Six Nose Rings for Different Nose Shapes

Six Nose Rings for Different Nose Shapes

Jewelry is one of the boldest ways to make a consistent statement with your fashion. Unlike shoes or other larger pieces, they are more versatile when it comes to accessorizing. Among jewelry pieces, few are as adaptable or as charming as the nose ring.

Nose rings can be made from a variety of materials, from affordable plastic and stainless steel to luxury metals. In some instances, certain materials may cause reactions in those with metal allergies. Be careful when purchasing new pieces with metals you haven't worn before, and keep an eye out for any signs of a reaction.

Overall, many people can wear and enjoy the unique mysticism of nose rings. At Lashkaraa, we believe anyone can find a nose ring perfect for them.

No two nose rings are made alike. And ultimately, no two noses are made quite alike either. Just as watches and necklaces should be sized according to your wrists or neck, so too should nose rings be sized to custom fit your body. Before we start, these are just outlines. Whatever nose ring you feel most confident in is the best nose ring for you. Confidence is key!

For Indian women, nose rings are as essential as any other piece of jewelry. Join us as we highlight a variety of nose rings and how to style them.

Highlighting the Different Nose Shapes

From a genetic point of view, four genes determine your nose shape. Your nose shape is defined by several features, including size, angle, bridge depth, width, and nostril size, among others.

A collection of these traits have been assigned to various nose types. Some common nose types include:

  • Greek: These can usually be medium-sized in relation to the face. The bridge is remarkably straight in Greek noses.
  • Button: This is a slang term for any small nose. A button nose may be downward or upward facing but usually doesn't extend far outward.
  • Celestial: A celestial nose has a distinctly upturned appearance, hence the skyward-suggesting name. They also tend to be thinner.
  • Nubian Nose: A nose of this type has a long bridge and widens at the nostrils. It is usually subtly downturned as well.
  • Fleshy Nose: This nose has a fleshier end of the nose with less bone present.
  • Aquiline Nose: These are marked by a bold, dramatically drooping bridge. High nostrils relative to the nose may be a feature here. A hawk-like appearance from the front further defines this shape.
  • Bumpy Nose: Bumpy noses are noses with one or more noticeable dents. This can be the result of genetics or breakages over time.

These are just seven highlights of nose shapes. Though noses may often fall into categories, each piece is its own special case. With a few archetypal noses identified, we're ready to highlight rings for each shape.

Looking to add to your nose ring collection? Read on!

Stud Nose Rings

The stud ring may, if anything, be the most basic nose "ring" of them all. They can take the form of simple matte studs or incorporate jewels or stonework for a more distinctive appearance. Stud rings usually pierce the outer end of one nostril. This piercing is usually located low on the nose for ease of maintenance, though you could theoretically get this piercing anywhere.

Stud rings are fairly neutral in that they are one of the subtlest nose rings around. They are also excellent for the initial healing process since the piercing moves less than true rings or hoops. With this, we can wholeheartedly recommend studs for most nose types.

A large nose may be the one exception, where a stud may be too subtle and call attention to its size. With these, a larger ring that takes up more space may be ideal.

Horseshoe Nose Rings

A horseshoe ring is distinctive thanks to its two-pronged protrusion outside of the nose. This can create a bold, asymmetrical look when pierced through the part of the nose called the septum.

Alternately, and more commonly, it can produce a classic "bull-like" pattern. In this case, one prong will protrude from the bottom of each nostril.

Horseshoe rings come in a range of sizes, with the unifying factor being the two ball-bearing-like ends. This style is a great complement to Nubian, Greek, and aquiline noses. Those with Celestial or Button noses may consider getting a horseshoe ring, but they should double-check the sizing to ensure it’s a perfect fit.

L-Post Nose Rings

L-post rings are called such thanks to the 90-degree point it makes as it hooks into the nose. These rings fit snugly against the upper portion of your nose. The major benefit to an L-post is the ease with which it can be put in or removed.

L-post rings are great for those with thinner noses. Those with Nubian or bumpy noses may have difficulty with these rings depending on their nose membrane.

Labret Nose Rings

Labret piercings are very similar to stud piercings. The difference is that studs featured a small ball-shaped stopper to hold the piercings in place. Labret piercings instead feature a screw-on cap. Be mindful of upkeep; dirt or hairs can get in the cap, causing some issues.

Labrets can be subtle or elaborate — both offer unique benefits. As with a stud, almost every nose type can benefit from this nose ring type. A properly-sized labret relative to the nose can create a sleeker nose shape.

Hoop Nose Rings

Hoop rings fit tightly to the inside of the nose, either with a closed or open system. In an open ring, a bead snaps shut to prevent it from falling out. In a closed ring, the ring snaps into itself to close the loop. The latter is tighter but might be less comfortable and harder to remove than an open system.

Hoop rings may be made from a single, plain piece of metal or have stone or jewel embellishments. Either way, they are a beloved eye-catching, nose-shaping accessory.

Kundan Nose Rings

The next on our list is the Nath or Kundan-style ring. Kundan-style rings resemble large hoops, traditionally worn in the left nostril. The Kundan nose ring is often the nose ring of choice in bridal wear, especially for Hindu brides.

Kundan nose rings are far flashier than your traditional hoop. They are usually made from or plated with precious metals and may feature intricate stone or jewel work.

Lashkaraa's nose rings are all gold-plated and utilize semi-precious stones to create distinctive silhouettes. Some, like our Zara and Seerat nose rings, also feature decorative chains to enhance the bridal look.

The size of Nath rings means that they usually dangle further from the nose than other rings. Because of this, they tend to look well with all sorts of noses. The distancing effect prevents any awkward size comparisons. The extent of overall bridal jewelry serves to create a beautiful kaleidoscope, fitting the colors present in traditional wedding attire.

What To Know Before Buying a Nose Ring

There are a few considerations when getting a new nose ring in. The first is the significance of a particular type of piercing.

In India, a piercing in the left nostril is a natural and commonplace thing. In the West, nose rings are sometimes associated with counter-culture movements or other forms of rebellion. Increasingly, nose rings are becoming a normalized part of the culture at large, though some professional settings may discourage them.

You'll also want to make sure you dedicatedly want the nose piercing in question. You'll have to keep your nose ring in for an extended period of time, or else it may reseal.

Knowing when normal pain and bleeding are essential when getting your new ring. It might be normal for your nose to bleed or hurt a little during your first piercing.

No matter what, make sure to keep an eye on the signs of a potential infection. Swelling or pus are usually a concern and a reason to seek medical assistance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Fortunately, once you've had one piercing, many are interchangeable. Though not all rings are created equally, many rings and hoops can fit the same piercing hole. This creates a fantastic opportunity to change every look.

Choosing the Right Nose Ring

Ultimately, the right nose ring for you depends on various factors. These include the shape and size of your nose and the shape and size of the ring. Once these are accounted for, putting together a memorable outfit is a breeze.

Lashkaraa is dedicated to providing quality traditional apparel in new and exciting ways. This traditional apparel includes not just lehnga and other suits. It also extends to all kinds of jewelry and handbags for perfect, fully-accessorized outfits for all your important occasions.


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