Wear Orange on the First Day of Navratri

Wear Orange on the First Day of Navratri

The stories behind why people wear orange during Navratri vary from region to region but what they all have in common is that wearing this color ensures happiness and success. It also symbolizes an offering or prayer for peace throughout India, especially for those who live near borders or are at war.

Why the First Day of Navratri Matters

The first day of Navratri is devoted to goddess Shailputri. The pictorial depiction of the goddess is shown by her hand holding Trishul in the right hand while the left one holds a pink lotus, with the forehead being adorned by a crescent.

This day is important for the devotees to worship the daughter of Himalaya Goddess Shailputri. It is believed that this goddess governs the moon, which holds fortunes. Therefore worshiping the goddess will bring prosperity, health, and luck during this day.

What Does Orange Symbolize?

The color orange symbolizes bravery, endurance, strength, and courage. It encourages creativity and imagination, which are very important for children to develop. The festival of Navratri is celebrated in many parts of India, but the most popular celebrations take place in Gujarat, where over 60% of people follow Hinduism religiously.

Other festivals associated with Hinduism are Holi, Diwali, and Thaipusam. This day is a festival of colors, and people would love to see some more, so why not add some more positive vibes by wearing the bright sunny shade of orange on this day?

Color Combinations 

If you do not have orange outfits, you don’t have to worry. There are various shades that you can combine with the color orange. Monochromatic looks are a great option, but pairing it with other colors makes it look more festive.

A good place to start is with the color wheel, as it will help you go into different shades that are closely related. From there, you can either choose an outfit based on your skin tone (warm vs. cool) or if you are up for a challenge, use colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

In the color wheel, the orange color is opposite to green and yellow colors. This means you can wear orange with both of these colors for a great look. You can also wear it in blue or purple, as those areon the other side of the wheel (or opposite).

For example: Pair an orange top with a yellow or green skirt. Try an orange and blue colored dress. This is perfect for those who love wearing bright colors on festive occasions such as Navratri. It will certainly attract attention, so choose wisely.

Do not wear it to your office party unless that is what you are going for. You can also try pairing it with a yellow belt. This will create contrast and make your waist look thinner. You can be sure to shine like the dia in this outfit for Navratri.

Pairing up dark-colored accessories such as brown or black shoes, handbags, belts with bright colors is a great way to look stylish. Orange can be worn in a variety of styles, and you don’t have to stick only to the ones mentioned above. Be creative, experiment. You will not go wrong as long as you stay true to your style and comfort zone. Have fun mixing up colors for Navratri.

Here Are Some Amazing Orange Outfits From Our Collection That You Can Copy!

Orange and Red Embroidered Satin Anarkali

Orange and Red Anarkali Suit

This lovely orange and red Anarkali with a touch of crimson is certain to stand out.

To get a more Navratri feeling and the freedom to move and swirl while dancing, tie the dupatta around your waist. Because the fabric is so smooth and gleaming, you'd barely need any jewelry. The embroidery on the kurta adds to the elegance of this ensemble.

This is the ideal outfit for anyone who doesn't want to deal with a lehenga.

Orange Embroidered Silk Lehenga

Orange Embroidered Silk Lehenga

This gorgeous work of art is just the right hue. The intricate embroidery adds to the elegance of the lehenga, making it even more beautiful. The blouse, too, has been given attention to detail. It has very fine embroidery on the neckline and lovely latkans with beads at the back. The orange and gold combination on shiny silk fabric makes this an exclusive piece.

Now when you hit the Dandia floor in this orange lehenga, you are certain to be the focus of attention. You can wear a pair of light earrings or a Kundan set to complete your look. You're now ready to roll and rock.

Golden Orange Multicolor Embroidered Lehenga

Golden Orange Multicolor Embroidered Lehenga

The bright hue of this lovely orange lehenga will set your look apart from the competition. The bright tone of crimson lehenga and an orange dupatta adds to the brightness and attractiveness. This stunning piece comes with a gold embroidered border, making it even more gorgeous.

The blouse is an attractive off-shoulder with a "v" in the front. The blue color in the borders brightens the orange and crimson color scheme. This outfit was created with the most up-to-date styles in mind, so you'll look fantastic in it.

Bottom line

The color orange is a cheerful and bright hue that can be combined with other colors in the color wheel. You may want to rock an outfit during Navratri this year, where you put your focus on orange and combine it with some other shades like purple, green, or pink for a great look. It is a perfect choice if you want to wear something that will stand out.

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