How To Shop For Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suits Online?

How To Shop For Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suits Online?
Salwar suit is the traditional clothing for both men and women of Punjab that initially consisted of a loose fitting bottom or the salwar paired with a short shirt or kameez and in case of women, a long scarf or dupatta was draped over the tops, over the left shoulder and under the right shoulder. Punjabi salwar suits quickly flourished from Pakistan and Punjab to various other parts of north India mainly because the Punjabi salwar kameez suits were a combination of comfort and functionality. With the progress of time and influence of fashion on clothing, the Punjabi salwar kameez went through a lot of change which has allowed it to withstand the test of time and emerge as one of the most preferred traditional attire for the modern Indian women. The latest designer Punjabi salwar suits have made their presence felt even in the international fashion world. Punjabi Suits

Guidelines to Shop for Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suits Online

Modern designers still seek influence from traditional salwar suit designs in order to make their collection more authentic and charming. But while buying Punjabi salwar suits online it is important to cross check a few classic features to make sure you are choosing genuine traditional Punjabi salwar suits. Choose the Right Salwar -Traditional ladies Punjabi salwar suits don’t come with just any regular salwar or bottom wear. A traditional Punjabi salwar was originally called the suthan which is a type of trouser that can be either loose till above the ankles and tight around the ankles or loose to the knees and tight to the ankles. Contemporary designer Punjabi salwar suits usually feature either a Patiala salwar or a Maharani Patiala salwar or a Dhoti salwar. It is necessary to check whether the online seller is providing any of these salwar varieties with the kameez you have chosen to buy. Let us have some brief idea about these three types of salwar. Punjabi Suits Online
  • Patiala Salwar - A Patiala salwar also known as the Pattian Walee Shalwar is made using numerous pleats and folds to create a voluminous and flared look. It is heavy to carry off but looks regal and elegant. This particular salwar has its origin in the Patiala region of Punjab from where it gets its name.
  • Maharani Patiala Salwar - This is the second type of traditional Punjabi salwar that is a variation of the regular Patiala salwar. It is made in the same way like Patiala salwar, but it contains even more folds and pleats and looks like a harem pant that is not tightly fitted at the cuffs. This type of elegant salwar is usually paired with traditional Punjabi salwar suits for wedding.
  • Dhoti Salwar - The Dhoti style salwar is a modern bottom wear that is often paired with stylish and chic designer Punjabi kameez. This bottom wear is inspired by the traditional men's garment that is worn by tying it around the waist. It is a modern variation of the classic Patiala salwar.
Choose the Perfect Kameez - The traditional Punjabi kameez was earlier known as the kurta or kurtaka that was worn by women of North India. The kurtas were like short shirts with attached full sleeves or three-quarter sleeves and slits on both sides of the shirt which is still seen in modern Punjabi kurta and kurti. The kurta draws inspiration from the Punjabi angrakha. Best Punjabi salwar suits that are available online have either short kurta or kurti as the top garment. The authentic kurta or kurti should be above knee length with side slits and a straight cut and the perfect fit so that it can accentuate the beauty of the flowing salwar. Designer kurtis come with smart shirt collar necks, Mandarin collar necks, boat necks, layered V collar necks, lace pattern collar necks and many more. Punjabi Suits Online Don't Miss the Dupatta - Although many women prefer to leave the dupatta behind when they pair their kameez or kurti with leggings, but the dupatta or veil forms an integral part of traditional Punjabi salwar suits. The dupatta can be of a matching or contrasting color, and it can be made of silk, chiffon, net or tissue fabric and in case of Punjabi salwar suits it is usually decorated with intricate Phulkari thread work - the traditional embroidery of Punjab. It will be great if you can complete your desi girl look with the perfect Phulkari embroidered dupatta. Look for shopping sites that provide these traditional dupattas with the salwar suits or you can also buy Phulkari embroidered dupatta separately. Pant Punjabi Suits Embellishments of Punjabi Salwar Suits – You can also find Phulkari embroidery work on the kameez. Other than the Phulkari needlework traditional Punjabi suits also feature gorgeous sequin, beads, stone and zari work and are mostly available in vibrant and bright color combinations. So, only opt for a Punjabi salwar kameez online which features these traditional embellishments. These beautiful Punjabi salwar suits are paired with traditional accessories such as bangles, necklaces, rings, jhumkas and anklets along with the Punjabi Jutti - a popular footwear that holds an important place in Punjabi fashion.Sradha Kapoor Punjabi Suits So, flaunt your feminine charms by wearing a traditional salwar suit that is both fashionable and comfortable and be a trendsetter among your family and friends.
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