Collection: Cocktail Party Sarees

Having a beautiful outfit is the epitome of self-expression through clothing. A cocktail party saree is perfect for those who want a stand-out look. This form of saree has a distinct design and cut that accentuates your body figure. Designed to be more stunning and more Western-looking compared to other types of sarees, the cocktail party sarees can be plain sheer, embellished, or glittered. 

Sarees are traditional South Asian clothing that features a long cloth that drapes from the shoulders to the feet. These are available in many designs, textures, materials, folds, and any other feature that can be modified to suit the varied tastes of people.

The cocktail saree is the best choice for saree lovers who want a mix of Western allure in their outfits. The cocktail party saree has distinct shapes and cuts, unorthodox designs and is sometimes embellished to present itself as a head-turning saree. Most sarees are not designed “for parties” but also designed to be acceptable for many kinds of festivities and events. 

Cocktail Party Saree Designs 

Sarees come in many forms, cuts, styles, and designs. Unlike traditional sarees, cocktail party sarees have a more liberal approach and have more available styles. Usually, the drape portion covers a cropped blouse, unlike other sarees that show less skin. Fabric-wise, georgette fabric is the top fabric used in making sarees. Current available clothes-making techniques have allowed fashion designers to try different prints and designs for sarees. Other fabrics used are satin and chiffon, which are also lightweight fabrics. 

Cocktail party sarees usually also feature different blouses and bottoms compared to other saree types. Some cocktail sarees feature inner garments made of santoon fiber, which is easy to wash and can portray vivid colors.

Printed cocktail party sarees are also available thanks to modern clothes-making methods. Prints come in spectacular designs that either aim to stand out or be trendy. Pink floral prints are currently popular, along with polka dot prints, plant-themed prints, and other similar themes.

Embroidered cocktail party sarees exude elegance and refined style. Usually, colored sequin beads are used as embellishment. This gives a shiny effect to the overall saree. Pairing these with the right accessories is also recommended.