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Since the beginning of time, people have decorated their bodies for reasons both practical and stylish. We do our best to have the best fashion, so we hunt down clothes made from the best materials by the best craftspeople. We look for authenticity and quality and turn our apparel into a reflection of ourselves and our values

Nothing says more about you while taking up less space on your person than your jewelry. Your watch, rings, necklaces, wedding bands, and more speak to what matters to you. 

The Ultimate Accessory: Earrings

One of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that goes with almost any outfit is the earring. 

Earrings are a cultural staple not just for Indian women but also for women worldwide. As the fashion mavens among us prove, nothing perfects an outfit quite like the perfect pair of earrings.

They are an elegant and beautiful way to improve any outfit with valuable metals and precious stones. The right earrings can turn a seemingly casual outfit into one that catches the eye. It can add the perfect finishing touch to party apparel, wedding dresses, and more. 

What Are the Different Forms of Earrings?

Earrings also come in many forms to suit the standards of the individual. Stud earrings provide a minimal approach, highlighting jewels directly attached to the earlobes. Drop earrings dangle elegantly below the ear, as do bold, vintage hoop earrings. 

You don’t even need to get your ears pierced to wear earrings. Clip-on earrings provide all the benefits of these jewelry essentials with none of the pain. On the other side of the spectrum, chandelier-style earrings provide the same drop of dangling earrings with elaborate jewel work. 

Earrings also vary in materials. Many earrings frame valuable jewels or stones with precious metals for a classic appearance. Others may resemble animals or other beloved flowers. The ability of independent artists to sell online has led to a massive quantity of readily available specialty earrings. 

Lashkaraa’s Jewelry Collection

At Lashkaraa, we appreciate jewelry for what it says about people, shared histories, and values. As far as our values, we believe in creating high-quality ethnic jewelry and apparel to help bring Indian style to everyone who loves it.

No matter if an individual is living in India or tens of thousands of miles away, they deserve authentic jewelry. All of our pieces are handmade in India and ship worldwide. 

Tradition isn’t just about the festivals and history behind us. It’s about the food, the habits, the dress, and of course, the jewelry we wear. With Lashkaraa, you can consistently expect to find the highest quality traditional jewelry, subtly modernized for contemporary styles. 

Our talented artisans craft stunning necklaces, noserings, earrings, and more so that you are never too far away — traditional Indian apparel and accessories are only one click away. These are pieces to cherish and someday pass on as they become heirlooms in themselves.