Latest Lehenga Choli Designs For The Wedding Season

Latest Lehenga Choli Designs For The Wedding Season
The Wedding is one of the most important days for women, and she definitely needs to look special. Even the attendees need to make sure that they are in their best attire. There are dressing options available out there to make you look absolutely gorgeous on your special day, but what will you choose? If you are someone who wants to look adorable, elegant and traditional at the same time, here are 10 lehenga cholis that you can choose during the wedding season and look absolutely amazing. Latest Lehenga Choli Designs

Stylish Wedding Lehenga Choli Designs

There are so many different designs of bridal lehenga choli that it is easy to get spoiled for choice. Each one different from the other but oh-so- beautiful and elegant, your perfect style saviour for parties and special occasions! Some have fitted silhouettes, some have a full skirt, a few of them look like fish-tail gowns. The familiar silhouette is now done away with. Now, there is a confluence of traditional styles with modern minimalism, making the whole outfit look utterly bewitching. No wonder the fashionistas of today cannot have enough of lehenga cholis and we absolutely understand their love for this sartorial wonder! Here are a few styles of lehenga cholis that are creating the right noises in the fashion world. stylish lehenga choli

Stylish Anarkali Lehenga

Anarkali is one of the famous characters of the Mughal Empire and till this day the legacy continues in dressing. In this style of lehenga choli, the choli comes with a long anarkali that goes down until the length of the lehenga. Over the choli you can also get an anarkali top to look absolutely stunning. This choli can be kept to a couple of inches above the floor. This outfit will give you a rich appeal in weddings and make you stand out from the crowd. Style of Anarkali lehenga choli

Gorgeous Ombre Lehenga

Ombre has become one of the favorite trends this wedding season. If you are not sure about what to wear during a wedding party or a reception, the Ombre Lehenga is the right choice for you. The Ombre lehenga choli is versatile and will make you look completely different among the crowd. Along with the fancy colors, you can also get great embroidery options that are absolutely stunning; a perfect lehenga choli design during the wedding season. beautiful Ombre Lehenga

Get a Trail

Trail is one of the best trendsetters in Indian bridal lehengas and looks absolutely stunning regardless of the color or pattern you go for. It is a perfect combination of western culture infused with traditional Indian culture. A trail in your lehenga choli design will add a rich feel and a glamorous appeal to your overall outfit. So, this season, try out one of the trail lehenga cholis and enjoy all the attention you get during the wedding. trail lehenga choli design

Mirror and Crystal Lehenga Choli

The embellished lehenga cholis with mirrors and crystals are what you need when attending a glittery wedding party. During the evenings, you need something light yet attractive that can get all the eyeballs rolling and make you feel special. If the zari works or embroidery is too much for you, why not go for this option? There are a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns in this lehenga choli variant to choose from. embellished lehenga cholis with mirrors and crystals

Jacket Lehenga

Adding a jacket over seemingly simple looking lehenga choli adds a special touch to the overall appeal in a wedding. It adds the much-needed ethnic feel along with a royal touch. Many famous Bollywood divas have tried the attractive jackets over their lehenga cholis and have succeeded in getting the shutters clicking. The jacket may be silk, opaque, crepe and so on, and it can even replace the choli in most of the designs.  Although the color and design choice depends upon your fashion statement, you can be sure that the jackets will never really let you down. simple looking Jacket lehenga choli

Long Sleeve Lehenga Cholis

Long sleeve lehenga cholis are in demand these days. Especially, the Bollywood divas wearing these styles seem to have made it a favorite, with tall and slim beauties that want to be elegant and stylish at the same time flaunting them frequently. On one hand these are stylish, and on the other hand, you also get good protection if the wedding is during the winter season. You can reflect your beautiful style while being comfortable in your attire. Long sleeve lehenga cholis

Gotta Patti Border Lehenga Choli

Lehenga cholis have many variants and the Gotta patti is one of the preferred choices of many young girls these days. Both the narrow and wide borders look trendy and have been in the limelight since a long time. To add an attractive touch to the lehenga cholis, you can even think about trying out heavy tassles on the corner of dupattas. There are numerous colors, patterns, and embroidery options to choose from in this variant and weddings are perfect destinations to show off your style. Gotta Patti Border Lehenga Choli

Velvet Lehenga Cholis

Velvet has never gone out of style and with the increasing demand, it does not look like it is going to lose demand. Some feel that velvet is a bit heavy, and for them there are options like velvet with silk lehengas and so on. The rich feel and glamorous appeal is what will make the onlookers go wow! Glamorus Velvet Lehenga Cholis

Contrast Border to Add Elegance

Adding elegance to your lehenga choli is all about experimenting. When attending a wedding, you can do all that you want to look comfortable and gorgeous at the same time and a contrast border will help you do just that. There are various colors that you can choose from and experiment with the best ones to look elegant and stylish at the same time. The fashion enthusiasts have come up with several designs to match up to your expectations. elegance to your lehenga choli

Kurta Lehenga and Bundhgala Choli

Bundhgala is also trending attire for winter brides these days. So rather than exposing skin in the harsh winter, some women prefer to go with this option and look fashionable and stylish while being comfortable at the same time. There are numerous designs and dress materials to choose from in this variant of lehenga choli. Kurta Lehenga and Bundhgala Choli Wedding seasons are special, and whether you are a bride or just attending a wedding; make sure to showcase your style in the best way possible. Stick to your traditional roots and be fashionable and stylish at the same time with these top 10 lehenga cholis for this wedding season. Make sure that you research your option well and only choose the style and colors that are perfect for your body type and skin complexion. So, go out there and enjoy all the attention from the onlookers.
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