When Can I Change My Nose Ring?

When Can I Change My Nose Ring?

Thinking about getting a nose piercing but concerned about the healing process? At Lashkaraa, we have you covered with must-read pre-piercing information, aftercare tips, and even a few gorgeous hoops to accessorize with down the line. 

Let’s get started:

The Healing Process

Let’s face it, getting a nose piercing can be a little intimidating — and not just for those of us with a fear of needles. (Think about it: Piercings physically alter your body.) But with a little time and the right form of care, it can also be so, so worth those few seconds of pain or anxiety at the moment of puncture.

Within a few short months, you’ll be too caught up in finding the right accessories and asking yourself important accessorizing questions like “Stud or hoop?” to even remember you had any reservations at all.

But before you can put on some new jewelry, you have to heal and — most importantly — heal fully. Repeat after us: I will not swap out my stud for a nose ring or remove my jewelry for any reason whatsoever until several months have passed and my nose has healed properly. It’s not a very glamorous commitment, but your nose will thank you for it.

How quickly your nose recovers after piercing depends on a variety of factors and can take anywhere between two and nine months. So don’t fret if you feel some tenderness or discomfort for a while after getting your piercing. It’s all part of the healing process. Of course, if something seems out of the ordinary, it’s time to call your doctor. 

What Are the Stages of Healing for a Nose Piercing?

There are three primary stages of recovery you will experience as your body tries to reconcile with this new, foreign object that’s entered its system.

These three stages are:


Immediately after you get your nose pierced, you may experience mild pain, swelling, tenderness, warmth, and even bleeding around the site of the puncture. 

Remember, your body is simply responding to an unexpected invasion. Give it some time and space to adjust, and you’ll feel relief in a couple of hours.


Recovery is when your body starts to accept the piercing as a more permanent reality. During this period, you may notice mild discharge — don’t worry, it shouldn’t last forever. You may also experience tenderness around the affected area for a few weeks or months after the initial swelling and redness subside.

Late-Stage Recovery

During this final stage in your recovery, the tissue around your piercing will grow thick, signaling it is fully healed. We can also call this stage the accessorizing stage because it is during this time that you can begin to swap out jewelry.

Try experimenting with new looks or even fully remove the stud or hoop without compromising the health and longevity of your piercing. 

So, When Can I Change My Nose Ring?

Experts recommend not to swap out your piercing until the site is completely healed (the last stage of recovery should have come and gone). 

While the factors below will affect your timespan, you can typically expect to wait around eight months or longer

How Long Will It Take for My Nose to Heal?

While it is essential that you wait several months for the tissue around your piercing to properly heal before making any jewelry swaps, there are a number of good practices to keep in mind. You want to ensure your piercing not only maintains a healthy recovery but a fast healing process as well.

The success and speed of your healing process depend on four main variables: the site of the piercing, the material of the stud, the size of the hole, and the level of post-piercing care.

Type of Piercing

Nose piercings can take anywhere from four to six months to heal completely. Certain types of piercings take more or less time to heal than others because of varying tissue thickness at different piercing locations.

For example, a nostril piercing takes, on average, around four to six months to heal, whereas a septum piercing only takes three to four months to heal because the tissue is so much thinner at this location. (Warning: Though the recovery process is expedited, the thinner the tissue is at the site of piercing, generally, the more painful it will be when punctured.)

Nostril and septum piercings are the most common; however, for reference, a nasal ring piercing will take around four to six months to heal, a rhino piercing six to nine months to heal, and a bridge piercing anywhere from two to three months. 

Piercing Material

Additionally, the material of the stud in place can affect the speed of your nose’s recuperation. Nose rings are most commonly made out of materials like stainless steel, titanium, niobium, and gold.

In the months immediately following a piercing, the skin around the affected site is still in the process of healing. This is when your piercing is most susceptible to infection or other adverse reactions between the material and your skin.

These reactions can elongate your recovery process and maybe even necessitate the permanent removal of your piercing. So, it’s important to choose only the best metals for your starter stud.

Depending on where you get your piercing, your artist can guide you through the process. In fact, they will likely have a selection of high-quality choices for you.

The Size of Piercing

The size of your piercing can also contribute to a longer or shorter recovery time, depending on the thickness of your chosen stud or ring. In general, the wider the piercing, the longer it will take to heal.

Level of Care

This one is self-explanatory:

If you take good care of your piercing, it will heal faster and more successfully than if you do not. How can you take good care of your piercing? Your nose piercer will likely give you detailed instructions on the best aftercare practices.

In general, it is best to avoid touching your nose a lot, especially with dirty hands and especially in the first several weeks following your piercing. To be safe, wash your hands before touching your nose to avoid any infection or skin irritation.

It can also be incredibly beneficial to wash your piercing twice a day during the first several months of the healing process. It helps to use warm water in conjunction with a saline solution or a gentle, unscented soap when washing the site. Rinse thoroughly afterward to ensure no leftover cleaning product residue is left behind.

Soon, you will be accessorizing with fun jewelry in no time.

Now That My Piercing Is Healed, How Should I Accessorize?

Now that your nose piercing is healthy and healed, it’s time to have some fun with it. Once the tissue around your piercing has fully recovered, you are free to accessorize as you’d like. This means swapping out those basic studs they gave you at the piercing parlor for something a bit more glamorous.

Luckily, we at Lashkaraa are here to help you out:

The Saira Nosering

For anyone looking to make a statement, the Saira Nosering is the perfect accessory. Plated in gold and bedazzled with semi-precious stones of varying shapes and sizes, this hoop is the picture of elegance.

Ovular and asymmetrical in nature, the Saira Nosering is timeless with a bit of a twist and sure to sparkle under any lighting. This piece is all about the detail: the rough textured surface of its gold-plating, the mismatched stones that fit perfectly together. 

Even the hoop’s clasp boasts the shape of a flower, the petals budding out to hold the ring in place. Want a subtle wow factor? This is definitely the hoop for you.

The Seerat Nosering

Or perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more grandiose. The Seerat Nosering may be your type. Similar to the Saira Nosering, this hoop is plated in gold and decorated with semi-precious stones.

Unique to the Seerat is the almost floral-patterned placement of its stunning jewels and the cascading pearls which drape across the bottom of the ring. 

A stunning gold-plated chain reaching from the top of the hoop and clipping to the back of your head, making this a piece your friends, family, and passersby can admire from all angles.

The Zara Nosering

Looking for something with texture? In that case, the Zara Nosering could be the dream-worthy accessory for you. Beautifully embellished with shimmering semi-precious stones encircled by a thin band of white beading, this hoop almost resembles a patch of sunflowers — fresh and uplifting.

And, like the Seerat Nosering, the Zara comes with a radiant gold-plated chain, this one patterned with delicate pearl accents sure to stun. The Zara Nosering is the perfect piece for anyone hoping to mix warmth with elegance and tradition with youth.

Fashion Accessories: All in the Details

Nose rings are exciting to get but waiting for them to heel feels like forever. Those months of recovery are seemingly endless for someone eager to swap out their basic stud for something a bit more eye-catching.

But, if you stick with it and practice a healthy aftercare cleaning routine, you’ll be happy with the character it adds to your face and the seemingly limitless accessorizing potential now afforded to you.



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