Rock Your Third day of Navratri with Red Ethnic Wear

Rock Your Third day of Navratri with Red Ethnic Wear

As the festival is called “nine nights,” every night will undoubtedly feature eclectic Indian fashion. 

Still, if you’re searching for ideas on how to “spice” the festival on the third day, red ethnic wear is a pretty fashion choice.

Red Ethnic Wear Ideas for Navratri’s Chandraghanta (Third Night)

The eccentricity of the color red is a welcoming approach to the festival’s third night. In fact, Vogue India suggests scoring a few lehengas for the dandiyas, and the red ones will make any dance sultrier. Of course, you can also do an all-red Anarkali or a Sharara ethnic wear of your choice. 

However, the only risk with Anarkali is on the styling and accessories. After all, you wouldn’t want to overdo it or look like a lost wedding guest. It’s all about pairing the textile, jewelry, and other accessories that will make your red ethnic ensemble a standout for all-night dancing.

How to Style Red Ethnic Wear for Navratri

There are two ethnic wear you can do for the whole Navratri. However, for the third night that features the marriage of Parvati and Shiva as well as the embodiment of beauty and bravery, red fashion will surely meet the night’s theme. So, the best ethnic ensemble you can choose from is a lehenga and an Anarkali.

Red Lehenga Ideas

While it is technically a skirt, pairing it with shiny gold accessories can make this clothing article stand out. After all, lehengas come in various styles that will suit any occasion. 

Still, with the upcoming Navratri, the paneled or Sharara styles will make you do the dandiya gracefully without tripping off or stepping onto its hems. 

Moreover, as this color is technically used for weddings, it also suits the festival night’s theme. It exudes sensual vibes while dancing the night away.

Red Heavy Embroidered Net Lehenga

Nothing will make you look attractive more than a red lehenga. It comes with a full sleeve round neck net and embroidered blouse, and a netted dupatta in same color. Put on a golden necklace and a pair of jhumkas for a perfect look.

Red Heavy Embroidered Net Lehenga

Red Anarkali 

For the more conservative fashionista, a red ethnic Anarkali will be a fantastic fashion item to wear at the festival. The suit itself covers you from wrist to ankle, although it leaves enough sultry details to make you a standout. You can pair it up with a matching necklace and earring for a complete look.

Aside from that, adding in some silver and beaded bracelets will make you look like a goddess herself coming down to enjoy the celebration.

Red Anarkali

While these two ethnic outfits have the best fashion appeal for any dancing night, there are other styles you can also choose from with a red ethnic ensemble in mind. Here are two more red ethnic ensemble ideas to choose from.

Red Bandhani or Angrakha

The best fashion style at every Navratri night is a red ensemble of the Bandhani or Angrakha Garba. So, more than its ampleness for the nine-night festivities, the Garba can also let you dance the night away in comfort and style. 

These two Garba styles also resemble the closest to the traditional Gujju chaniya choli that should turn heads and make you a fashion standout.

Red Salwar Suits

While it’s the most traditional one, it’s also the best clothing choice if you’re not one for ankle-length skirts. The shine of the red salwar suit also glimmers better under the festival lights, and enjoy working the festival food with incredible dandiya moves. 

In addition, if you’re wearing heels or sandals, this red Punjabi Suit style will show your all-red ethnic head-to-foot ensemble pretty well. You can pair it up with heavy earrings, rings and bracelets.

Red Punjabi Suit

Hit the Dance Floor with the Best Red Ethnic Navratri Style

No matter what choice of ethnic fashion you pick, nothing will beat comfort while making nine-night memories with friends and family. Still, donning a red ethnic ensemble will surely heat the dance floors and make you the one-of-a-kind fashionista under the festival lights. 

Wrapping up

Navratri is an exciting festival to attend and will surely be one of the most memorable occasions you will ever attend, along with your red ethnic ensemble and Instagram-worthy fashion style.

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