so that they can be worn in other events with ease. Velvet Touch Lehenga - This is undoubtedly one of the most elegant and luxurious lehenga designs that are made from luscious and rich fabrics. The soft shine of the velvet blouses ensures a regal and elegant appearance, whereas the intricate velvet lace designs on the silk lehengas make for a royal and majestic outfit that is sure to be the show stopper at the wedding. Velvet Lehenga Floral Lehengas - Floral lehengas or floral fantasies are a popular trend in wedding lehengas that replaces the traditional embroideries with floral patterns and motifs in the lehenga and the dupatta. The brightly colored floral patterns add a bright and vibrant hue to the wedding dress and provide a lively and gorgeous touch to the entire apparel. Neon Pops Lehenga - The bright and lively neon colored lehengas are the latest trend in bridal wear that are suitable for the young bride. These vibrant and fluorescent colors in shades of pink and orange are ideal for the fun-loving a playful bride who likes to make a prominent and strong style statement with her unique fashion sense. Modern Bride Lehenga - This particular lehenga design is conceived keeping in mind the modern Indian bride of today. The designs are marked by less bling and glitter along with simplistic and straight cut designs and draped dupatta over the left shoulder that ensures a compact, sleek and smart appearance. These lehengas come in some unique color combinations like white and purple, blue and mauve, etc. bridal lehenga Cream and Gold Lehenga – Last but not the least comes the cream and gold lehenga that is perfect for providing a serene and pristine appearance to the bride. The simplistic design and embellishment of the lehengas add a touch of grace and sophistication to the overall appearance of the bride. These are the 10 most popular bridal wedding lehenga styles of the season that you can choose from to stay in tune with the latest trends at your marriage ceremony.