Choose Royal Blue Colour for Fourth Day of Navratri

Choose Royal Blue Colour for Fourth Day of Navratri

The blue color has always been associated with wealth and health. We understand if you find it  intimidating to style this rich and luxurious tone. Luckily for you, we are here to help. Worry not because we are here to give you tips on how to look good in this stunning shade of blue.

Royal Blue

This shade, also known as electric blue, is a flattering color on Indian skin tones. It complements neutral colors and even bold ones. But whatever you do, avoid wearing it with a different shade of blue. In fact, you can even call blue on blue a faux pas! Fortunately, there are many other ways to look regal and fashionable in this color. 

What to Wear?

Keep the following outfits in mind to look best on the fourth day of Navratri

Anarkali in Royal Blue

If you want to look elegant, an Anarkali suit is the way to go. There are many options on the market in different shades with a variety of prints and borders. You can make the look even more sophisticated by going for intricate designs, patterns, and embroideries. 

All you need to complete it would be suitable makeup and matching jewelry. Royal blue is going to look fantastic with smokey eyes and a nude look everywhere else.

Anarkali in Royal Blue

Kurta in Royal Blue

Do you prefer a simpler outfit? If this is the case, a kurta with fitted bottoms or a flared palazzo will still look great. We recommend donning a kurta with temple borders, zari designs, blue patchworks, or hip motifs. A hand-woven dupatta with a block print will make for a perfect match. This is a good way to prove that casual and chic can go hand in hand.

Kurta in Royal Blue

Lehenga in Royal Blue

Look dressy in a simple but trendy royal blue lehenga. A long matching jacket will make you stand out from the crowd. You can ditch heavy jewelry if you opt for a boldly embroidered piece with intricate details on the sleeves and neckline. The only accessory you will need for such a look would be subtle makeup and statement earrings.

Lehenga in Royal Blue

Saree in Royal Blue

Why not drape a royal blue saree on the fourth day of Navratri? There are many options to choose from. Feel free to pick among silk sarees, printed sarees, or traditional sarees. You can also achieve simplicity by choosing one in light sheer fabric. Meanwhile, an embellished net saree makes for a more festive vibe.

Top it off with a matching blouse and a pair of heels. You can go with minimal accessories and a sleek bun to offset a saree with heavy detailing. Likewise, you can jazz up a simple sari by going for a heavier makeup look and bold jewelry. As always, the key to getting this right is balance.

Punjabi Suit in Royal Blue

You can look classy on the fourth day of navratri by wearing a blue punjabi suit. A heavy dupatta in pink will offer a great contrast that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can ditch heavy jewelry if you opt for a boldly embroidered piece.The only accessory you will need for such a look would be statement earrings.

Punjabi Suits in Royal Blue

Skirt In Royal Blue

You can pair a royal blue crop top with a floor-length skirt in the same color. While matching shades will make the outfit more cohesive, playing around with a slightly different hue or golden embellishments is also a good idea. For the top, you can always go for a traditional latkan blouse, a three-quarter embroidered blouse, or a halter neck blouse. Another option is a traditional mirror jacket with embellishments or mirror work for a glam look.

Bottom Line

There is no need to be intimidated by color. In reality, royal blue is the perfect shade for the season since it is so naturally luxurious. When done right, you will be the very image of elegance and festivity at the same time. We hope that you found this guide helpful!

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